Mila Kunis Reveals She Wants to Stay at Home

It seems that Mila Kunis has had enough of the good life and making movies. She wants to now concentrate on life at home and focus on this instead of her work, where she has been devoting her energies for quite some time now. This is of course an indication of the fact that Mila is all ready to get serious with Ashton Kutcher who recently broke up with actress Demi Moore after a long relationship that lasted for seven to eight years at least.

Mila gave this interview recently saying that she would be more than happy to do just three movies in a year. This is a surprising confession from someone who has such a splendid presence on screen and who has gained so much popularity for her movies. Mila has fans in every part of the world because of her gorgeous screen presence and her amazing acting prowess. Indeed, this girl can fit into just about any role with ease. This is one of the main reasons for her popularity the world over.

Mila says that she wants to stay at home now. This is her gut feeling. She has done many movies and has got a lot of critical acclaim. Now is the time for her to sit back and relax and be the home maker that she wants to be. Her relationship with Ashton seems to be quite serious for Mila to be making this statement. She was never the serious type. For her to be making this statement comes really as a surprise to all of us and her fans around the world especially!

Mila is also looking to experiment when it comes to movies. She has stuck to one or two genres of movies for too long and is now looking to try out something different. Mila has a girl-next-door look and has been popular in movies where she has been made to portray herself as such. She now wants to try out the action genre and perhaps even be a Bond girl someday. One never knows! With Mila anything is possible. She is a talented and beautiful actress and will really make her mark in Hollywood someday.

Right now though, it seems that only a home life with Ashton is what is on the cards. Fans of Mila looking to see her on the screen again sometime soon will be disappointed at what she has had to say regarding her acting career. Yes Mila does have the right to explore and experiment at the age in which she is in now. She should really go and try out different movies and find roles that express her acting abilities in a different way rather than doing the same roles over and over again.

Ashton and Mila make a lovely couple. It is evident when they are seen out in public together. They have eyes for no one except each other and this is incredibly cute. They appear to be one of the most attractive couples in Hollywood. Mila and Ashton are certain to make beautiful babies if they continue to pursue their relationship seriously. Indeed looking at them can be such a pleasant sight.

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