The 10 Craziest Moments From The 2015 MTV VMAs

The MTV VMAs happened on Aug. 30 and was definitely an event that the world watched on repeat. A particularly pop-cultured based evening, star host Miley Cyrus laid everything on the line, just like her performance with Robin Thicke during the 2013 VMAs. The VMAs are an event that goes through rigorous rehearsal and planning but sometimes, live shows like these, leave audiences shocked.

The evening kicked off with a high octane, tribal-infused performance by rapper Nicki Minaj and closed with a surprise performance by the host. Everything in between was just pure craziness, something very common in the VMA world.

If you didn't watch the yearly awards show, you can catch up with our 10 craziest moments from this year's MTV VMAs.

10 Taylor Swift and Kanye - Apology Or Not?


Taylor Swift and Kanye's feud, or beef as some like to say, was resolved after the two hugged it out and the female superstar presented Kanye West with the VMA's prestigious Video Vanguard Award.

Kanye seemed to apologize for ruining Swift's 2009 VMA award win, only to question - yet again - why Justin Timberlake and CeeLo  didn't win the award in her stead. If that wasn't enough, he also questioned MTV's process when awarding the video of the year to Swift back in 2009.

9 Taylor Swift and Nicki Minaj - New BFFs

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Another Taylor Swift-involved beef was resolved Sunday night. Nicki Minaj opened the show with a tribal performance of new single Trini Dem Boys and The Night Is Still Young. Taylor rose from the ground and audiences screamed at home and at the event. Taylor joined Nicki to perform the last bit of Minaj's performance and then gave a little homage to her song Bad Blood - a representation of the resolved bad blood between the two.

When the VMA nominations came out, Nicki took to twitter to campaign for her own nomination as she thought she got snubbed. What ensued was a heated back and forth between Taylor and Nicki over a complete misunderstanding.

8 Miley's Outfits

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Miley definitely gave everyone something to talk about after the event when she took the stage multiple times, dressed in different, yet equally strange outfits. Everything from bubbles to the pride flag were on her body at one point during the night. Even afterwards, she had literally nothing on her body when she was caught flashing the camera back stage.

To start the award ceremony, Cyrus quipped that the VMA producers chose her to host the event so as to prevent her on-stage shenanigans. Guess she proved them wrong!

7 Bieber Breakdown

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Justin Bieber took to the stage to sing (but mainly to dance) to his single "What Do You Mean" as well as the hit "Where Are U Now,"  a collaboration between him and Jack U. After performing at the VMAs for the first time in 5 years, Justin broke down on stage following his performance.

He was then taunted and teased by Miley right after. Given Cyrus's behavior all night, what else did you expect?

6 Macklemore's "Downtown" Performance

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Only mere days after debuting their double-drop single Downtown accompanied by a music video, Macklemore and Ryan Lewis took to Downtown, Los Angeles to perform "Downtown"- how clever. Bringing rap icons into the mix, Macklemore stunned everyone with the 5 minute performance and had everyone talking about it afterwards.

So how shocking was his performance? A photo of Kanye West visibly expressionless is currently circulating the internet.

5 Demi Lovato Is Cool For The Summer

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4 The Weeknd Can't Feel His Face

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The Weeknd killed his VMA performance with fire - almost literally. In a ring of fire while dancing to his smash single Can't Feel My Face, The Weeknd gave everyone in the audience a chance to dance it out - particularly Taylor Swift.

Unlike the other performers of the evening, The Weeknd went solo on stage, providing one of the more authentic performances in recent VMA history.

3 A$ap Rocky and Twenty One Pilots - Collaboration

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The trio sang and rapped their way into the audience's hearts with their performance at the VMAs this year. Bringing a simple approach to the stage direction, A$ap Rocky and the Twenty One Pilots both gave reason for a lengthy applause following their 6 minute performance. Their performance once again goes to show how rap and rock can unite.

2 Nicki vs Miley

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Probably the most iconic thing to happen this year was Nicki awkwardly took the time from her speech for best Hip Hop video to bash Miley on live TV. A beef that scared the employees so much that they took liberties to try to get them away from each other, fearing they might actually physically fight. Nicki called out Miley saying "Back to this B**** who had a lot to say about me in the papers the other day. Miley what's good?"

The beef spawned from an interview where Miley called Nicki a bad person after being prodded with the question about the fight between Nicki and Taylor.

1 Kanye For President

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Kanye took home the Video Vanguard Award and gave a speech instead of a performance. In the past, artists like Justin Timberlake took the 15 minute slot to perform a medley. Just last year, Beyonce killed her VVA award with a medley of her surprise album.

Instead, Kanye decided to take the full 15 minutes to apologize and to vindicate himself from everything that everyone thinks of him. And after the 15-minute, swear-filled speech, Kanye said that he would run for president in 2020 before dropping the mic and walking offstage. Oh Kanye.

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