Justin Bieber Stops Fighting With Patrick Carney, Posts Cute Family Pictures over Twitter Instead

All you need is a bit of love to turn things around. Justin Bieber, the pop sensation, took a break from his musical tours and Twitter recently, to spend some time with his family at the beach side. He has recently posted some really adorable pictures of himself along with his younger sister and brother on the Twitter website. He wants to share them with his fans. Justin is seen dangling his siblings upside down from his arms while they are seen making poses for the camera.

One endearing photo sees Justin Bieber plant a kiss over his brother Jaxon’s forehead. He acts like a big brother putting the younger one to sleep. There were also photographs posted by this eighteen year old pop sensation of himself with his grandparents, and parents too. They were all having a blast beside the sea. What an amazing family gathering it must have been.

In the early part of the week, the singer appears to have entered into some kind of a tussle with the drummer of the Black Keys band, Patrick Carney. It was nasty and hot all over the Internet, as Patrick Carney made some unpleasant comments about Justin Bieber. Patrick had even mocked him in an interview for TMZ. When Patrick Carney was asked about his views on the absence of Bieber from the Grammy’s, he had stated that the Grammy Awards were meant for those who engage in music only, and not just about money. He went on to add that since Bieber is earning plenty of money, he should be content only with that. Bieber is somebody who wouldn’t let that pass. And he certainly didn’t.

Bieber got to hear this, and shot back almost immediately. He posted some nasty comments about Patrick Carney on his Twitter page. The Black Keys drummer ought to be slapped for making such comments – he said in an interview to TMZ.

The young singer, who has an entire army of fans, even provoked them into slapping Patrisk on all social networking websites online. The fans of Justin Bieber, who hold him in really high regard, and who have done so for a long time, were outraged. They were stunned with the flippant comment of this 32 year old drummer about Justin Bieber. It took a turn for the worse when the drummer jokingly stated that the page of his Twitter Alias was just a fake Bieber profile.

Bieber’s fans hit back. They flooded the Twitter page of Patrick Carney with hate comments and messages, most of which he has himself retreated. According to one user, Carney looked very immature and stupid by doing what he had done. One person even commented that Patrick was 50 years of age, and was actually faking his age.

But now it seems that Bieber is already looking ahead from this confrontation. He is on to better things with the quality time spent with family.

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