From Rags to Riches

11 Celebrities Who Made it From Rock Bottom to Top:

We are all familiar with the Cinderella story where a maiden who was ill treated by her stepmom endured every suffering that came her way until she finally became a princess. This kind of story does not only happen in fairytales. Many successful people have their own story of pain and difficulties. The people who were able to endure life’s challenges are the ones who were able to reach the top.

In this article, we are going to look at the lives of several people who started from nothing but ended up with everything. Learning from the experiences of these people may lead you to the place you want to go. Here is a list of celebrities who made it from rags to riches.

10 Oprah Winfrey

This famous personality is a product of unwanted pregnancy. Her mother, who was just a teenager when she gave birth, is naturally not yet ready for great responsibilities. During her early childhood, she lived with her grandmother who would use potato sacks to make dresses for her granddaughter. From Mississippi, Oprah and her mom has to move to another town when she was 9. Her hellish experience started when she experienced sexual abuse from her own relatives. Scared, she ran away at the age of 13. The worst thing happened when she got pregnant at age 14 and her baby died later.

All the nightmares ended when she decided to live in Tennessee with a family friend. She focused on her education. She did well in school. Later, she began her media career where she was discovered and brought to the bigger stage.

9 Jim Carey

As a comedian, it is hard to determine that Jim has gone through so much during his childhood. He experienced to live in a farmhouse free from any payment with his family when his father lost his job. During those times, they worked as janitors and security personnel in the nearby factory to earn money. When he was 16, his mother became ill. He decided to stop working and took care of her.

Jim Carey is a natural comedian. When his mother became ill, he worked in comedy bars to earn money. His big break arrives when he decided to live in Los Angeles when he turned 17. Rodney Dangerfield discovered him. He became famous with his Ace Ventura: Pet Detective movie.

8 J. K. Rowling

Rowling has been a single mom living on welfare before she got her big break. As a kid, writing is her hobby. She has written short stories during her younger years. Writing Harry Potter is an idea she thought while waiting for a train. After coming up with the idea, she went home and started writing. But it is not that easy. After the death of her mother and her divorce, she experienced too much depression. Soon after that, she found herself wanting to commit suicide because of emotional burden. But her Novel kept her away from the negative thoughts. She continued writing Harry Potter and is extremely thankful she did.

7 Tom Cruise

Living without a father, Tom Cruise experienced hardship during his childhood. His mother is a Special Education teacher. In order to make enough money for the family, she would get four jobs at a time. During Tom’s high school years, he joined the theater department. He was not able to finish his senior year because he decided to continue his acting career.

6 Hillary Swank

The star of Million Dollar Baby has been raised in a trailer park in Washington. She was a high school drop out. When her father left, she moved with her mother in Los Angeles where they have to sleep in the car until they finally earned money for an apartment. She went on with her acting career. She was able to help her mom with the household needs with her small acting jobs. Everything changed when she was given a break and finally got into a higher level of acting career.

5 Shania Twain

Shania, a well-known singer, came from a poor family. She recalls the winter season when her parents cannot even afford to pay their heating bills. They have no other choice but use layers of clothes in order to feel warm. When her parents died in a car accident, she was forced to take care of her siblings. She started singing in Canadian resorts until she was given her big break.

4 Madonna

After her high school graduation in Michigan, she decided to go to New York with just USD 35 on her pocket. Madonna is brave enough to conquer an unfamiliar world. She struggled but did not surrender. She worked as a crew at Dunkin Donuts and later became a backup dancer. After years of hard work and perseverance, she became one of the most famous people in the world.

3 Demi Moore

Raised by her alcoholic mother and stepfather, Demi is one of the celebrities who experienced living in a trailer. They have to move from place to place because of her mother and stepdad who knows nothing but drinking and arguing. She dropped from High School and started her career step by step. After years of hard work, she finally got her break and continued until she earned her USD 12.5 million.

2 Sarah Jessica Parker

Sarah grew up with her poor parents and seven siblings. Her parents don’t make enough money for the family. In school, they have to get welfare lunch together with other poor children. She grew tired of living in poverty. She was able to achieve financial freedom after couple of years of acting.

1 Celine Dion

Celine Dion lived with her happy but poor family in Canada. She shares a bed with the rest of her siblings. The whole family lives under a weekly income of USD 165. Her career started when Rene Angelil who became her husband discovered her.

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