The 10 Hottest Angelina Jolie Roles

She’s undeniably one of the sexiest actresses in the world, catching Hollywood and the public’s eye not just because she was the daughter of acclaimed actor Jon Voight, but because of her unusual looks and acting chops. Angelina Jolie can be thanked for making full, pouty lips a standard of beauty, whereas before she came into prominence, it was small, thin lips that were considered pretty.

Jolie proved she wasn’t just a pretty face, but a versatile actress as well when she portrayed a troubled young woman in the film Girl, Interrupted, for which she won an Oscar, Golden Globe, and Screen Actors’ Guild Award. Since then, she has had one lucrative role after another and she certainly has no qualms about going all out for the sake of art. She has worn revealing outfits, bared her body on camera and gotten down and dirty with many of her leading men. But even if she remains fully clothed, she’s still as hot as ever.

Here are Angelina Jolie’s 10 sexiest roles. Some had her baring it all while others had her kicking ass and taking names. Throughout it all, she struts her elegance and sexiness across the camera in her naturally seductive way.

10 Gone in 60 seconds (2000)

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In the action-heist film Gone in 60 Seconds, a blonde-haired, dread-locked Angelina Jolie played Sara “Sway” Wayland, a car thief and former love interest of professional car thief Randall “Memphis” Raines, played by Nicolas Cage. In one sexy scene, Sway and Memphis are about to steal a 1990 Lamborghini Diablo nicknamed Gina and start making out while inside a car, with Jolie half climbing atop Cage’s lap and straddling the gear shift in a most suggestive manner.

9 Alexander (2004)

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The period film Alexander about the great Greek warrior may have been a box office mega-flop, but one of the film’s highlights was definitely Jolie, who played Queen Olympias, Alexander’s mother. It didn’t seem quite so believable that someone as young as Jolie could have a son the age of Colin Farrell, who played the lead character and is only a year younger than her. Nonetheless, her character’s Oedipus-complex-like obsession with her son was disturbing to some, but a turn-on for others.

8 Taking Lives (2004)

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Though it was only moderately successful, the psychological thriller Taking Lives had its share of titillating scenes, thanks to Jolie and her leading man Ethan Hawke. The film’s tagline, “He would kill to be with you” already set the tone for what the story would be like. Jolie played Illeana Scott, an FBI profiler and Hawke portrayed Martin Asher, a serial killer who takes on the identity of his victims. While Jolie and Hawke shared some violent scenes together, they also had one steamy love scene.

7 Beowulf (2007)

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Many of us remember the poem Beowulf as one of the great British literary classics that we studied in school. The classic was turned into a motion picture in 2007 and who else would they tap to play Grendel the monster’s mommy but Jolie. Of course, they didn’t turn her into a monster. She was the monster’s mommy in human form, and a naked, beautiful one at that, even if it was basically Jolie in CGI format.

6 The Tourist (2010)

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Despite the fact that the romantic comedy thriller The Tourist was given negative reviews, it still fared well at the box office. After all, who could resist a film starring two of Hollywood’s biggest stars? Aside from being versatile in their respective crafts, Jolie and Johnny Depp’s chemistry onscreen was undeniable. In the film, Jolie played a seemingly ordinary Englishwoman who was masquerading as an undercover Scotland Yard agent who was under suspension of aiding a criminal.

5 Salt (2010)

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There’s nothing quite like a sexy CIA Agent accused of being a spy to kick some bad guy ass and send them down on their knees, pleading for mercy. Jolie did an amazing job in the action spy thriller film Salt, where she played CIA Agent Evelyn Salt. In the film, she’d be donned in black from head to toe, including her signature flowing black hair, beating up the enemy in a way that can only be called sexy and alluring.

4 Wanted (2008)

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Audiences seem to love Jolie in action roles, more than they do as a romantic leading lady and her role as an assassin in the action thriller film Wanted was no exception. She starred opposite James McAvoy as a seductive, but tough assassin who recruits McAvoy into her group’s inner circle and trains him to be an expert killer just like herself. Of course, her character’s sexy methods of training and coaxing successfully transformed McAvoy from being a boring nerd to a dangerous assassin in no time.

3 Original Sin (2001)

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The erotic thriller Original Sin may not have panned well with critics, but there’s no denying the chemistry between its lead actors Antonio Banderas and Jolie. Set in 19th century Cuba, the story speaks of wealthy Cuban businessman Luis Vargas (Banderas) who sends for an American wife Julia Russell (Jolie). Even though she’s not who she seems to be, Luis falls hard for her and the result is a bevy of steamy love scenes between the two actors.

2 Mr. and Mrs. Smith (2005)

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This list wouldn’t be complete without the infamous film that led Jolie into the arms of the then very much married Brad Pitt. Even from the promotional posters of the romantic comedy action film Mr. and Mrs. Smith, it was clear as day that the chemistry between Jolie and Pitt was palpable. In the film, they play a seemingly boring married couple who are both clandestine assassins by night. Needless to say, angry sex never looked that hot.

1 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)

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When it was announced that the highly popular video game Tomb Raider was to be made into a film, there were mixed reactions. The hardcore gamers were skeptical if the film would do justice to their beloved game and the general public was excited, mainly because Jolie was chosen to play the sexy and wealthy fortune-hunter. Indeed, Jolie did a hell of a job playing the role, kicking ass in tiny shorts and tight spandex tops.


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