Top 10 Movies with Awesome Ideas but Terrible Execution

Have you ever seen a movie trailer that you thought looked cool and it convinced you to see the movie? Of course you have. We all have. Sometimes that movie isn’t as good as you thought it might be, right? Sometimes a movie studio knows that the movie they want to push isn't that great, so they try to sell a great trailer to make the movie seem presentable. You have all seen a movie where you thought the idea or the situation sounded cool but the movie was just bad.

Movies like that are such a waste. Someone can't use that great idea without being called a copycat or unoriginal. So that idea lies in waste with that terrible movie as the only representation of it. Just imagine if Jurassic Park had been terribly made, then a movie with humans reanimating dinosaurs would exist but would not be remembered positively.

The movies on this list, however, are completely the opposite of Jurassic Park in the fact that they were not well made. Some have story holes, some have terrible acting and some were terribly written. When it really comes down to it, the movies on this list take a good movie idea that people want to see and turn it into something that leaves you wanting more, or perhaps wanting to see way less.

There are Spoilers below for the movies mentioned, so be warned!

10 Looper

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Looper really isn't a terrible movie. The idea behind it is really cool. Time travel is invented - then banned - and the mob uses it as a way to kill people. It is a cool story and the acting is actually pretty good. Bruce Willis and Joseph Gordon-Levitt are very good actors. They are complimented by Jeff Daniels and Emily Blunt who aren't slouches themselves in the acting department.

The real problems in this movie come when they attempt to explain the time travel and how the two characters, who are really the same person, can exist together and how the one who is out of his own time can remember things that the other is about to do. They make a good run at explaining it in a scene near the beginning but the explanation is something that only makes sense in the moment. When you begin to ask yourself questions about it, you realize you have no answers.

They also fail to really mention the whole telekinesis aspect of the movie as well. While watching it you never forget that it is there, but for as important as it is in the story, it seems to just be mentioned early on and never really addressed again.

9 Oz the Great and Powerful

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Let us take a look at the man behind the curtain shall we? Sure, in theory the idea is great. Dorothy got there all those years ago and peeked behind it, but shouldn’t we see how he got there? As far as prequels go, it really isn't a terrible one. It resonates with every age group because of the old generation of people who saw the original Wizard of Oz and the younger generation who want to see a visually beautiful movie and have undoubtedly heard about the Wizard of Oz. Toss in James Franco to grab the few teenage girls who may not have been interested and Mila Kunis for the adult males and you seemingly have everything for a movie to make money.

The one thing this movie does lack is a great storyline. The idea is good but the story is just odd. A simple magician is somehow chosen to be the saviour of a city that is in some sort of parallel universe? How does the city know about this magician? How was he chosen? If anything they should make a prequel of this prequel. Maybe that would be interesting.

8 Death Race

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The idea behind the movie Death Race is pretty interesting. The idea is there's a competition for them to win their way out of their prison sentence. Let’s all admit, that if there was something remotely close to the days of ancient Rome and the gladiators, we would all tune in. The movie stars Jason Statham, so no one was expecting award winning acting. The story itself is very basic and the action is okay, but nothing over the top. The gore factor is a little high for those who like that sort of thing but the lame story of a guy who used to race cars becomes the best racer in the prison is just so boring that this movie took an interesting idea and turned it into nothing.

7 Law Abiding Citizen

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Firstly, Gerard Butler is really cool in this movie. Jamie Foxx is a very good actor too and again, like all the movies on the list, the idea is pretty brilliant. A man’s family is murdered and he wants vengeance on a judicial system that let his family's killers walk on a technicality. How he does it is cool. He gets himself arrested and has a foolproof alibi, while all the people involved in his family’s untimely death are being murdered. They toy with the idea that he is a brilliant military mind and a diehard killer, but still, how is he doing it while locked up?

Turns out it is one of the lamest twists in movie history. He tunneled his way into the prison previously and was sneaking out every night to commit his crimes. As boring as that is, however, there is something worse in this movie. Jamie Foxx plays the lawyer who got the murderers off and is basically a target of Butler. He visits him in prison and does all that fancy lawyer stuff, but why is Jamie Foxx's character running around with the police to solve the mysteries, while all the while knowing he is the target. He is not a cop, which makes the movie seem all the more foolish. Last we checked, lawyers are not cops.

6 Paycheck

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So a man who is a genius gives companies technology that they can sell for millions with their only rule being that after he is done, his memory will be wiped. Somehow, he realizes something he will create will cause the end of the world, so using his genius he leaves himself an envelope of clues which he receives after his mind is wiped. These clues help him solve and destroy the machine he built before it can be used. Is that a cool idea? Yes, in many ways it is. Ben Affleck is a good enough actor to make you feel his confusion when he first wakes up and realizes all he gets in compensation for his job is an envelope of trinkets.

