Holly Madison’s Weird Birth Plans

If any celebrity could get weirder it is definitely Holly Madison. The pregnant actress is now set to do something really shocking after she gives birth to her child.

Hold your breath. She is actually going to transform her placenta into pills which she is going to consume later on!! Does this sound gross or what? It’s absolutely yuck and is something that Holly is insisting upon doing for her own good health after she gives birth to a hopefully healthy child. There is no celebrity who has announced a birth plan as shocking as this one. Holly’s reason for this birth plan is that, she feels placenta pills can help her recover successfully after the birth. She has heard that mothers are able to recover post delivery a lot better if they take the placenta pills.

Consuming placenta pills of course sounds way better than consuming the placenta omelets. This would have been even grosser. Holly does not seem taken aback by this plan of hers and made it known to OK magazine with quite a serene expression on her face. It seems that she is taking the health benefits associated with the consumption of placenta pills way too seriously. Holly Madison is almost nine months pregnant and is set to give birth very soon. We eagerly await the birth of her child to see whether the infant takes after the mother or not. Holly is one of the wackiest celebrities you will ever find. She is daring and she is smart, and she is certainly not scared to be who she is. She thinks out of the box and this really makes her stand out from the crowd.

Apparently, Holly Madison is not the only celebrity who is looking to get her placenta transformed into pills any time soon. January Jones is also planning on doing the same thing and has apparently signed a form to get the process in motion. One wonders what January Jones’s reasons are in getting this done. Placenta pills are a recent invention. It seems completely disgusting. There is seriously no logic in getting placenta converted to pills and to consume them later. It sounds even more outlandish when you consider that this is being done for good health.

Holly says that her reasons for supporting the conversion of placenta to pills, and why she is doing this with her own placenta is because of the positive results that she has read. She heard that a girl who did this was able to get through the post delivery stage a lot better than usual. After giving birth, the phase of rest is quite time consuming. Celebs in particular might find themselves out of work for days when they enter this stage. But not anymore, thanks to the placenta pills which are increasingly being advocated by celebrities like Holly Madison and January Jones. Celebs no longer have post delivery issues to worry about. Placenta pills can take care of everything.

One wonders of course what Holly Madison’s partner has to say about this obsession of hers to get her placenta converted to pills. The actress has shown how serious she is by going about the formal procedure just like January Jones, and getting things into motion with the paperwork.

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