Selena Gomez: The History of Being Raised By Her Father

Selena Gomez revealed she was once used by her father, Ricardo Joel Gomez as bait to pick up waitresses at Hooters after his split with her mom. The cute 7 year old made the duo more approachable. When her dad noticed her charm with the sexy ladies, he brought her with him often and it soon became their 'thing' to do as father/daughter bonding.

The 20-year-old pop star grew up in Grand Prairie, Texas with her mom, Mandy Cornett and dad. At five years old her parent's separated. Her mother left while her dad raised Selena to be the person she is today. She claims to have been very angry towards her mother for many years, until recently in an interview Selena stated that she had no choice but to forgive her mother and move on. She gives all credit to her dad for raising her and stepping up to be the best father she could have ever asked for.

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