Former Mentor Accused of Being a Liar by Kelly Clarkson

There are very few American singers who have witnessed the kind of fame that Kelly Clarkson. Kelly recently shocked her fans and admirers when she lashed out at her former mentor, calling her a liar.

Yes she is talking about none other than legendary music producer Clive Davis. The autobiography produced by Clive Davis is out in the market and is being bought by avid fans of the music producer from all over the world. In the view of Kelly Clarkson, it is more fiction than fiction. Kelly Clarkson stated in an interview recently that this memoir brought out by Clive Davis contains a lot of misinformation about Kelly and her career which she is very upset about. Kelly also adds that she intends to clear up as she does not want her fans to get the wrong idea about her. She expressed her extreme disappointment at Clive Davis saying that a lot of trash had been spoken about her in his high profile memoir. She also spoke about how great it was to finally grow up and not have to cow down to anybody, including a man like Clive Davis.

Entertainment Weekly says that Clive Davis is the main man behind Kelly Clarkson’s stardom. Kelly Clarkson first rose to fame over her performance in the well-known American reality show “American Idol”. There was no looking back for her after this. In the memoir that Clive Davis is bringing out, there is mention that the singer broke into hysterical tears and sobs when he insisted on the single, “Since You Been Gone” to be featured on the album Breakaway, which came out in 2004. It is actually one of the finest brought out till date by Clarkson.

Clarkson of course has vehemently denied these rumors saying that this is not true at all and that, there is absolute not an iota of genuineness in this statement. She says she did break down. She actually made him listen to a song that she penned down by herself. She was upset because he hated the song and accused her of being a terrible writer, adding that she ought to be grateful for the various privileges that he grants her and the gifts which he does always bestow upon her.

For Kelly Clarkson, this was a huge shock as she had felt honored to work with Clive Davis and had considered him to be a music hero. Her song was something she had kept fighting for and eventually it was released. It ultimately went on to become a hit worldwide. Clarkson says that Clive Davis’ memoir does not contain any information about this song and his rejection of it. She says that his songs and his stories are all mixed-up and the dispute which she had with him had been over guitar playing and guitar intervals in certain songs.

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