Imagine Dragons New Music Video "Demons"

Imagine Dragons have come so far from the days of playing small clubs in my hometown of Provo, Utah. When I would see these guys rock out at our local indie rock club, "Velour", I would talk to the owner of the club after their show was over. We would talk about how someday they would get signed and do great things. The owner, Corey Fox, knew they were bound to be one of the biggest bands in America, and possibly the world. It has been amazing to see how far Imagine Dragons have come from playing to no more than 100 people to playing sold out arena shows and topping the iTunes and Billboard Charts.

Imagine Dragons captivates their fans with their intense lyrics and hard driving beats. When fans listen to their songs, they are captivated by their powerful messages. In the song Demons, Imagine Dragons plays against the fact that everyone has issues that they need to face, and they like to keep them hidden deep inside.

The Music video starts off with the band getting ready to play a huge area show and the crowds cheering. It then pans to the fans in the crowd, singling out one girl at first. It shows her in a scene where she is at her mothers funeral, then it shows her back in the crowd, rocking out to her favorite music. Next it shows a guy, then shows him in his room, looking into the mirror, having major body image issues.

This music video is so powerful because it shows us that everyone has issues, problems, and "demons". We can all find some solace in our favorite music though. We are all going to be ok, and music can always make us feel like our journey is much brighter!

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