Shortest Celebrity Marriages

In showbiz terms, it seems that any partnership lasting more than four years is something special.

From Billie Piper and Chris Evans to Pamela Anderson and her multiple quickie marriages, there's plenty of evidence that to prove that marriages are more likely to fail when fools rush in.

23 Britney Spears and Jason Alexander - 55 hours

Britney Spears was still getting over her shock split from Justin Timberlake when she spent New Year's Eve of 2003 in Las Vegas with Jason Alexander, an old school friend. After a big night on the tiles the pair ended up getting married at the Little White Wedding Chapel. Britney's lawyers swooped in and the whole sorry mess was dissolved 55 hours later. "I was in Vegas and it took over me and, you know, things got out of hand," Spears later admitted.

22 Pamela Anderson and Rick Salomon - two months

Pam obviously has a thing for quickie weddings - her third marriage, to Rick Salomon (best known for making a sex tape with Paris Hilton), took place in October 2007. The mismatched couple split just two months later and the marriage was annulled in February 2008.

21 Nicky Hilton and Todd Meister - three months

Compared to her older sister Paris, Nicky Hilton seems sensible; happy to let her sister hog the limelight with her endless supply of boyfriends and her brushes with the law. But in 2004 Nicky, 20, proved she could be just as impulsive as Paris when she married her boyfriend Todd Andrew Meister on a trip to Las Vegas. The whole thing was annulled three months later.

20 Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney - four months

Renee Zellweger had long relationships with Jim Carrey and White Stripes frontman Jack White that hadn't ended in marriage, so when she met country singer Kenny Chesney in January 2005, she wasn't keen to wait any longer and the pair married on a beach in the Caribbean five months later. A few months later, they'd had a change of heart and Renee applied for an annulment in September, citing 'fraud' as the reason.

19 Colin Farrell and Amelia Warner - four months

Colin Farrell was head over heels in love when he married Liverpudlian actress Amelia Warner in Bora Bora in 2001; he even had his bride's name tattooed on his ring finger. However just four months later, it was all over. Later, when asked what went wrong, the Irish heartthrob simply said: "Too fast, too young."

18 Pamela Anderson and Kid Rock - four months

Pamela had dated Kid Rock years before, but it was second time (un)lucky when they walked up the aisle in 2006 and soon lived to regret it - just four months later, it was over.

17 Drew Barrymore and Tom Green - six months

Drew has been married twice and both lasted about as long as one of her hair dos! In 1994, the hopeless romantic got married to Welsh bar owner Jeremy Thomas but they split after just one month. Then in July 2001, Drew's Charlie's Angels co-stars were in attendance as she married her boyfriend of 18 months, comedian Tom Green, above, but it was all over by Christmas of that year.

16 Jennifer Lopez and Cris Judd - seven months

It's fair to say J-Lo doesn't have a good track record when it comes to relationships. Her first marriage, to waiter Ojani Noa, lasted 13 months. Her second, to dancer Cris Judd, above, was over in just seven! Jennifer married Cris, who she met on the set of her video for Love Don't Cost A Thing, in September 2001. The following summer, despite still being married, Jen began publicly dating Ben Affleck. 'Bennifer' called things off just hours before their much-hyped wedding in 2003 and we're pleased to report she has been married to Marc Anthony, the father of her twins, since 2004.

15 Danniella Westbrook and Ben Morgan - nine months

Danniella Westbrook her first met husband Ben Morgan, a van driver, in the most unlikely of places - a petrol station. In their wisdom, they married after knowing each other for just eight weeks. The happy couple sold their wedding photos to Hello which gave them enough money to emigrate to Australia but, not surprisingly, the honeymoon didn't last and they divorced nine months later. Ben went on to sell stories of Danniella's cocaine habit to the tabloids... nice.

14 Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett - one year

She was the Hollywood movie star; he was the older, odd-looking country crooner - Julia Roberts must've thought she was in the midst of a rom com when she met and married country star Lyle Lovett in 1993, all within three weeks! But after moaning to a magazine that "we never spend more than seven days together," the workaholics separated not long after their first anniversary.

13 Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller - one year

In 1996, aged 20, Angelina Jolie married Jonny Lee Miller, her Hackers co-star, wearing a white shirt with the groom's name written in blood across the back. Within weeks, Ange regretted the union: "It was weird to immediately be married and then you kind of lose your identity," she said at the time. "You're suddenly somebody's wife. And you're like, 'Oh, I'm half of a couple now. I've lost me'." They split the following year.

