Sean Lowe of the Bachelor’s Reveals the Final Two

The Bachelor is one of the most watched shows on American television. It has grasped the attention of the American audience like never before. One of the newest reality television series, it has enjoyed excellent TRP ratings and has a fan page on Facebook as well.

The show is about a number of different women dating one particular man. Each and every episode of The Bachelor is even more thrilling than the previous one. As the female contestants start getting eliminated, tension goes up among the audience. The popularity of the show increases with every passing day that it is aired. A few of the destinations chosen for the dates are also those which are quite exotic and add to the amazing flavor of this show. This season of The Bachelor is gradually drawing to a close. There are just two women contestants left that the bachelor Sean Lowe has to choose from. After having had three incredible dates in Thailand, it’s now down to these two women.

Sean’s decision is quite tough, given that both the women are exceptionally beautiful and witty to boot. Lindsay and Catherine, who beat Ashlee, one of Sean’s favorites, to the final round, are bright and gorgeous and have managed to impress Sean with their looks and conversational skills. These are also characterized by an amazing sense of style. They have managed to look good in whatever they wear before the camera. They both look good next to Sean. It is easy to see how difficult Sean Lowe’s final decision is going to turn out to be.

Sean bid goodbye to Ashlee in the last episode, an elimination which took a very surprising turn and one which left Ashlee almost speechless. She sure as hell did not expect Sean to leave her hanging high and dry given the intimacy that the two of them had in the show. Ashlee was in fact so upset that she left the venue without speaking to Sean and also told him to not accompany her to the car.

Sean on his part did try to explain things to Ashlee. He told her how he had felt it would be her winning the show, right from the beginning, and that, letting her go was one of the hardest things he ever had to do in his lifetime.

In a statement made to the press later on, Ashlee expressed her disappointment and said that she was not a part of the show for fun. She had made a real connection with Sean and had allowed him in. His rejection hurts her terribly and will continue to hurt her for a long time to come. Ashlee is visibly shaken and one hopes her emotional scars will heal sometime soon.

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