The 10 Hottest Women Alex Rodriguez Has Hooked Up With

Sports fanatics — and particularly Yankees fans — may think of a million baseball-related accomplishments (and setbacks, such as his one-season suspension) when they hear the name Alex Rodriguez. But, for those of us who know him more so for his celebrity status (ahem — me!), his love life is of particular interest. For real, who hasn’t this guy hooked up with? The Yankees' player is a known playboy, and has dated some super famous and extremely attractive women in his day.

Early in his career, he was married to the blonde beauty, Cynthia Scurtis, who stood by him for several years despite rumors he’d been linked to various strippers and part of different swingers' clubs. Following his divorce, several strippers and prostitutes came forward saying they’d had relations with him. Also at the tail end of their relationship, it appeared he’d already moved on from his then-wife with none other than Madonna, who was married at the time, too. It seemed nothing was off limits for this guy.

In baseball, A-Rod might have been using performance enhancing drugs to boost his game on the sports field, but it’s likely he was using another kind of performance enhancing drug for the bedroom with this plethora of women in his lineup. He has dated so many women, it’s frankly hard to keep up! From the ever-gorgeous Cameron Diaz, to the lesser known stunner, Ella Magers, A-Rod has most certainly made the rounds.

Here are the 10 Hottest Women Alex Rodriguez Has Hooked Up With.

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10 Cameron Diaz

9 Kate Hudson

A-Rod and Kate Hudson had a high-profile relationship. The two dated from May through December of 2009. Throughout their relationship, Hudson was often seen watching her man from the stands. In fact, they made things “official” by showing off some serious PDA at Yankee Stadium with a very public kiss. Frequenting many of the games, Hudson would sometimes also bring her famous mother and stepfather — Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell — along for events, adding to the spectacle of it all. According to reports, Hudson dumped A-Rod because of his tendency to continue to talk to Madonna. Sources claimed Hudson continuously asked Rodriguez to stop contacting Madonna, but he did not listen to her pleas. Other reports add Hudson had become very clingy, and A-Rod was gung-ho on having his space. Either way, they ultimately separated shortly after his big World Series win in 2009.

8 Cynthia Scurtis

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Cynthia Scurtis, a Florida native, met A-Rod at a gym in Miami way back in 1996, and the two apparently hit it off immediately. However, their marriage was a long time coming, as Scurtis was reportedly wary on committing. It took a whole six years for A-Rod to pop the question, and for her to say “yes.” The pair was married in November 2002, and had two daughters together. Unfortunately, the marriage was short-lived, and the two hit a serious rough patch around 2008. At that point, it had been many years of A-Rod allegedly having rendez-vous with strippers, and Scurtis seemed thoroughly fed up. To show her complete distaste for paparazzi photos of her husband and a certain Las Vegas stripper, Scurtis showed up to Yankee stadium in a white tank top reading “f*ck you.” Scurtis filed for divorce that year, citing extramarital affairs as her rationale. They remained married until their divorce was finalized in February 2009.

7 Madonna

The rumors of Rodriguez’s apparent fling with Madonna began swirling even before he and Scurtis had officially filed for divorce. Madonna was also married at the time, as well. They reportedly had a bit of a thing going during the summer of 2008. Reports said A-Rod would make late-night visits to Madonna’s New York City apartment. Madonna stuck to her guns, saying that nothing was happening, however. She released a statement saying she and A-Rod were just friends who had met through a mutual friend, and nothing more. But, the tabloids weren’t buying it. The rumors regarding their apparent fling went on, and on, and on. In fact, Madonna was also apparently a reason for his breakup with another A-lister, Kate Hudson.

