Best All Star NBA Hollywood Game Ever

The American city of Houston rocked recently owing to one of the finest all-star NBA game that was held here. This was the Hollywood all star game, which takes place once every year and like every year, this year too, the event drew crowds the way it always does. The all-star event in Houston this year saw celebrities like Alicia Keys and Kesha gracing the occasion with their presence. Fans of these musical stars were in for the perfect treat when they arrived at the venue for the basketball event on the evening of twentieth of February.

This was an instant scurry among the fans to go and get autographs and yes the stars were obliging to almost each and every one of them. The glamorous feel to the all-star NBA event in Houston this year was accentuated by the marvelous outfits donned by all the stars and the amazing way in which they carried these off before the camera and their fans. Apart from Keys and Kesha, music fans also got to see the R&B diva Beyonce Knowles along with her partner JAY Z at the event. Both of them were all smiles for the camera. They dazzled at the venue in their outfits and with their personalities. Indeed Jay Z and Beyonce Knowles are one of the finest couples in the history of music and will continue to remain so if they keep looking and performing the way that they do.

Ne Yo is another superstar that fans got to see at the NBA all-star event in Houston this year. Ne Yo belted out some fascinating numbers for his fans and simply sizzled on the stage with his body language as well as the exotic outfit that he was wearing. Songs like “Let Go” and “Let Me Love You” were an instant hit with the audience, making this particular event definitely one that was worth remembering.

Alicia Keys performed some popular tracks from her well known album “Girl on Fire”, for which has won several awards, and an album that has become a huge hit worldwide. Fans of the singer swayed to and fro to the songs that she sang here. Her powerful voice captured the minds and the hearts of the audience and moved them. Kesha was also one of the stars at the event who made the audience groove to her tunes.

The American idol star Phillips who has always performed for his fans till now was also a huge success. Yes, his musical style and the manner in which he danced goes to show why this dude secured such a huge presence on the American Idol show, and the reason behind the Americans voting for him always.

Beyonce did not actually perform. But she was definitely the most glamour factor at the event. She looked quite the picture of perfection along with her partner as they both spent some quality time with each other.

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