A Show Based on Michael Jackson to Take Place in Las Vegas

Michael Jackson, the King of Pop sent ripples running through the music world with his death in 2009. Dying a few weeks ahead of his fiftieth birthday, Michael Jackson brought the world to a standstill when he was found dead in his home. He is claimed to have died of a drug overdose, weeks before he was set to take the stage for his final show before his much loved audience, “This Is It”. The show sold millions of tickets worldwide, but Jackson’s demise resulted in cancellation of tickets.

Now a new show is going to take place in the city of Las Vegas, much to the delight of all Michael Jackson fans in America. The show is going to be based entirely on the music of Michael Jackson. There is this feeling that there is really no better way to pay tribute to the legend than through hosting this show.

Michael Jackson was a divine singer and dancer. His music and performances touched the hearts of billions of people round the globe. He enthralled zillions in the course of his life, and continues to do so through the music that he made. This show is titled “Michael Jackson One”, and is going to be of about ninety minutes. Fans will therefore be able to witness dances to the songs of their favorite artist for a good one and a half hours.

As many as sixty singers as well as artists are going to take part in this show. It is scheduled to take place in the month of June this year. The show has been choreographed by none other than legendary dancer and choreographer Jamie King who was also a very close friend of Michael Jackson. According to Jamie King, everything that Jackson did in his lifetime was carried out with a child like simplicity. He was the most genuine of artists, and for him, each and every day had to be better and bigger than the previous one. Jamie King also known as the Lord of Dance, is expected to stun the fans of Michael Jackson with the amazing moves that he has instructed the dancers do perform on this particular show. The tickets for the show will be sold from the month of March. They can be purchased online.

The show is open to an international audience. There is going to be a scurry for the tickets once the sale process is announced in March this year. The tickets have been reasonably priced. Indeed, this is something that the fans of Jackson have been waiting for quite some time now. Ever since the death of their legend, Michael Jackson fans have been deprived of good music and performances. This show will hopefully compensate for some of that.

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