The 10 Hottest Fitness Professionals You Need To See

Once upon a time, the fitness industry was largely dominated by huge bodybuilders with intimidating muscles and workout routines that seemed utterly terrifying for the average beginner. However, with things such as the relatively new bikini category in bodybuilding competitions, it’s becoming less frightening for women to enter the fitness world. In fact, more and more women are deciding to transform their passion for fitness into careers.

The ease of social media means that there are countless sexy female fitness pros who are putting their expertise out to their audience, recommending products, sharing their training and meal plans, and overall just helping them see how they got their own physique – and how they might be able to help others do the same. These women prove that women shouldn’t just be spending all their time on the cardio machines trying to melt away any unwanted fat. Instead, they should be lifting heavy and sculpting those muscles to get rocking curves. In the sea of female fitness professionals making their mark on the industry today, here are 10 of the hottest that you definitely need to know about.

10 Jen Heward

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If you’ve only seen images of this blonde bombshell, it might be easy to mix her up with the countless other fit, toned blonde fitness models. However, if you’ve ever seen one of Jen Heward’s videos, you’ll know exactly who she is – her over-the-top bubbly personality is hard to forget. Heward, along with her long-time boyfriend, owns Life Altering Fitness, a gym in Auburn, California. She also works as a fitness model, is a certified fitness nutritionist, and is an athlete for several supplement brands. Many might check her out for the bikini photos initially, but Heward definitely packs a ton of expertise into her videos, so make sure to linger a little longer.

9 Heidi Somers

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You might know Heidi Somers by the name she uses for her popular YouTube channel, BuffBunny, and she’s definitely a female fitness pro worth getting to know. Originally from Alaska, the pint-sized powerhouse worked hard to move somewhere where she had more opportunities, and eventually found herself in Texas. A bit of exercising to lose a few extra pounds soon turned into a passion, and she began her career in the fitness industry. Today, Somers is an athlete for companies including 1 Up Nutrition and Live Fit Apparel, has competed in Crossfit competitions, and of course, runs a successful YouTube channel where she shares her work-outs, her food choices, vlogs of her daily life and more.

8 Nikki Blackketter

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If you don’t know Nikki Blacketter, you might know her boyfriend, Christian Guzman. Both are rising stars in the fitness world, and are active on YouTube. Blackketter has been on social media from the very beginning of her fitness path, and earlier photos show a very slim, but not particularly toned, blonde. Now, the petite star has curves that many women would kill for, all sculpted and built in the gym. Now, she’s an athlete for many fitness brands, helps her partner with the gym that he owns in Texas, sells workout and macro plans on her website, and more. The sky seems to be the limit for this bombshell, so wait to see what she has coming up next.

7 Berenice (Salazar) Fitz

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While there are countless fitness professionals whose partners are in completely different industries, it seems quite common for sexy fitness pros to be either dating or married to fellow bodybuilders or fitness enthusiasts. The couple who lifts together stays together, perhaps? Salazar was first introduced to the fitness world by her now-husband Dave Fitz, a bodybuilder and owner of Total Fitzness. Now, she’s a trainer at Total Fitzness, and her Instagram feed is a must follow, filled with her workouts, meals, and healthy lifestyle. And, if you’re sick of envying her physique and want to make some changes yourself, she also offers coaching and training packages to help you sculpt the body you’ve always dreamed of.

6 Paige Hathaway

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With over 3.4 million followers on Instagram, it’s safe to say that Paige Hathaway is kind of a big deal in the fitness world. Never heard of her? Well, you should look her up – now. The blonde bombshell looks like a lifelong athlete, but before she found her passion for fitness, she was just a slim girl with no muscle tone, as she admits herself. A trainer encouraged her to take her workout routine to the next level and compete in a bikini competition, and the rest, as they say, is history. Hathaway is now a Shredz athlete and fitness guru with an Instagram feed that can’t be missed.

5 Kayla Itsines

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Okay, if you’re a guy, you might not have heard of Australian personal trainer Kayla Itsines, but if you’re a woman, chances are at least one of your friends has tried the iconic Bikini Body Guides that catapulted Itsines to superstardom. The young Aussie trainer didn’t exactly re-invent the wheel, crafting a program that includes short circuit workouts and cardio, but for whatever reason, women around the world have gone absolutely nuts for her Bikini Body Guide – just check out any of her Instagram hashtags, such as #bbg or #kaylasarmy. It doesn’t hurt that she’s basically her best advertisement, with a toned, rock-hard physique.

4 Jessica Arevalo

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While many female fitness professionals start a bit later in life, Jessica Arevalo got her start when she was just a teenager. Her father taught his teenage daughter the Arnold style of training (which, in layman’s terms, involves a five-day split at the gym training different body parts each time) and she fell in love. She’s now an IFBB Bikini professional, sponsored athlete for LiveFit Apparel, a bikini prep coach, and fitness model. The mega-babe has nearly 2 million followers on Instagram, and helps out her followers by posting detailed workout videos showing them her various routines at the gym.

3 Michelle Lewin

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Many fitness models get their start as athletes, and thanks to being genetically blessed with gorgeous bone structure, make the transition to some modeling gigs. Michelle Lewin took a bit of a different approach – she initially started as a regular model, who had a fitness routine to keep her physique slim and trim. However, Lewin soon found herself spending a lot more time in the gym and sculpting a physique that was far more muscular than the typical model. So, fitness and health magazines began calling to book the brunette bombshell – and Lewin hasn’t looked back since. She has a staggering 7.3 million followers on Instagram, and it’s easy to see why – she’s absolutely stunning and has an insane physique.

2 Rachel Brathen

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In the world of female fitness professionals, the better known names tend to be women who lift heavy and compete in bikini competitions. However, there’s definitely room for a yogi here and there – and that’s where Rachel Brathen comes in. The Australian pro is known for being the queen of SUP yoga (stand-up paddle board yoga). While other fitness professionals sweat it out in the gym, Brathen travels the world and teaches her craft in the middle of gorgeous bodies of water. Not a bad way to make a living! She lacks the rock-hard twelve-pack and bulging glutes that some of the female fitness pros have, but if your fitness style is a little more low-key, she’s definitely someone you need to know about.

1 Tanya Poppett

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What exactly is it about Australia that produces so many popular, gorgeous fitness professionals? While trainers like Emily Skye and Kayla Itsines are very well known Aussies, don’t forget about Tanya Poppet. The fitness instructor from Wollongong, Australia has become known for her popular HIIT (high intensity interval training) boot camps. She’s working on building her own fitness brand, and encourages her followers to #trainwithtanya, using her 12 week interactive training program and work out app. That’s the beauty of technology – you don’t have to be anywhere near Australia to get the expertise of a sexy, sculpted Aussie trainer.


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