George Clooney Earns $40 Million from Nespresso Deal

George Clooney is reported to have earned an estimated $40 million as Nespresso’s brand ambassador.

The 52-year-old actor has been the face of Nepresso, a capsule coffee company of Nestle, for seven years.

Clooney signed with the Swiss company in 2006. "I'm very comfortable with commercials. I've done them most of my life," He added, "Most of the money I make on the [Nespresso] commercials I spend keeping a satellite over the border of North and South Sudan to keep an eye on Omar al-Bashir [the Sudanese dictator charged with war crimes at The Hague].”

Clooney was reported to have shelled out millions for a Sudan project designed towards the monitoring of human rights abuses in the country.

Nespresso is also planning to develop coffee plantations in Yei, South Sudan in the Imatong Mountains, Eastern Equatoria State, and along the Boma plateau in the west.

“I am excited for the opportunity to bring together my role as an ambassador for Nespresso and an advocate for a better future for the people of South Sudan,” he said. However, Nespresso will not yet begin selling South Sudan coffee until 2015.

Recently, Nespresso announced they are extending into Africa and will double the amount of coffee sourced from Ethiopia and Kenya to 10,000 tons by 2020.

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