Top 10 Most Annoying Things About Justin Bieber

Once every blue moon, a child emerges from the unknown, blowing all existing talent out of the water. For a time it looked like Justin Bieber would be one of them. He could dance, sing, play multiple instruments and had a unique style to back it all up – what's not to like? Sadly, things quickly went downhill. While he's become one of the most successful singers on the planet, his down-to-earth personality took a drastic turn for the worse.

Bieber first entered the music scene in 2007 after posting a series of YouTube videos of himself singing and dancing. His talents soon caught the eye of Scooter Braun, who tracked him down and introduced him to Usher. He was subsequently signed to record label, So So Def. While he started off as a promising multi-instrumentalist with a charming haircut and shy demeanor, his sudden rise to stardom quickly turned him into something else altogether.

He is no longer the humble young teen who lived in a caravan and had dreams of hitting it big. In a deliberate attempt to shake off his youthful boyish image and craft a new “manly” persona, he's found himself at the center of multiple lawsuits and publicity scandals. His idiotic behavior has been so erratic and disrespectful, it would be difficult to deny him the reputation he has earned for being one of the most arrogant, unpleasant people in the music business. Apart from his army of pubescent Beliebers who don't know any better, nobody is impressed. Here are ten of the most annoying things about Justin Bieber.

10 He Refuses Community Service

In February 2015, Justin Bieber settled a dispute with his neighbors in a not-so sophisticated manner... by throwing eggs at their house. As part of his sentence, which included a mandatory 12 sessions of anger management and an $80,900 fine, he was ordered to perform five days of community service. Well, the money certainly wasn't an issue, and anger management isn't exactly strenuous, but... community service, or as some might call it; performing the job of a “normal” person. Well, apparently that's beneath him. He cited “ankle pain” from playing football with friends as the reason for his absence – imagine if every criminal could use such pitiful excuses.

9 He Thinks He's A Pastor

There's nothing wrong with finding religion, swearing off harmful substances and preaching the word of God. But religion should be a lifestyle choice, not a temporary soul cleansing. In November 2014, Bieber took on the noble pursuit of reform and decided to get baptized and become a pastor. After taking a two-week “crash course” in Rancho Mirage, CA, he became a certified priest. There's just one problem, 14 days is definitely not enough time to become an authority on the Bible and Christianity, let alone square up misgivings with the Lord. Within a month of leaving, he was back in handcuffs.

8 He Has No Regard For Animal Welfare

When Justin Bieber decided to take his pet monkey, Mally, on tour, he couldn't be bothered to fill out the correct paperwork. Mally was subsequently confiscated in Germany. Afterwards, staff at the Hodenhagen Serengeti Wildlife Park – who took care of Mally – said that he was so badly neglected, he required intensive care. German authorities have now asked Bieber to pay $8,000 for the cost of care, and provide official papers to prove that Mally wasn't purchased on the black market – he hasn't sent either. Afterwards, Bieber even had the audacity to stage a televised reunion after all the negative press.

7 He Thinks “Sexual Assault Happens For A Reason”

In an interview conducted by Rolling Stone in 2011, Bieber was asked “Is abortion acceptable in cases of r*pe?” In all fairness, whatever answer he gave, it was going to cause controversy among a certain social group. But, in true Bieber fashion, he picked an answer that seemed to cause an uproar among everybody, “Um. Well, I think that's really sad, but everything happens for a reason.” Perhaps he didn't really know what he was saying, after all, he was only 16 at the time. Either way, it was certainly an indicator of what was to come – if only we listened!

6 He Tweets Too Many Pictures Of His Body

Yes, you have muscles and a six pack; so do millions of other people throughout the world. It's okay to be proud of a toned physique, it takes hard work to keep a flat stomach, but you don't need to flaunt it to such a cringe-worthy degree. Justin Bieber takes it a little too far sometimes. When he was visiting the French Polynesian Island of Bora Bora, he posted a picture of his bare posterior on Instagram. He's even Tweeted a snap of himself having a bath while clad in gold jewelry. And that's not to mention a striptease during a live telecast of Fashion Rocks – thankfully, on this occasion the boos could be heard over the cheers.

5 He Thinks Speeding Makes Him Cool

When he was 19 years old, Justin Bieber made headlines around the world after being arrested for drag racing in a residential street in Florida. His entourage blocked off the Miami road with two SUVs, enabling him and his friend, Khalil Sharieff, to reach speeds of between 55 and 60mph in a 30mph zone. When police arrested him, Bieber couldn't understand what he did wrong, proving that he's either as "thick as two planks" or believes he deserves special treatment. To top it all off, he was as drunk as a skunk and high on marijuana at the time.

4 He Doesn't Respect His Fans

Of course, being constantly harassed by fans would take its toll on anybody; but, that's just part and parcel of the entertainment business. Without the fans there is no glitz and glamour, and Beliebers treat him like royalty. However, he certainly doesn't show them the same level of respect. When Bieber arrived in Norway to perform a television performance, he stormed off after one song; when he played a show in Germany, he took to the stage two hours late – he was busy Tweeting selfies backstage. Being in the limelight must be difficult, but he needs to understand that taking out his frustrations on the very people that got him where he is today isn't right.

3 He Likes to Start Fights

While fans and the judicial system seem to let Justin Bieber get away with anything, Orlando Bloom certainly won't. When Bieber entered an Ibiza club in 2014, Bloom and Leonardo DiCaprio – who were dining together at the time – both refused to shake his hand. Embarrassed and dismayed, Bieber threw a tantrum and began insulting Bloom's ex-wife, Miranda Kerr. Without hesitation or regard for the pop star's entourage, Orlando threw a punch at Bieber – twice! The crowds reportedly cheered him on.

2 He Has A Dirty Mouth

Backstage at a promotional event, early in his career, one of Justin Bieber's friends shot a video of him cracking a terrible racist joke. A string of celebrities, including his friend and mentor, Usher, defended him, brushing it all off as a silly mistake. Okay, he was young and stupid – we've all said ignorant things that have come back to haunt us. But does that also excuse joking about becoming a member of the Ku Klux Klan, using the F-word against police officers, shouting four letter words on a plane, swearing at fans at Disneyland who asked for a photo... need we say more?

1 He Gets Away With Everything!

He's violent, racist, obnoxious and clearly believes that he's above the law and everyone around him. Let's face it, if there's one thing the world doesn't need more of, it's arrogant pop stars – his music is hardly groundbreaking. It's a wonder why so many people flock to his side and kiss his behind, even after all of his erratic, idiotic behavior. Don't get us wrong, he does have some talent and is a charismatic young man, but his reputation is atrocious and vastly overshadows much of what he has accomplished. The fact that he has suffered very little in the way of consequences is considered a slap in the face by those who want to see him treated the same way as anyone else would be.

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