Jennifer Lopez Plastic Surgery

With a net worth of $250 million dollars, Jennifer Lopez has all the right in the world  to do what she wants to with her wealth, including modifying some parts of her body.

Looking youthfully young at 43, many have speculated that the multitalented performer has had plastic surgery. Unlike other celebrities who have admitted to the accusations, Lopez has been persistant with the fact that she has not undergone cosmetic surgery.

She has stated that the thought of getting plastic surgery has not even crossed her mind. Although why would it since people often swoon over her natural, delicate image. She looks the same now as when she first started out in Hollywood.

Several plastic surgeons shared their opinions that Lopez might have undergone several plastic surgeries such as lip enhancement, nose surgery, cheek implants, breast implants, and botox injections. She stands by her response, looking youthful doesn’t always results in having plastic surgery. Remember what impressive makeup, wonder bras, clothing enhancements, healthy genes, and healthy lifestyles can do.


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