12 Katie Price and Alex Reid - one year

Everyone knows Katie rushed into her second wedding, even Katie herself. But with big-money TV and magazine deals on the table, plus her apparent desperation to prove to the world, and herself, that she was over Peter, it's not surprising she married Alex after a whirlwind six-month romance. They didn't make it to their first anniversary.

11 Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley - 19 months

The King's daughter marrying the King of Pop? You couldn't make it up. Lisa Marie Presley and Michael Jackson sure did make an odd couple, but the pair were at pains to stress that they were just like any other couple in love. But the fairytale didn't last long - they wed in May 1994 and separated after 19 months.

10 Jennifer Garner and Scott Foley - two years

Jennifer Garner might be happily married to Ben Affleck, but when she was a TV star in the 90s she fell in love with actor Scott Foley, who she met on the set of Felicity. The pair got hitched in 2000 but they separated two years later and their divorce was finalised in May 2004.

9 Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton - two years

Angelina made a similar mistake in 2000 when she married another co-star, Billy Bob Thornton, a year after meeting him on the set of Pushing Tin. She wasn't deterred by the fact that Billy Bob was 20 years older than her and had been married four times before... the couple rushed into their nuptials and broke up in July 2002. "It took me by surprise," Jolie admitted. "Because overnight, we totally changed. I think one day we had just nothing in common."

8 Britney Spears and Kevin Federline - two years

Britney's next marriage fared slightly better - she got engaged to one of her backing dancers, Kevin Federline, three months after meeting him, despite the fact his ex was pregnant with his child at the time! Always one to think with her heart and not her head, Brit rushed into planning their nuptials and they married in September 2004, a mere five months after meeting. The doting dancer soon rebranded himself as K-Fed and embarked on a rap career, taking him far from home. Britney got fed up and filed for divorce in November 2006 when their youngest son was just two months old.

7 Liz Hurley and Arun Nayar - three years

Liz Hurley and Aran Nayar spared no expense for their week-long wedding celebration back in 2007, with ceremonies in Gloucestershire and Jodhpur in India - Elton John gave the bride away and the couple made their own Bollywood movie to show guests. But, alas, it had fizzled out after just three years and Liz was caught snogging Shane Warne in December.

6 Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee - three years

Pamela Anderson married her first husband, rocker Tommy Lee, after they had known each other for 96 hours. The Baywatch babe donned a white bikini for the wedding on a beach in Hawaii; he wore shorts. They had two sons but split up after three years.

5 Kerry Katona and Mark Croft - three years

Kerry married Mark Croft at Gretna Green on Valentine's Day in 2007, one week before the birth of their daughter. The marriage was a volatile one from the start and they split briefly in 2009 before separating for good in 2010 after three years of marriage.

4 Eva Longoria and Tony Parker - three and a half years

The Desperate Housewives actress and the NBA basketball star certainly made a pretty pair. They married in Paris in 2007 and smitten Eva got two tattoos to mark the occasion - the wedding date, 7/7/7, on her wrist and Tony's shirt number, nine, on the back of her neck. Within a few months of marrying the couple were rocked by a model's claim that she had had an affair with Parker, which they denied. Then in November 2010, just months after publicly stating she was keen to start a family, Eva filed for divorce after finding hundreds of text messages from another woman on her husband's phone.

3 Cheryl and Ashley Cole - three and a half years

Ashley was by far the bigger star when these two began dating in 2004 - he played for Arsenal and England, she was 'just' a member of a girl group. But as Cheryl's profile grew, their relationship was rocked by reports of Ashley's infidelity, first in early 2008, again in 2009 and, the final straw, in February 2010, when Cheryl finally came to her senses and left him for good. They'd been married just three and a half years.

2 Katie Price and Peter Andre - three and a half years

By Katie's standards, her first marriage lasted a respectable amount of time - three and a half years. She and Peter met and fell in love in the I'm A Celebrity jungle and had two children together. They were trying for a third when the Aussie singer abruptly walked out, reportedly due to Kate's penchant for getting drunk and dancing on tables with men who weren't her husband. She denied any foul-play but Pete's mind was made up.

1 Chris Evans and Billie Piper - four years

Billie Piper was just 18 when she started dating the much-older Chris Evans in 2000. They'd met when she appeared on his show and he wooed her with a £100,000 Ferrari filled with roses, even though Billie didn't know how to drive! The kooky couple married in Las Vegas six months later and spent the next couple of years travelling, hanging out at pubs and not doing very much at all. They went their separate ways in 2004 but had one of the most amicable celeb divorces in history, with Chris saying: "There will always be a special place in my heart for Billie. I will always be there for her."

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