Joan Rivers Responds to Botox Comment Made by Gwyneth Paltrow

Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow recently commented that with Botox, she would end up looking like Joan Rivers. It was expected that Joan Rivers would take this statement in good humor. Joan is not ashamed that she does indeed take Botox. She is quite open about her life and the things she does. She admits that she cannot look naturally beautiful anymore because of her age, and that it is Botox that is making her look so appealing.

We love Joan’s attitude, and are a tad bit disappointed with Gwyneth for making such a nasty statement. This was not really expected as Joan is such a nice person. Gwyneth says that she would look as scary as Joan Rivers if she puts Botox on her face. Joan came up with a very good reply to all this. She said that Gwyneth has no idea what Joan looks like without Botox. Rivers also added that it can be frightening without the Botox.

In an interview with People Magazine, Joan jokingly said that Gwyneth should look at her when she is without her Botox. She would be scared out of her wits. Joan Rivers has an amazing sense of humor that is evident by the way she talks. The former actress can take a lot in her stride, and criticism about her personal appearance definitely seems to be one of them. She has no qualms about what people have to say about her physical appearance, and can take or leave the criticisms which come her way.

Joan Rivers is disappointed that Gwyneth does not live in New York any more. She says that had Gwyneth lived in New York, she would have told her to go straight to hell. Gwyneth is now a resident of London, and so she advises her to make her way to Halifax. Joan Rivers faked a British accent while making this statement. This made it look even funnier. It now remains to be seen how Gwyneth reacts to the statements made by Joan Rivers, and whether it makes her hostile.

Gwyneth Paltrow is one of the most diplomatic and well-behaved stars in Hollywood. Rarely do we see her doing something inappropriate. Perhaps the fact that her acting career is on the decline is making her do these things. It is likely bringing out the nastiness in her.

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