Celebrity Engagement Rings

When celebrities get engaged, the whole world pauses and takes notice. People will ask how long the two have been going out together, when is the big date, where it will be held, who will do the wedding gown, what fellow celebrities will get invited, and of course, how much is the engagement ring. Sometimes, the engagement ring is even more expensive than the actual wedding itself.

So here is a list of the top ten most expensive celebrity engagement rings ever given and used for a marriage proposal.  Take note that we are talking about engagement rings here, meaning it may or may not lead to an actual wedding. Most on the list eventually got married, but some did not while others eventually got divorced. And a couple of girls in the list got an engagement ring from the same guy!

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10 Beyonce Knowles - $5 million

She demanded that if her boyfriend likes her, he better put a ring on it. And did Jay-Z ever! The former Destiny’s Child singer got a flawless Lorraine Schwartz diamond ring set in platinum.  The 18-carat rock has an emerald cut, proving Beyonce’s point that girls do rule the world. It may have set back Jay-Z by $5 million, but with the highly sought after singer now in his arms, I dare say that it was worth every single penny. And Beyonce could not have been more proud. She was flaunting it in an event at the Radio City Music Hall five months after they got married.

9 Jacqueline Kennedy-Onassis - $2.6 million

The woman has been through a lot. She was the beloved First Lady in John F. Kennedy’s Camelot presidency, only for it to suffer an abrupt end when her husband was struck by an assassin’s bullet in 1963. Five years later, the younger brother passed away after suffering a similar fate during his run for the presidential nomination. Aristotle Onassis offered her comfort, a shoulder to cry on, $3 million for the money that Jacqueline Kennedy would forfeit to the Kennedy Trust Fund upon remarriage, $26 million, plus $150,000 a year, in the event that he passes away first.  A 40.42 marquise diamond engagement ring by Harry Winston served as a sweetener. The ring fetched for $2.6 million in an auction in 1996.

8 Jennifer Lopez - $2.5 million

You have to hand it to Ben Affleck. He publicly expressed his huge admiration for Jennifer Lopez despite the fact that she was already married to Cris Judd.  And it worked, as it did not take long before J-Lo ditched Judd to start dating Affleck. They became known as Bennifer, and their every move was watched by a prying entertainment media and a curious public.  A 6.1-carat Harry Winston pink diamond engagement ring would certainly call attention as well. She may insists that she is still the same old Jenny from the block, but it is highly doubtful that such an expensive rock could be found just lying around in her old neighborhood in the Bronx.

Oh, their wedding did not push through.

7 Elizabeth Taylor - $2.5 million

No, the $2.5 million is not the total of all the engagement rings given to Taylor in her eight marriages. And no, neither is it the sum for two engagement rings paid for by Richard Burton who had married Taylor twice. The amount reflects the 33.19-carat diamond ring given by Burton to Taylor during their first marriage. The ring was so expensive that she had to marry him twice.  Cleopatra never had it so good!

6 Mariah Carey - $2.5 million

Mariah Carey cried out for a dream lover to come rescue and share forever with her. And Nick Cannon answered this plea, marrying Carey while dishing out $2.5 million for a pink diamond ring weighing 17 carats. A lot of girls would treat Carey as their American Idol for shagging that ring.

5 Catherine Zeta Jones - $2 million

Catherine Zeta Jones married a guy 25 years her senior. But anyone would look much younger if he were to give you a marquise diamond engagement ring weighing 10 carats and costing a couple of million dollars. That ring is much more romantic than having her clothes sliced off by the sword of Zorro.

4 Kim Kardashian - $2 million

She was staying in a home in Beverly Hills worth $4 million. And Kris Humphries bought her a Lorraine Schwartz engagement ring weighing 20.5 carats for half that amount. The emerald center of the ring alone weighs 16.5 carats. The amount is equivalent to 25% of Humphries’ annual salary as a professional basketball player. More importantly, the amount means that for the engagement ring alone, Humphries spent more than $27,000 for each day that they were married. The two divorced after a lifetime of marriage equivalent to 72 days.

3 Hillary Duff - $1 million

As a center for ice hockey’s Edmonton Oilers, Mike Comrie knew how to both give and receive a hit. And hit off with Hillary Duff, he did with a 14-carat diamond ring.  He has since retired after suffering a hip injury, but the two are still married. Duff certainly went through a Cinderella story after Comrie literally made her ring finger feel like a million dollars.

2 Khloe Kardashian - $850,000

Khloe felt she had to keep up with the other Kardashian, as she follows her sister Kim who was listed earlier in the list. She probably got the more popular and successful professional basketball player in Lamar Odom, who has several championship rings to his name. But you cannot blame Khloe if she feels like the lesser Kardashian. Her 12.5-carat radiant-cut engagement ring is only half the size of that of her sister, and cost less than half.

1 Jennifer Garner - $500,000

After splurging $2.5 million for J-Lo, Affleck notched it down a bit and got another Jennifer a cushion cut, Harry Winston ring for only $500,000.  Bennifer part two has proven to be more successful, as the two eventually got married. For Affleck, less proved to be more.

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