Popular Soap Real Housewives of Orange County Returns for its Eighth Season!

Fans of the well known sitcom, “Real Housewives of Orange County” are in for a real treat as this soap is all set to make its return on American television. After being out for awhile and causing dismay to its fans, the soap will now rock American TV again and how! Fans can expect the eighth season to be as spicy and interesting as the previous seasons with more cat fights and nastiness in store, from each and every star of this soap. Indeed this is going to be quite a bomb. Allexis Bellino, an easy going church gal and also one of the major elements of the show will be back to cause a lot of dismay to her co stars.

Fans should ready themselves to witness some dangerous fights on seen as Allexis Bellino continues to come into conflict with her co stars in the eighth season as well. Some of the stars who had been present in previous seasons but had left the show in between for some reason are all set to make their return as well. The series is going to be aired from the first of April and is certain to be one of the most watched American sitcoms in recent times. It is also sure to give competition to other sitcoms as when this was last aired, viewership was confined strictly to this particular show and other sitcoms fared quite dismally in terms of TRP ratings.

Lydia McLaughlin will be seen joining the cast of Real Housewives of Orange County. Her inclusion in the soap will succeed in adding some new blood to it and making it even more interesting to watch than before. Her husband owns a well known catering service in the Orange County season so viewers can expect to see a number of high profile guests turning up at her residence and making waves with their presence. From singers to actors to television show hosts, almost any and every person of fame and repute knows the McLaughlin’s and will be there on the show at some time or the other.

Tamra, another one of the popular characters on the show has recently gotten engaged to her boyfriend Eddie so one can really expect a lot of talk to take place about these two as well on the show. They got engaged in Bora Bora sometime last week and as the episodes of this sitcom continue to unfold fans can be rest assured of one particular detail and that is, that Eddie does seem to be as willing to get hitched as much as Tamra is, so this is sure to set off some sparks.

Heather will be seen putting her vocal skills to the test by singing at the wedding ceremony, which is going to be another delight for the fans of this show. Heather had long spoken about her musical ability in previous seasons and is going to make it evident this time around.

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