LeBron James Elite Socks

The basic purpose of a sock is to cover one's foot and to protect sensitive areas against blisters and other discomfort afflictions that may occur while wearing shoes. A few years back, athletes wore regular socks no special attention had been focused on the sock, for then the key focus were the shoes worn by the athletes.

LeBron James Nike Elite socks changed this accepted fact. Nike Elite socks are especially made for both basketball and football enthusiasts.

Nike's newest released, the Nike Elite Sequalizer, spawned a lot of buzz among aficionado who have noted they enjoy the colorful designs and varying styles plus it's ability to improve performance on the court.  With LeBron James as their flag bearer, Nike's profit soared high, higher than LeBron James leap! LeBron James Elite Socks became a fashion statement, a status symbol; wearing this means you are part of the "in-crowd".


LeBron James Nike Basketball Socks


1. Rare Nike Lebron James LBJ Logo Basketball Socks

2. Nike Dri-Fit LeBron James Elite Crew Socks

3. New Nike Lebron James Elite Quarter Adult Large Socks White/Red

4. Nike Lebron Elite Cushioned Basketball Socks



5.  LeBron James - White and Pink

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