Dance Mom’s Kelly Hyland and Christi Lukasiak Apparently Destroyed by Fame

Fans of the reality television show “The Real Housewives of Pittsburgh” were in for a huge shock recently when Kelly Hyland and Christi Lukasiak who are two of the most favorite characters on this show, broke out into a terrible fight. In fact, their fight is something that has disturbed fans to the extent of not making them want to watch this show again in the near future.

The verbal fight between the two dance moms became extremely ugly with the two of them using the “F” word against each other live on national television. Indeed it was not only a bad example for them to set for the youth of America, but also something which put their fans off probably for good. Kelly and Christi are two very attractive lovely women whose entertaining behavior on the show makes fans all over the country hook into it whenever it is aired on television. This public fight of theirs has really spoiled the TRP of the show with little chance of viewers watching it again as frequently as they normally would.

There are of course a number of reasons as to why the fight broke out. Both Christi and Kelly have their versions to tell the media regarding the fight that transpired. While these versions are certainly believable, but they do little to change the bad feeling they have left for the hundreds of American viewers.

According to Christi, the fact that Kelly had failed to call her up a few minutes after the last show was aired on television last week is what led to the fight breaking out between the two of them. Christi says that she has been one of the biggest fans of Kelly’s dance moves and that the Hyland family dance team was one that she had been supporting for a long time. Christi also said that she would sit outside in the parking lot always only because of Kelly because she liked how the two of them could spend time there. Yes it was Kelly not calling Christi up that led to this disastrous incident on television that viewers of the show will remember for years to come. The use of the “F” word was something that was particularly uncalled for, and was what made the whole fight seem so ugly to the audience that viewed it.

Kelly however told the media that she did call Christi up and cannot gauge the reason behind Christi’s behavior. It is evident of course that one of these two housewives is lying, but it is hard to tell who. Both had such popular personalities before the camera and were successful in drawing a large number of fans over to them in a short span of time but this is now all gone. Yes Kelly and Christi have damaged their chances of gaining anywhere in terms of popularity on this reality show again in the near future.

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