The 11 Hottest Supporting Characters On Friends

Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), Ross (David Schwimmer), Chandler (Matthew Perry), Joey (Matt Le Blanc), Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Monica (Courteney Cox) have become household names since the first episode of Friends beamed on to our television sets in the mid-nineties. Running from 1994 to 2004 we laughed, cried and laughed some more with their exploits on and off screen, following them throughout their careers and even their lives. Break ups, marriages, divorces and kids we saw it all and still seek pleasure in seeing them succeed even now. Friends provided us with life lessons, teaching us how to cope during those pivotal moments. They helped us how to understand what 'on a break' meant, or how to not carry a sofa upstairs. PIVOT!

Not only did we giggle but we also all had our favorites, all crushing on at least one of them, sticking posters on our walls or telling our pals who we wanted to kiss the most, be it Rachel's luscious locks, Italian stallion Joey or even Monica's neurotics. Yet throughout these 10 seasons we were also gracefully presented with a number of other characters to fumble and fawn over.

That's right - over the long running NBC sitcom, Friends showered us with hundreds of supporting characters. From famous Oscar winners to unknowns, each season jam packed with talent not just from its main stars. And not only were they talented, they were also just as attractive with the likes of Winona Ryder, Julia Roberts and raging hunk Bruce Willis to prove it.

So here are 11 of the hottest supporting characters that very nearly stole the limelight from the sensual six that we mostly remember.

11 Amy Green (Christina Applegate)

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Every time Amy Green made an appearance you knew it was going to be a great one, regularly fighting with elder sister Rachel and causing havoc among many. Playing the role of spoilt sibling Amy, Christina Applegate was so good she even won an EMMY for her work. Sassy, sexy and damn right awful, Amy often got under the skin of others even getting down and dirty in an old school girl on girl fight with sister Rachel. In the words of Joey and men everywhere, ‘Throw some jello on them!’

10 Bonnie (Christine Taylor)

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Pre Ben Stiller, Christine Taylor was introduced as Phoebe’s bald friend Bonnie who Rachel sneakily agreed to let her be set up with ex-boyfriend Ross (stupidly thinking that Ross won't be interested due to her being bald). However, upon arrival we find that Bonnie is no longer bald but sporting a perfect platinum mane of her own. After a brief fling, Bonnie succumbs to the Ross and Rachel curse and is phased out after Rachel persuades her to shave her head again. With or without hair, Bonnie is still as stunning and a real life Marcia Brady, playing her in the Brady Bunch Movie.

9 Janice (Maggie Wheeler)

What’s a Friends list without Janice? So irresistible, even Chandler went back for seconds and thirds? Janice is the emblem of unbearable girls everywhere, but at least she looks damn fine doing it. Maggie Wheeler was so popular with viewers that she appeared in some form or another in all ten seasons, making her one of the most successful supporting characters in the entire series. Although known for her over the top obnoxious cry of ‘OH MY GOD’ and nasal wincing cackle, Janice was also a full on babe, bedding both Chandler and Ross. Not satisfied with two, the stunning brunette also had her eyes on Joey later telling him ‘well I guess that’s two out of three’.

8 Will Colbert (Brad Pitt)

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Before embarking on the relationship of the century with Angelina Jolie, Brad had the sole affections of Jennifer Aniston. Guest starring in ‘the one with the rumor’ the whole world went nuts, desperate to see the all-American Hollywood husband and wife on screen together. Playing the role of Will Colbert, Ross’s old school friend, Brad laps up the humor as a one time obese teenager. With Monica and Phoebe both fawning over him, it is Rachel he wants but for very different reasons, revealing he was once the leader of the ‘I hate Rachel Green club’. Extremely funny yet kind of emotional, Brad has never looked so handsome.

7 Janine Lecroix (Elle MacPherson)

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Starring as Joey’s hot dancer roommate Jeanine, supermodel Elle MacPherson is by far one of the hottest women to have ever graced the long running sitcom. Eventually becoming Joey’s girlfriend to the dismay of Chandler and Monica, Jeanine finds her way into Joey’s heart as well as his apartment by adding a more feminine touch with flowers and pictures of babies. Unfortunately the union doesn’t last very long with Janine being kicked to the curb and MacPherson going on to be just as beautiful as ever.

6 Ursula Buffay (Lisa Kudrow)

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OK we may be cheating a bit here, but even though she was played by Lisa Kudrow she was still technically a supporting character with Ursula only seen a handful of times. Blonde and beautiful Ursula played the evil twin sister of all around American girl Phoebe. With a darker and sexier side to her, Lisa Kudrow really knew how to turn it up a notch in regards to sex appeal with Ursula having a brief career as an adult star, starring in such classics as ‘Buffay the Vampire Layer’ and ‘Inspect her gadget’.

5 Nora Bing (Morgan Fairchild)

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Morgan Fairchild certainly steamed up the TV screens whilst on set, playing the role of Chandler’s erotic novelist MILF mother to perfection. Overtly sexual and only a measly 19 years older than Matthew Perry himself, Nora oozed sex appeal from the get go. Flamboyant and widely inappropriate, she was a force to be reckoned with regularly embarrassing her son Chandler on numerous occasions, once even going as far as kissing his best friend Ross. Lucky Ross!

4 Eddie Menuek (Adam Goldberg)

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Now seen on the hugely popular Fargo, crazy, bizarre and sporting some serious eyebrow game, Eddie wins the title for the sexiest psychotic round-the-bend roommate-ever award. Unfortunately, only appearing in a couple of episodes, Goldberg totally made a name for himself, stealing the show countless times due to his hysterical comic timing and unreasonable antics. However, apart from being furiously funny, Eddie was also something of a catch, curiously winning the hearts of people everywhere with his odd ball attitude and creepy unsettling conduct.

3 Tag Jones (Eddie Cahill)

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Cutey Tag Jones was the 24-year-old employee and boyfriend (emphasis on boy) of a much older Rachel Green. With qualifications such as ‘three years of painting houses’ and ‘two whole summers at TGI Fridays’ Rachel hires him mainly due to his good looks and sex appeal, and boy was she right. The super stud, who regularly took his top off, appeared in only a number of episodes until Rachel had had enough. Although tall, dark and handsome boy toy Tag didn’t last long,  Eddie Cahill sure did and went on to star in numerous other television comedies.

2 Jill Green (Reese Witherspoon)

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Reese Witherspoon played it just right as the hilarious yet self obsessed sultry younger sister of Rachel, even daring to date Ross at one point. With Rachel and Amy Green being bona fide goddesses, Jill is no exception as the third exquisite sister of the gorgeous Green clan. Cute as a button yet with balls to back it up, Witherspoon only starred in two episodes leaving a huge gaping hole in her wake. Whatever happens, Jill will always be the hottest Green sister and forever remain in our sexual fantasies.

1 Julie (Lauren Tom)

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So striking that she even managed to steal Ross’s lingering heart towards Rachel, Julie was not only beautiful but she was also a fellow paleontoligist! Slim, dark and alluring, poor Julie received the short straw and was unfairly cheated on by Ross after he and Rachel finally hooked up. However, Julie returns with a vengeance as it is later revealed she ended up dating Ross’s doppelganger, Russ. Since her stint on Friends, Lauren Tom has gone on to various TV roles even voicing the role of space age babe Amy Wong on Futurama.

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