After that, the story just takes a wild ride into absurdity. He uses the trinkets in an order that clearly made sense to the people who wrote the movie but to the viewer, it seems like dumb luck. He never once uses something at the wrong moment and it's unlikely that he'd get everything perfectly right all the time, no matter how smart he is. The story also has holes that are unexplained, but really it is just the fact that he is able to solve the whole thing without a mistake that makes this movie so unrealistic.

5 I Am Legend

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Alone on earth and the whole world to do with it what you want. That sounds pretty cool right? In the movie, Will Smith appears to be the last remaining human on the planet. It starts off cool enough, as he attempts to find others but we quickly learn that something else is out there and likely hunting him. Now, Will Smith is a very good actor but not even he can take up a screen alone for that long of a time. As the movie goes on, we learn that a virus had infected the planet and Smith had somehow survived. Well, now it is cool again, as he probably went through some kind of struggle to survive this virus and we would want to know what it was. Well, it turns out that the crappy explanation comes at the end and it is simply that some people on earth are just magically immune. Really, I am Legend? Really?

4 The Purge

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The concept here is that for one night every year, laws don't exist. You can literally do whatever you want and break any law. You can even kill people if you so choose. Not exactly something we would like to live through, but as far as movie ideas go... we'd want to see that. The idea behind the purge is that it's there to keep society going. The higher classes take out their rage on the lower classes who cannot afford protection from the purgers who are going out to kill. This will cleanse society of the lower class and make for a better year until the next purge.

The idea is insane, but it really gives the viewer something to think about. Besides that, the mayhem this movie would be able to show is almost limitless. Any story line of a guy out there trying to survive or a guy going to kill would be interesting. Instead, the movie decides to show you the point of view of a well to do security system salesman and his family. With all the mayhem going on out there, all we see is what happens when this upper class family decides to protect a lower class man who enters their home. The movie is trying to get you to see how the upper class will turn on each other. When someone hears that a movie is about one night of no rules, wouldn't we want to see what is going on out there and not in one house?

3 The Bone Collector

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The movie has a cool idea where a serial killer is killing people according to some obscure book that no one knows about. The only man who might have a chance at solving this case happens to be a crippled Denzel Washington. who is a master of crime scenes and symbols. What happens is that on the first murder, a rookie cop is first on the scene, and that rookie cop is played by Angelina Jolie. This is where the story gets weird. For some reason, Denzel Washington is convinced that this rookie cop, who wants no part of this case, is the answer to solve it. He has nothing to go on besides the fact that she was first on the scene and has no experience in this domain, except that she is a good researcher. Wouldn't any cop do that? Hopefully.

Besides the fact that he chose the most ridiculous assistant to help him in this case, there is also the fact that he solves many things way too fast by doing some weird form of concentrating and staring into nothing. On top of that, the killer happens to be someone who is taking care of the crippled Washington, which is entirely too obvious. That begs the ultimate question, why not kill Denzel in the time you spent alone with him? Come on Bone Collector, wake up!

2 In Time

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Alright, now here is a movie that people had really high hopes for. In Time starred Justin Timberlake, hot off his role in the Social Network, and the idea of a futuristic society where you do not age past 25 and get paid in time instead of money. Again, like The Purge, the movie tries to make you see the difference in social class, where the rich get paid in decades and the poor get nothing and die based on the fact that they run out of time.

However, the movie lacks explanations and has quite a few holes in it. Scenes that catch you off guard as if you might have missed something occur frequently and you realize that you didn't and become frustrated. They barely mentioned how the human race came to the idea of getting paid with time instead of money. It’s a shame because a better writer with a tad more imagination could have come up with a much better and clearer story with an idea like this. Perhaps something that would even make the viewer care more about the main character.

1 Identity

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The movie Identity was not exactly a box office smash. Many people have barely even heard of it, but damn the idea was brilliant. Seven strangers meet and are trapped at a hotel in the middle of a rainstorm. One by one they begin to drop like flies like any horror movie or mystery. They are there alone, so clearly the only suspects are each other. That does not sound too appealing but the twist comes when you find out that this whole thing is happening in one person's mind. A schizophrenic prisoner is being studied by a group of doctors and all his personalities are the people who are trapped at the motel which, again, is happening in his mind. The doctors are attempting to cure him and every time a character at the motel dies, one of his personalities is being extinguished.

The whole point being that he will only have one left at the end and that will be his "character" in life. When you finally get hit with the twist, or figure it out, the idea grabs you. However, when you look back at the movie, it was lazily done. The scenes with the man who is a schizo are just chopped in and you can never put it together. They are almost in there as if they are a mistake. Then comes the idea of selling it as a horror movie where people are just dying and you do not know why. Lazy writing and not overly strong acting makes this movie a must see, but for the wrong reasons.

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