6 Ella Magers

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Rodriguez was romantically linked to Ella Magers, a fitness enthusiast, in the fall of 2011. The two had a prior working relationship, as she once served as his trainer and nutritionist. Rumors swirled that Magers was the reason for A-Rod’s split with Cameron Diaz, whom he’d dated directly prior, although it was never confirmed. Either way, the two made one hot couple. At first it seemed to be just another woman in the rumor mill of A-Rod’s dating life, but over time it proved to be a bit more. She was often seen coming and going from his house and they were seen in public together a decent amount around this time, too. They even got pretty serious for a while and were seen on vacation with his children in November of 2011. Of course, in true A-Rod fashion, it didn’t take long until he was on to the next one.

5 Bethenny Frankel

While it was never fully confirmed by either A-Rod or the “Real Housewives of New York” star Bethenny Frankel, rumor has it the two had some sort of fire burning between them. It began when the duo had hooked up once, according to reports. It prompted Frankel to deny the rumors, saying she’d never even met Rodriguez. However, this rumor must have peaked A-Rod’s interest, because reports say he soon tracked down Frankel’s number and asked her out. According to reports, the two shared an “intimate” dinner together, and he later dropped her off back at her hotel. Onlookers said they seemed to be enjoying each other’s company. It was never confirmed how many times the two went out, but it certainly didn’t last long. Within weeks A-Rod was moving on, and so was Frankel. Nothing more was ever really heard of it.

4 Elaine Spottswood

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Directly following his split from Hollywood sweetheart Kate Hudson, A-Rod moved quickly onto Elaine Spottswood, a real estate agent from Florida. The two were first spotted out together walking into an Equinox gym in Coral Gables, FL. Soon after, they were seen attending a New Years’ event together in Miami. The two allegedly only continued to see each other for a couple of months, but during the time reports suggested Spottswood had become overly clingy. The pair would apparently spend every day at the gym together, and every other minute after that together as well. Until things were no longer sparking. While the public thought he was still dating Spottswood, A-Rod was seen out partying and hanging out with several women. And, so continued his playboy reputation.

3 Demi Moore

Again, another of the rumored flings of A-Rod, but Demi Moore is certainly one worth mentioning. In the summer of 2012, as Rodriguez was dating Torrie Wilson, he hung out late night with Moore at a club in New York City, without his girlfriend. According to people at the club, the two stayed until 3 a.m., along with two other friends. No word on what exactly happened, but the rumor mill was swirling for quite some time afterwards. To make matters worse, the tabloids had a field day with the hook of how close of friends Moore and Madonna are, noting Moore shouldn’t have been hanging out with someone her good friend had history with. At the end of the day, neither Madonna or Moore ever really fessed up to anything happening between either one of them and A-Rod, so the jury is still out on whether Moore violated the "Girl Code."

2 Torrie Wilson

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Torrie Wilson, model and professional wrestler, dated A-Rod from late 2011 through early 2015. While they were dating, they were regularly photographed out and about. They even vacationed with other big namers, like George Clooney and his former WWE ex-girlfriend, Stacy Keibler. According to various reports, the pair ultimately called it quits over Wilson’s pressure for him to commit, and her apparent frustration over his relationship with ex-wife Cynthia Scurtis.

According to reports, the pair constantly fought over these things, in addition to his random flirtations with other women. It’s also thought his focus on the 2015 baseball season was wearing on the relationship, particularly given he’d be out for two seasons prior — out in 2013 after a hip surgery, and out in 2014 after being suspended for his involvement with Biogenesis, the Miami clinic supplying performance enhancing drugs to Major League players.

1 Julianne Hough

Reports say A-Rod had his sights set on the “Dancing With The Stars” beauty back in 2013, though nothing ever really came of it. And, get this — it was on Hough’s terms! Rodriguez wanted nothing more than a date with the gorgeous starlet, and even went so far as to have his rep connect with hers to secure a date with her. At the time, she was reportedly still hooked on her ex, American Idol judge Ryan Seacrest. Reports noted that Hough was still so hung up on Seacrest at the time that she considered going out on the date with A-Rod simply to see if she could make Seacrest jealous. At the end of the day, reports say Hough and A-Rod never ended up going out and neither of them ever opted to publically comment on it, so who knows where the truth lies on this one.

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