Justin Timberlake SNL

Justin Timberlake  has definitely made a mark as a host of "Saturday Night Live". His past skits are some of the most famous to ever happen on the set. Justin has truly shown his versatility when it comes to his talens, showcasing that he does in fact have what it takes to be a comedian. Not only does he have what it takes but it is one of the funniest hosts to have ever had the honor of hosting SNL. In recent events Justin hosted SNL fo rthe 5th time. A stint as a host, rallying a backing team blasting the late-night symbols and JT's "Suit & Tie" pal Jay-Z. JT was introduced the Five-Timers Club by a parade of comic drama legends with whom he shares the respect, incorporating Alec Baldwin, Tom Hanks and Chevy Chase.


 In one portray, he dressed as a block of tofu to advertise "Veganville" restaurant, shouting "healthy eating" with enthusiastic remakes of the disco classic "Le Freak," Ice Baby" and "Dancing With Myself" ("Thinking About My Health") and a tribute to quinoa, "We Found Love (In a Meatless Place)." The drama finished with a super wacky Harlem Shake freak-out.

JT has won several Creative Arts Emmy Awards for his SNL skits. In 2011, he took home the prize for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for his speech as well as Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, surely Justin Timberlake SNL single ladies, is a big hit. Preceding that, in 2009, he took home the Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series, and in 2007, for Outstanding Original Music and Lyrics for "Di--in a Box."

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