Top 10 Most Beautiful Cameroonian Celebrities 2011

It is said Cameroon got the most beautiful women in Africa.With her rich cultural background and mixed ethnicity(approximately 200 ethnic groups), i decided to make this top-10 list of the most beautiful Cameroonian Celebrities.

First on my list is the beautiful 23 year old multi-talented Cameroon born actress,model,singer and guitarist.If you don’t know about her then I will fill you in a bit. Tee Tee girlfriend from the show “The Game” ring a bell? If so then you have at least seen her on television. Her hair was beautiful just like her music. She calls her genre of music Alter Hip-Soul a mix of alternative, hip hop and soul.

2 1.Andy Allo

Andy Allo last debuted her first independent album in 2009 “Unfresh” of  which she financed co-produced.  Now that is what you call “Beauty and Brains” Her soft smooth soulful voice will leave your ears thirsty for more. Below is one of her song "I Want Love"...Feel it for yourself!

1 2.Mingana Fochive Danielle Frankie

Mingana,Cameroonian-born actress and model, she spent most of her life in America. Mingana was one of the contestant who participated in Miss Africa USA in 2008,she's former Miss Cameroon USA 2008 .

Danielle launched her career in modeling soon after the pageant while still a student.  Danielle has been working on major Runways in Washington DC and New York, participating in casting calls, fashion shows and photo shoots for magazines and other media.She recently completed a film project with a Maryland based film production company called Callywood and has already casted for a role in an upcoming production with Cameroon Films.com.

Danielle Frankie’s Dream is to make it to America’s Next Top Model with Tyra Banks. She is confident of her beauty and good looks and is determined to make her dream come true.  In the mean time, Danielle has participated in major Runway Shows like the DC Fashion Week,  Downtown Silver Spring Fashion Show and has worked with top African Designers from the continent. She is certainly one to look out for, a rising star in the Cameroon Entertainment Industry, modeling world and more.

3.Melanie Kamayou

Melanie Kamayou,21, is a Cameroonian model,currently living in massachusset where she attend College.She was born in Paris and I grew up in several countries such as Algeria,Cameroon,france and USA.She is currently Miss Cameroon USA 2010.

She's definitely someone to watch in the coming years as her career is heating up.

4.Yelena Noah

Yelena Noah daughter of the famous former Franco-Cameroonian Tennisman Yannick Noah and sister of NBA basket ball player Joakim Noah.

5.Matagnigni Marie Barbara

20 year-old Matagnigni Marie Barbara from the West Region of Cameroon, is the current Miss Cameroon 2010. Matagnigni was voted Miss Cameroon out of 21 participants representing all the Regions of Cameroon. The Miss Cameroon Lux 2010 contest took place at the Yaounde Conference Centre in april 2010.

6.Yana Bille

Cameroonian actress,Yana Bille make my list.She got the true African natural beauty,she's member of the Ya Ma'Afrika an African Drama group of four based in New York.

7.Sandra Nkaké

Franco-Cameroonian Actress and Singer,Sandra Nkaké make my list.She was born in Yaoundé on November 15, 1973. Her mother frequently flew back and forth between Cameroon and Europe. Before she was walking she was flying, and before she was talking she heard both French and English.

Soul Diva's intentions was to become an English teacher but then stage, film and television began to offer an alternative, music came later but you would not know it until watching her perform or by listening to her. Feel her music...

8.Marion Gako Mélanie Kamayou

Cameroonian supermodel,Marion Gako is with no doubt the most successful cameroonian model.She worked with the popular Cameroonian born photographer based in Paris,Mario Robert Epanya.Gako was face of Vogue Africa.

9.Brenda Mengot

Brenda Mengot is a UK based Cameroonian model and CEO of Dery Entertainment. There were Rumours on several media outlets  about her dating English premier league  player, Aaron Lennon. She's a native of Southwest(Bayangi).

10.Naomi Achu

To finalize my list - Naomi Achu,US-based Hip Hop singer from Bamenda,Cameroon.Naomi is the first female rapper from the city of Bamenda,the most  talented and successful female rapper in Cameroon.

The girl can rap...check it out:

Cameroon got more hot GIRLS out there i will update my list as soon as i get my hands on the photos....Please feel free to comment and suggest more pretty Cameroonian Celebs...

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