Selena Gomez Takes A Few Jabs At Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez made on appearance on "Late Night with David Letterman" to promote her new film "Spring Breakers," where she took a few jabs at her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber.  As the show went on, the two began talking about Justin, when Letterman asked the question many of her fans were dying to know. He asked if things with Bieber were through, she responded, "I'm single...I'm so good." At last fans know for a fact that Bieber and Gomez are no longer together after countless reports that the two were on and off. But the real conversation was just starting.

Letterman went on to tell a story of the time when Justin Bieber made an appearance on his show, they had a conversation backstage that went back and forth, then Letterman said he had made Justin Bieber cry, to which Gomez took the opportunity to her advantage to joke about her ex by responding, "Well, that makes two of us," which the audience and Letterman burst into laughter.

There has been countless reports of Gomez being with another man, but last night Gomez confirmed that she is not seeing Bieber or anyone else and is currently single and happy.

As for Bieber, things seem to have been spiraling down, faced with multiple lawsuits, his break up with Gomez and countless vicious rumors. He has expressed his anger on Twitter and denounce the rumors the media had spread that have tormented him. So far Bieber has started 2013 on a bad note and things don't look to be clearing up. As for Selena, it seems she is having a great year, with her new film "Spring Breakers" coming out March 22 she hopes to shed her Disney image for good.

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