Fan Spends $13 700 on Twilight Tattoos

England resident Cathy Ward has spent about $13, 700 on tattoos that feature Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and many other figures from the Twilight film series on her body. She has spent about 91 hours under the tattoo needle and expects to spend about $40, 000 in total on tattoos before she is done. These tattoos include elaborate designs of the many figures in the Twilight series and can particularly be noticed on her back and arms.

While this is nowhere near as expensive as the $924, 000 tattoo that one South African woman got in 2009 that features several half-carat diamonds in her skin, this is still a highly elaborate setup that will cost a small fortune for Ward. Fortunately, they have helped her to focus on her long-term weight loss goal as she has lost more than seventy pounds since getting her first part of the tattoo a few years ago.

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