World’s Richest Celebrity Couples 2011

They're rich, they're famous and they might even be in love. We look at the celebrity couples who made the most cash.

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15 Jay-Z & Beyonce Knowles: £75.7m

This superstar couple is head and shoulders above the rest of Forbes' Top-Earning Couples list, pocketing almost twice as much as the runners up.

How did they earn such a staggering amount in just one year? By being very busy.

Not only are they accomplished singers (well, a singer and a rapper), but they also "oversee clothing lines, perform around the world and endorse products from companies like American Express and Budweiser", according to Forbes.

But it seems even the world's elite aren't immune to the downturn: last year the couple managed to earn just over £100 million between them.

Beyonce recently courted controversy when she performed an exclusive concert for Colonel Gaddafi's son. She reportedly earned £1.25 million just for that gig.

As a point of comparison, US president Barack Obama gets paid around $400,000 a year.

14 Harrison Ford & Calista Flockhart: £42.8m

The vast majority of the couple's hefty income can be attributed to one source: Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull.

Forbes Magazine estimates Harrison Ford pocketed around £40.3 million from the movie. His long time girlfriend Flockhart (of Ally McBeal fame), plays one of the leading roles on the TV series Brothers & Sisters.

13 Brad Pitt & Angelina Jolie: £34m

While there are rumours that the couple have now split up, there's no doubting the last year was a success from a financial perspective.

Brad Pitt starred in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which earned £207 million for its makers.

Not to be outdone, Jolie's 2008 action film Wanted bagged £211.6 million at the worldwide box office.

Small wonder that the couple enjoyed a £34 million joint paycheque for the year.

12 Will Smith & Jada Pinkett Smith: £29.8m

"Smith is without a doubt the biggest movie star in the world." So says Forbes Magazine and it's hard to argue, with his films having earned a whopping £3.54 billion at the worldwide box office.

Like Hanks, he is able to command a salary of $20 million (£14 million) a film, making him the key earner.

His wife, Pinkett Smith, has kept her acting to a minimum of late (although she did do the voice of Gloria the hippo in the Madagascar films), instead focusing on writing and producing films.

11 David and Victoria Beckham: £28.5m

They came, they saw, they conquered. Since arriving in the US, the Beckhams have taken their stardom - and their earnings - to another level, comfortably out earning their celebrity couple chums, Tom and Katie.

David Beckham, the AC Milan, LA Galaxy and England midfielder, has enjoyed an illustrious career on the field and has supplemented this nicely off the field with a series of highly-lucrative product endorsements (including that Armani ad).

And while wife Victoria will no doubt be upset by news that she will not be appearing on the US version of X Factor, we're sure the couple will get along just fine, what with their £28.5 million annual income.

10 Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi: £22.3m

With a combined income of $36 million (£22.3 million), Ellen DeGeneres and Portia De Rossi are the 6th highest earning couple on Forbes' list.

Comedian DeGeneres now has her own talk show and is rumoured to be lined up as the replacement for Paula Abdul on American Idol.

De Rossi, who is 15 years younger than DeGeneres, currently stars in the sitcom Better Off Ted, which premiered on March 18, 2009.

9 Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson: £22m

One of the most accomplished actors of his generation - his films include Philadelphia, Forrest Gump, Saving Private Ryan, Toy Story and, er, Cast Away -Tom Hanks is still flying high thanks to his latest success, Angels & Demons.

But getting Hanks doesn't come cheap, with the superstar able to command a salary of almost £14 million a film, making him the prime breadwinner in his household.

Having only enjoyed a modicum of her husband's success, the name Rita Wilson probably isn't instantly recognisable to most.

She did, however, feature in three movies last year: My Life in Ruins, Old Dogs and It's Complicated.

8 Jim Carrey & Jenny McCarthy: £21m

Jim Carrey had a rough introduction to stardom. His leading role in the comedy Ace Ventura: Pet Detective earned him a nomination at the Golden Raspberry Awards in the Worst New Star category.

