The 10 Most Self-Absorbed Celebrities in the World

most self-absorbed celebrities

To be a celebrity means being under constant watch almost 24/7. Their lives are pretty much open books for anyone to read as they please. With tons of magazines, television programs and websites dedicated to their professional, social and private lives, it’s hard for any of them to keep too much to themselves. But don’t start sympathizing with them just yet. While there are definitely limits as to how much publicity one person can take, most celebrities absolutely love having all the extra attention.

Most celebrities perform in front of cameras and large crowds for a living. Their careers are based on getting a lot of attention. And though they often don’t have to do much to catch the camera’s eye, there are plenty of them who just can’t seem to get enough. Social media websites like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram have made it easier for fans to get a glimpse into their favorite stars' personal escapades. But they’ve also shown us certain stars' narcissistic traits. As entertaining as it is to poke fun at the vanity of Hollywood’s most famous, there’s definitely some truth to it all.

Here are 10 examples of the most self-absorbed celebrities out there.

10 Charlie Sheen

There was no doubt after his heavily publicized and highly controversial meltdown a few years back that Charlie Sheen had a bit of an infatuation with himself. A bit is an understatement. The man went on a rampage, verbally attacking Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre and spewing out a string of hilariously memorable – albeit ridiculous – quotes. Things like saying he had tiger blood in his veins along with Adonis DNA, to his constant use of the word “winning” to describe his situation at the time. The world has definitely seen him at his worst, and he doesn’t seem to care one bit. In his own words; “I’m grandiose. Because I live a grandiose life. I’m not aw shucks… because I’m gnarly.”

9 Michael Jordan

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Undoubtedly the best basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan isn’t known for being humble. You do expect people like Jordan, who’ve attained a good deal of success throughout their professional careers to be less than shy when discussing their accomplishments. This was made very clear during his 2009 Hall of Fame acceptance speech. In it, Jordan didn’t mince words in saying how he pushed himself harder than anyone else on the court – and how he felt underappreciated throughout his career. Ok, well there’s bound to be some boasting in a Hall of Fame speech, right? Well his was 20 minutes of cringe-worthy, self-satisfactory gloating. Everyone from his coaches, to his teammates and even his kids got caught in the crosshairs. The whole thing could’ve been reduced to five seconds of Jordan waving his middle finger out to the audience and it would’ve still had a similar effect.

8 Madonna

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After decades of being in the public eye Madonna is still finding ways to keep herself in the dimly lit spotlight. The pop singer, famous for her racy outfits and faux quasi-British accent gives people a lot to talk about. So long as it’s about her. A couples years back, she took home the Golden Globe for best original song (titled “Masterpiece”) and was soon after attacked by celebrated singer-songwriter Elton John and his civil partner David Furnish, who said her speech was “narcissistic.” She was subjugated to more criticism last year when her album leaked online which led her to call it “artistic rape” as well as a “form of terrorism.” She quickly deleted the comments after a string of outraged responses on Twitter.

7 Miley Cyrus

Another former Disney star gone weird, Miley Cyrus decided to go through her awkward teenage rebellion phase right in front of the cameras. Sadly, it’s still going strong. Whatever kind of super-effective parasite that latches onto Disney products and turns them into complete public wrecks really did a number on Miley. She’s gone from an innocent looking girl to a complete freak show whose actions are driven by the amount of shock value they’ll receive. Everything from skimpy outfits, to bizarre hair styles and overly sexualized concerts have certainly kept people talking, but you’ve got to wonder if it’s for the right reasons.

6 Beyoncé

5 Jay-Z

Much like his wife Beyoncé, Jay-Z isn’t the type of person to shy away from his own grandeur. The rapper\entrepreneur is one of the biggest names in the music industry, and over time his – along with his wife’s – headline grabbing lifestyle has started to become just the slightest bit annoying. During his Made in America festival, he makes performing artists pose for pictures with his own brand of champagne. He’s also stated that his very “presence is charity” in itself. Well when you’ve had as long and successful a career as Jay-Z’s had it’s not hard to believe that you’d develop a bit of an ego. But haven’t these people ever heard of humility?

4 Paris Hilton

It’s becoming more and more common to see otherwise talentless people – no different than anyone picked randomly out of the mundane masses – to emerge into the spotlight these days. Maybe one of the more well-known examples of this is Paris Hilton. Hilton, the heiress to the Hilton Hotel fortune gained recognition after releasing a sex tape in 2003. She then went on to muscle her way into the entertainment industry via reality TV shows, minor acting roles and a failed music career. It’s really not hard to see that she loves the spotlight and is apparently willing to do anything to get attention. She was called out by Barbara Walters for being spoiled and narcissistic after complaining about having to do court issued social work on one of her shows.

3 Justin Bieber

It all started with that one annoying song, with the irritably catchy hook that drew in an insanely savage fan base. Justin Bieber was another modern success story whose rise to stardom happened seemingly overnight. But in the last few years his image has taken a turn for the worse. For lack of a better word, he’s been acting like a douche. He goes about in tank tops and gold chains, and seems to continuously act out in front of the media. Be it claiming that Anne Frank would have been a “Beleiber” or hitting a paparazzo with his Ferrari, he’s certainly enjoying the show he’s been putting on.

2 Kim Kardashian

Yet another talentless hack to have ridden the wave created by a sex tape and popular reality TV program, Kim Kardashian is basically the more popular version of Paris Hilton. While one is fighting obscurity the other is at the peak of her 15 minutes of fame. Along with her marriage to rapper Kanye West, she – and her sisters – seem to be the apple of any media outlet’s eye. Aside from her sex tape, Kim is most known for her utter obsession with selfies. Her face can be found plastered all over any of her social media accounts and she’s even published a book full of them. The book – appropriately titled “Selfish” – contains over 400 pages of you-know-who doing absolutely nothing but posing in front of a camera with family and friends.

1 Kanye West

Speaking of Kanye, is it any surprise to see him here at the top of this list? The man has made a name for himself by constantly proclaiming himself to be the best thing since sliced bread. He doesn’t really mince words when discussing his talent or accolades. And yes, he does have a good deal of talent and he does deserve whatever recognition he’s received. But it’s hard to continuously hear someone spout out madness like “I will go down as the voice of this generation, of this decade,” or “I am so credible and so influential and so relevant that I will change things,” and take them seriously.

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