Best Sex Toys For Valentine's Day

Remember when you were young and activities become so much more enjoyable when toys were involved? From the time we were babies, we have always been provided with toys for both entertainment and education. We had rattlers, play-doh, matchboxes, bicycles, play tools, dolls, play guns, action figures and video game consoles. Toys just make things more fun.

And sex should be a fun and enjoyable activity. Think about it…it is just like a game where both of you should come out as winners. It can be even more  fun if you are willing to be adventurous by using sex toys to help heighten the pleasure. Here is a list of the top 10 best sex toys for Valentine’s Day.


10 Satin Tie Cuffs


Tie yourself up with a pair of cuffs. But instead of using those intimidating metal handcuffs, buy those cuffs made of satin. It is softer, smoother and, ultimately, sexier. You can also use the satin cuffs to tie your partner’s arm to the bed posts. Be creative and release your wild side at the same time. Of course, do exercise caution especially if you do not know your partner that well yet. Sharon Stone was as sexy as a girl could be in the movie “Basic Instinct,” but she sure scared the hell out of any man whom she would tie to a bed post. Still, the rewards may be worth it if things end up all right. After his scary moment with Stone, Michael Douglas’ character exclaimed that she gave him the sex of the century. Hmm, maybe the excitement and uncertainty that this sex toy brings is part of its charm.


9 Spanker

The spanker is a sex toy for the slightly more adventurous. It probably lies within the confines of slave and master games for people who are into slightly sadistic and masochistic practices. This erotic practice of spanking another person was common back in the Victorian era. It is still widely considered to be taboo, something that one sees only in pornographic movies. Still, you need not use a real paddle or whip to spank your partner. Try a soft satin paddle instead. It is a sex toy that is easy on the butt. Think of it as a gentler and lighter version of those medieval whips.


8 Pearl Massage Ring

Surprise your partner by giving her the pearl ring she has always wanted. But put a little spin to it by giving her a pearl massage ring. This sex toy works by inserting the ring into the middle finger of your stronger hand. You then press the pearls on her body. The result is an exquisite and intimate massage. It will also help her further soothe her muscles and relax her body. After you are done, slip the ring on her finger and have her return the favor to you. This way, you will also be able to feel the pleasure that this sex toy can bring about.


7 Massage Candle

Not all sex toys need to be actually used or applied to the body. Some are needed to simply perk up the ambiance while the rest is still up to you. Give your partner an intimate and sensual full body massage. Rub her the proper and correct way by enhancing the experience through the use of a massage candle. A lighted massage candle will emit a nice smell. It will also release some kind of oil that can help hydrate and soften the skin.


6 Hot and Cold Dildo

A dildo is a sex toy that may be kinky, but it certainly is also erotic. Some dildos have irregular edges and shapes that are supposed to help increase the pleasure. Try the hot and cold dildo as well, in which a removable cork acts as a seal on one end of the sex toy. You can then add cold or hot water depending on her preference. Or you may use it just as it is. This is a cool sex toy that can lead to hot sex.


5 Edible Body Paint

Mickey Rourke gave us a lot of ideas after pouring all kinds of food and drinks on Kim Basinger’s body in the movie “9½ Weeks.” From strawberries to chocolate to milk, Basinger’s breasts and tummy served as Rourke’s plate, which he would then lick off. You can actually recreate a less messy version of that by using this sex toy. The edible body paint allows you to paint her body in different flavors and colors, from brown chocolate to lime green. Again, creativity is a key. Paint something unique on her body. Lick everything off for the ultimate foreplay.


4 Bedside Reading

A sex toy need not be some apparatus full of straps or kinky texture. It can be as simple as a reading material that would help heighten your arousal. Of course, the usual suspects are magazines like Playboy, FHM or Maxim. You can also use a Victoria’s Secret catalogue or Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition magazine. Do her a favor as well and include a copy of People or Glamour magazine’s sexiest men list. Or you can go for erotic books like the “Fifty Shades of Grey” series or “Lust” by Marc Lagrange.


3 Nipple Tassels

Excite your partner with some nipple tassels. Be gentle however by getting one of those silk satin versions. If you have the cash to spare, buy one of those tassels that have some jewelry or Swarovski crystals encrusted into it.


2 Sex Bed


There is actually a sex toy out there that can be used to facilitate a variety of sexual positions. Some looks like a simple stack of cushions, but once unfolded, it would help guide even the most unimaginative couple on how to properly position themselves during the sex act.


1 Lingerie

There is nothing like sexy lingerie to turn a man on. Buy her whatever Candice Swanepoel or Adriana Lima is modeling in their latest catalog. It will bring out your girl’s sexy side.

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