Nonetheless, the rubber-faced actor has never been short of work since, starring in dozens of high profile movies and raking in a large pile of cash.

He has been together with former Playboy-model-turned-actress-turned-activist Jenny McCarthy since December 2005. Her career seems to be on the up, with Forbes reporting she will soon have her own television show under Oprah's company, Harpo.

Last year(2010) "Jim and Jenny decided to end their five years relationship. The couuple said they are grateful for the many blessings they have shared and wish each other the very best," Carrey's rep, Marleah Leslie, confirms to TV's Entertainment Tonight

7 Tom Cruise & Katie Holmes: £20.7m

Martin and Paltrow are only just shaded by acting couple Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, who earned £20.7 million between June 2008 and June 2009.

Out of that pair, Cruise is by far the biggest earner, according to Forbes Magazine, pocketing more than £20 million on his own.

Holmes, who is 16 years his junior, has done very little acting in recent years. The couple have a three-year old daughter named Suri Cruise.

6 Chris Martin & Gwyneth Paltrow: £20.5m

The frontman of musical outfit Coldplay is an extremely divisive character in the UK. Depending on who you ask, he's either one of the most talented musicians of his generation or a whiny, overrated crooner.

But no matter which side of the fence you sit on, you can't deny his success: Coldplay have sold millions of albums across the globe and bagged a load of awards.

He married Oscar-winning actress Gwyneth Paltrow. While her success has not quite reached the same heights she enjoyed a decade ago, she still contributed to the couple's impressive haul of £20.5 million in one year.

5 Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick: £18m

Coming in 11th on the list are the acting duo of Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick.

If you've watched TV at all in the last few years, you'll no doubt be aware of the Sex & The City TV series and movie (with a sequel due in the summer). Love it or hate it, there's no doubt it's been a riotous success, which means Parker makes up the vast majority of this couple's hefty £18 million income.

Broderick has been a mainstream star for decades (remember Ferris Bueller's Day Off?) although is more focused on Broadway than films these days.

4 Tim McGraw & Faith Hill: £17.3m

Both country music superstars in their own right, the couple has earned a whopping £17.3 million in one year.

In his career, Tim McGraw has achieved an impressive 21 number one singles on the Billboard Hot Country 100 chart.

His wife, Faith Hill (born Audrey Perry) has enjoyed an equally illustrious career, having bagged a Grammy Award, American Music Award and the People's Choice Award.

3 Eva Longoria Parker & Tony Parker: £13.65m

You'll probably recognise the beautiful Longoria Parker from her role as Gabrielle Solis in the hit US TV show Desperate Housewives, currently in its sixth season.

As if that wasn't lucrative enough, the 34-year old has also featured in a number of ad campaigns, most notably L'Oreal's.

Husband Tony Parker, 27, plays basketball for the San Antonio Spurs and the French national team.

2 Katherine Heigl & Josh Kelley: £12.4m

Heigl has been extremely busy in recent years, playing the role of Dr Izzie Stevens on TV show Grey's Anatomy and starring in numerous comedies such as Knocked Up, 27 Dresses and The Ugly Truth.

That hard work has paid off though, with Forbes estimating that she earned upwards of £6.2 million a film. The 31-year-old accounts for the bulk of this couple's annual £12.4 million earnings for the year ending June 2009.

Husband Josh Kelley is a singer-songwriter two years her junior.

1 Nicole Kidman & Keith Urban: £10.5m

Actress Nicole Kidman and her musician husband pocketed themselves an impressive $17 million (£10.5 million) between June 2008 and June 2009, according to Forbes' Top Earning Couples list.

Kidman was responsible for around half of that, thanks to movies like Australia, while Urban's album Defying Gravity accounted for the other half after reaching number one on the Billboard 200 chart.

The couple also celebrated the birth of their first child together during the year, a daughter named Sunday Rose Kidman Urban.

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