Kate Middletons $257 Dress Caused Online Frenzy

Being the preferred fashion designer of a royal family member comes with many perks.

Kate Middleton gave Irish designer Orla Kiely a boost in sales for over $15 million when she sported her “Birdie” dress worth $257 earlier this year.

The Duchess of Cambridge sported the woolen, dove-patterned winter dress when she visited The Art Room charity at the Rose Hill Primary School in Oxford, England. The dress sold out from its online site after a couple of minutes the princess was seen wearing it.

Kate has also shopped a Kiely’s dress for $263 which caused frenzy in stores. Her grey dress with a pleated skirt and black embroidery also did the same effect on the sales. Her sister Pippa was also photographed donning Kiely creations during the Wimbledon tennis championships.

Kiely has opened a flagship store in New York and Taiwan. However, its sales for the last 12 months suffered a fall in sales by 57 % from $686,495 to $289,187.

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