“American Idol” Top Stars Shine with Certain Motown Classics

The last few contestants on “American Idol” are proving to be outstanding singers. In fact, they have been performing much better than before. All of them were asked to reproduce some Motown record classics on the stage. They did it with style.

Candice Glover was the first to go on stage. She admits that she was terribly nervous before going up. However, she grits her teeth and rendered a fine performance, leaving the judges of the show absolutely spellbound. Randy Jackson in particular liked her performance. He says that it was the finest she has performed on the show. It was a huge boost for Candice, she is one of the hot favorites to win the title.

Lazaro Arbos was also a hit on stage. Lazaro chose to sing a Stevie Wonder song, “For Once in My Life”. While the feedback from the judges was not entirely positive, but the audience still loved it. Lazaro can hold it to get through the competition. Keith Urban says that the song was much better than what Lazaro had performed before. This feedback should keep Lazaro motivated through the rest of the competition.

“You Keep Me Hanging On” by Janelle Arthur was a huge hit with the American Idol judges on Motown Classic Night. Interestingly, Janelle had performed a slow improvisation of this song when she was only fourteen years of age. According to the Idol judge Mariah Carey, the rendition of this song was a reflection of Janelle’s talents. Janelle was over the top when she heard this, and was on the verge of an emotional breakdown. Randy Jackson had great things to say about Janelle as well. Randy said that she was one of the best talents in the competition.

“Tracks of My Tears”, a Motown Classic by Smokey Robinson, was performed quite beautifully by Devin Velez from Chicago. In fact, Smokey himself, who was the mentor for the Motown week of American Idol, said that it was a fabulous rendition. According to Mariah Carey, the way Devin sang it was flawless. She hoped that the American audience understands the beauty of the song, and appreciates Devin’s performance.

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