Sean Combs and Mark Wahlberg Unveil Their Brand New Partnership

Yes it is true! Sean Combs better known as Puff Daddy and Mark Wahlberg have got together and formed a partnership. The product for which they have formed this is quite an unusual one! Sean and Mark are together coming up with the production of “Aqua Hydrate”, a brand new form of mineral water which is set to hit the market soon. This is indeed rather a strange venture for the two of them, but it’s happening alright! Mark and Sean are set to take the world of beverages by storm!

The product concerned is mineral water that has a high PH concentration. It contains performance enhancing electrolytes. Consuming this water would therefore be of a great benefit for all those involved in the field of sports! Sports professionals will find no reason to complain about a lack of energy again. Drinking this water three to four times in a day will help people to restore the energy levels in their body. They can do a lot of tasks in a short time! Sean and Mark could not have thought of a better product for their brand new business venture.

When asked why they chose to enter the beverage industry, Mark said that this had never been his intention in the first place. He says that he first got interested in this brand of water when he was shooting for the movie, “The Fighter”. While he was training for his role in the film, a friend tried to get him to invest his money in this. While Mark was not interested at first, he asked his friend to leave some water behind. After consuming this water Mark experienced an immediate feeling of refreshment! He felt rejuvenated and consequently realized that investing in this brand of water was something that he could definitely do on a long-term basis!

Sean became interested in this water at an international boxing tournament. He caught the site of Mark carrying the water around and got interested in it. Sean grew up in the city of Harlem where he was quite fond of drinking a beverage called “Kool Aid”. Sean has long been looking for a drink that gives the same kind of kick like Kool. This water seemed to provide Sean with just that kick!

This of course got Sean extremely excited about it. He decided to invest his money in its promotion. He loves drinking this water and feels that his fans and admirers will love it too with equal passion and vigor. Sean has been as active as Mark when it comes to its promotion. Also the fact that Sean finds Mark to be more, hard working than him also helped him to procure faith and interest in this water. If Mark feels revived after drinking it, Sean thinks it is worthwhile to go ahead and promote it!

Mark took the opportunity to have a bit of fun at his friend’s expense. He says that being in possession of Aqua Hydrate makes it possible for Sean to go ahead and drink as much Ciroc as he wants to through the night. It makes the hangover the next day slightly less painful! Indeed Mark seems to have the sense of humor he is so well known for, intact!

Aqua Hydrate mineral water is out in the market now. It is creative huge waves wherever it is being sold.

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