Jennifer Aniston’s Wedding Revealed!

Jennifer Aniston is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood today. She is also the former partner of Brad Pitt. However, this was one marriage that turned to shambles after five years of glory. It is quite sad, the way in which things turned out.

Aniston turned forty four recently. She couldn’t have asked for a better birthday present. Her boyfriend Justin Theroux proposed to her on her special day, making her feel even more special and cherished, something which has been denied quite a bit in the recent past. The proposal was carried out in the most romantic way.

Jennifer is believed to have been completely overwhelmed by it. According to reports, she is making preparations for the wedding already. She has already chosen the wedding ring from the jeweler and has also decided the venue of the wedding. The wedding dress has been selected as well. That’s a lot of work done in a short time. But Jennifer has managed to do it and that too quite successfully! The only question which remains now for her fans and admirers to ask her is when the big day is going to be. According to Theroux, as told to People Magazine, the marriage will be soon after 8th of March, once Aniston finishes shooting for her untitled film. In the mean time, Jennifer is happy to keep herself occupied with the filming of the new movie.

The two look very happy together. They have been spending as much time in each others company as they possibly can. OK Magazine found the couple celebrating a special get- together in the Mexican city of Los Cabos a few weeks before Christmas. Previously, they were seen holding a private party to which close friends like Ellen Degeneres and Demi Moore were invited.

The couple seems eager to celebrate and share their new found happiness. They have been making every attempt to do so. Fans look forward to their public appearances as you seldom come across a celebrity couple that looks genuinely in love. The buzz is on that the most happening people are going to be invited to the event. One wonders whether Brad and Angelina will be invited to the wedding. It’s highly unlikely though.

Theroux and Aniston have decided on a very low key wedding to celebrate their union. In fact, it is certainly not going to match up to Jen’s previous wedding to Brad Pitt where there were fifty thousand flowers for decorations, an entire menu which comprised of lobsters and caviar's and a fireworks display that went on for twelve minutes at a stretch. No, this is going to be a much simpler wedding. Close friends and family are likely to top the wedding list.

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