Kristin Stewart Seen Using Crutches at the Academy Awards

Twilight actress Kristin Stewart was seen at the Oscar’s on Sunday night accompanied by a pair of crutches. This spoilt her whole get up and made her quite a sorry sight at the event.

Indeed, Stewart would have been better off not coming to the event in the first place. Kristin Stewart is one of the most popular actresses in the world because of her role as Bella in the Twilight Series, a movie adaptation of the book written by the bestselling author Stephanie Meyer. The stories and consequently the movies are based on love stories that surround vampires, werewolves and humans.

Kristin Stewart did a fabulous job portraying the role of Bella and looked very good opposite her co-star in the movie Robert Pattinson. Robert, plays the role of the protagonist, whose name is Edward Cullen. He is in love with Bella. Edward is a vampire while Bella is a human. Their love story is quite a controversial one, and the fact that Pattinson and Stewart were dating in real life spiced things up even more. In fact, their real life relationship had a lot to do with Twilight being a hit all over the world, among teens and adults alike. Kristin Stewart and Pattinson however faced a nasty break up recently over Stewart’s infidelity which has spoilt things considerably for the Twilight saga at the Oscars.

However, the split was not as unfortunate as the sight of Stewart with crutches at the event, limping along with a feeble look on her face, while the others had such radiance on their expressions. Apparently, what caused Stewart to come to the Oscars with crutches is that, she cut her feet over glass very recently. According to Beau Nelson who is her makeup artist, Kristin Stewart landed her feet on broken glass and caused a severe injury to her feet. She was declared by the doctors unfit to be moving around from one place to another. But the brave heart was still insistent on doing so.

There was nothing that could have kept Kristin Stewart away from the Academy Awards, even the disastrous performance of the Twilight Movie Breaking Dawn 2 at the box office. She was determined to be present at the Oscars and she was.

What was evident is of course the fact that the actress was under a lot of pain while walking around. Flat shoes could have done the trick. Crutches were not really necessary. However, it was difficult to come across a pair of flats suitable for her. Crutches were the next best option for Stewart, and so, she did not hesitate to use them.

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