Five Things You Never Knew About Hollywood Heartthrob Ben Affleck and His New Film Argo

Ben Affleck is one of the few people in Hollywood who girls all over the world are crazy about unanimously! Yes indeed, this is a man who has lady fans in all corners of the globe and that too fans from different age groups. His recent movie Argo is about the hostage crisis which took place in Iran in 1979. The movie traces the lives of the six American people who managed to escape the US embassy which had been besieged in Tehran, that year. There are some really interesting facts which fans of Affleck ought to know about, regarding his role in this film.

Firstly, the scruffy beard and the long hair which Affleck grew to fit into the role in his movie, that is, the role of a CIA agent is not something that he was really into. Speaking to The Telegraph, Affleck stated that he had felt like one of the members of the Rock Band Bee Gees with the long beard. When he cut the beard off after the filming of the movie, Affleck almost felt as if the sun had come out again.

Ben Affleck was supposedly so engaged and preoccupied during the shooting of his movie, Argo that he often lost touch with reality. From time to time his children Samuel, Seraphina and Violet would have to do things to make him come back to earth again. Often he would engage in feeding in kids or bathing them but would not do this with the right attention. The kids would then end up telling him to pay attention to his work and he would find his head spinning quite a good deal.

While the movie Argo is essentially based in Iran, the actual shooting of the movie did not take place in Iran. The shooting took place in Turkey and in the state of California. A large mansion in the area of Hancock in LA was used as the manor in which the six fugitives were residing. The Turkish capital city of Istanbul served as a good substitute for the bustling streets of Tehran. It was apt for shooting the movie, and making things look as realistic as possible for the best effect.

Mendez who is the actual CIA agent, portrayed by Affleck in the movie Argo, says that, the name of the movie actually came from a punch line that he uses very often. He said that it was necessary to use an eastern name for the movie, to make it sound more exotic. Also, the last scene in the movie which is supposed to have kept the movie audience very tense till the end was not really in real life as action packed as it was deemed to be. According to Mendez, the real situation had been much less free of tension.

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