Kylie Jenner's 10 Most Controversial Instagram Posts

Kylie Jenner Controversial Instagram Posts

Kylie Jenner is only 17 years old and she is known for quite a bit already. She has starred in the family reality show Keeping Up With The Kardashians, does some modeling, and even has her own hair extension line. They youngest of the Kardashian-Jenner clan is quite the busy young lady, but just like most teenagers, she’s constantly taking time out of her day and posting photos to her Instagram page, and while she is known worldwide for her beauty, there are quite a few questionable photos on her page.

Most fans browse through Kylie’s Instagram feed to look at her stunning photos, and others just to try and get a taste of the glamorous life. Yes, Kylie is a beautiful young lady, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't have quite a few photos that make viewers ask, really? Whether it be her choice in fashion, her everyday shenanigans, or her questionable situations in the photographs, Kylie Jenner has quite a few Instagram photos that can be deemed her “worst” and these are only a few!

10 Food Face

Worst Kylie Jenner Instagram Posts

Kylie Jenner seems to pride herself in the fact that she is a beautiful young lady. And like most 17-year-olds, selfies are a must on a regular basis. Fans flock to Kylie’s Instagram page to see her gorgeous photos, but one of Kylie’s latest photos isn't exactly sexy… Unless the face stuffing look is suddenly in style. In this shot, the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star is seen quite literally shoving food into her mouth and while her snack looks good, she doesn't; but it’s very clear that Kylie doesn't care what others think, and when it comes to innocent fun, someone’s bound to get a little messy!

9 Father/Daughter F**k You


By now, most know of the struggles that Bruce Jenner has gone through not only with his family trouble, but also with the fact that he decided to announce to the world that he is becoming the woman he always felt he was. Before the news of the transition was official, fans knew that there were some rocky roads between Bruce and the rest of the Kardashian clan, but his kids always stood by him, including Kylie. Now, we all love to see Kylie supporting her father, but is raising a middle finger to the world really a good father-daughter activity? Sure, supporting your father is a good thing, but do you really have to give the world a big f**k you? Not very classy Kylie…

8 DWI: Driving While Instagraming


DWI: Driving While Instagramming doesn't sound like a very wise thing to do, and yet Kylie Jenner has done it on more than one occasion! Driving while either talking on the phone or texting is illegal in most places, including Kylie’s home state of California. While Instagramming isn't exactly talking on the phone or texting, the law seems pretty clear in that using a cell phone in any manner while driving is illegal, so social media of any kind while behind the wheel is probably frowned upon. In fact, multitasking in the car in general is looked down on, especially when it comes to Kylie’s driving record. Since the reality star received her license, she has been in a handful of accidents!

7 The Nude Look


Kylie’s got some pretty mean fashion skills, and while she can rock just about anything, this little nude number really isn't one of them. With the pink hair, white top and her nude bottoms, this look doesn't really make much sense… then to add on the boots and hat to top things off? Yeah… not really working for you here, Kylie. Yes, her figure looks amazing, but at the same time, this nude look on top of where her hand is resting, it almost resembles a Miley Cyrus shot; a tamer version, but a little questioning nonetheless! It’s alright to go with a more toned down and natural look, but you don’t want fans scratching their heads, wondering what you were thinking either.

6 Fashion Faux Pas


From the nude look to a little too much, this next photo is considered one of her “worst” because the look isn't her own. Kylie Jenner has a very distinct look, whether it be glammed up or natural, but here she doesn't even look like herself. Instead, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star looks more like her older sister Khloe Kardashian. From the beanie to the lip and hair color, fans had to do a double take because this look screams Khloe. Both Kylie and her sister, Kendall Jenner, have gone out of their way to say on multiple occasions that they are their own people and that they don’t care to be constantly compared to their older sisters. Besides the resemblance to her older sister, the beanie look doesn’t flatter Kylie’s face, and it makes her already pouty lips look a little too pouty…

5 Barely There


It’s not uncommon for stars to post photos of themselves in skimpy clothing, and most of the time the photos are deemed acceptable, but do the same rules apply when the star is only 17-years-old? On March 29, 2015, Kylie posted a rather racy photo which showed off almost all of her body, minus most of her face, and while many 17-year-olds post bikini selfies, many are also wearing something a little more traditional. In this photo, fans really only get a close-up of Kyle’s chest and below in a rather revealing crisscross top and a rather small bikini bottom. Is the suit flattering? Yes, but is it appropriate for a 17-year-old, especially when she’s uploading an image like this to the internet for the entire world to see? Yes, Kylie Jenner is a beautiful young lady, but many agree that she’s too young to be posting such racy images.

4 Big Lips


Everyone’s heard of the Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge at this point, and thanks to social media, we've seen the terrible results that can come of it. This photo resembles a bad outcome from the challenge, even though it’s simply a black and white close-up of Kylie’s famous big pouty lips. Now, Kylie has made a name for herself thanks to her pouty lip look, but here it looks more like a p**no close-up… With the slightly wet and parted look, it’s simply not working for Kylie’s image when it comes to her famous lips. In fact, a close up like this won’t look good for anyone…

3 Sex Kitten


While many fans fell head over heels for this photo of Kylie Jenner, it had many questioning Kylie and her tendency to look overly sexy. This photo looks like it could be in any number of men’s magazines, and not for the best reason. To say it nicely, Kylie looks as if she is in the middle of a rather intimate moment, and many wonder why such a beautiful young woman would want to sexualize herself to this extent. Others question her parents and why they would allow her to post such a racy image of herself. Again, she is only 17-years-old, so is it really all that appropriate to post such sexual images for the public to drool over?

2 Ride or Die


At this point we all know that Kylie Jenner is guilty of driving while Instagramming, but it’s not the “DWI” that has many upset with the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star; this time, it’s Kylie’s caption for the photo in question. “Born & Raised.. & I’ll probably die here.” While the caption was clearly referring to Kylie’s life in Calabasas, some took it as her on the road, referencing her many traffic violations. Others found it insensitive considering her father, Bruce Jenner, was recently involved in a multi-car accident which left one Calabasas resident dead. While clearly Kylie wasn't looking to offend, it seems as if she needs to learn that driving and using her cellphone is a big no-no!

1 Blackface


While Kylie Jenner’s April 4, 2015, photo was meant to be an artistic one featuring the Keeping Up With The Kardashian star with a sparking, almost futuristic look, the post put Kylie in some pretty hot water. While many fans saw the beauty in the images, there were many who claimed that Kylie was going “blackface” and some were rather upset by the original photo’s caption which read, “What I wished I looked like all the time.” Kylie, not meaning to offend, took immediate action and re-captioned the photo to read, “this is black light and neon lights people let’s all calm down.” Was Kylie looking to offend with these photos? Of course not, but not everyone has the same taste; so if image is a big deal, then it is wise to watch what you post!

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