8 Reasons Why Suicide Squad Is Good & 7 Reasons Why It's Bad

For about one year, we have been waiting for one of the most anticipated movies of all time. This movie was seen as the next big thing and to many, it featured a new set of characters, a different style of superheroes, and a brand new plot nobody would have expected. A team filled with robbers and criminals, they are put on some sort of a suicide pact and are expected to save the world. DC Comics presented us with Suicide Squad.

I have heard many mixed feelings about this box office hit. Seriously, this movie was very different from any other superhero movie I have ever seen. Personally, I liked it but of course, looking at the title, I saw some flaws. This movie topped the box office. Trailers were constantly coming out and it got me so excited to watch this movie the day it came out. And so, I went to the theatre and I saw this so-called Suicide Squad save the world from terror and horror. Besides that, Suicide Squad had lots of parts that people enjoyed seeing. It's all good and great, but Suicide Squad had some issues and I am here to talk about the good and the bad.

15 Rival Movie To The Avengers

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For years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has had a monopoly on the superhero genre over the years with record breaking numbers in the box office. This includes films such as The Avengers, Captain America, and Iron Man. These movies are definitely fan favorites of the Marvel universe. There has always been a battle between DC Comics and Marvel, and DC has been coming up short in the recent years. Now, DC is fighting back with movies of their own to get back on top. First with Batman vs. Superman and now Suicide Squad, DC is making a name for themselves. The differences between DC superheroes and Marvel superheroes are blatantly obvious. Suicide Squad can be compared to the Avengers because of their group like structure and how the villains and heroes work together to defeat what is seen as their enemy.

14 Harley Quinn Is HOT!

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The title says it all. The Suicide Squad is filled with multiple villains all with different characteristics. They all have unique powers that reflect their early lives before it all went bad. Harley Quinn, however, is different from all. She doesn't have much of a power but her looks have people gawking. The Joker has adopted her into his world and she sees and thinks the same way that he does. It is obvious that she deserves to be in an asylum because, well, she is crazy. The only thing she knows how to do is just think about killing people. Multiple scenes in the movie had people looking her way because she is gorgeous.

13 Any Movie With Will Smith Is A Good Movie

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Will Smith is a huge name in the Hollywood Industry and is considered to be a top class actor and never fails to satisfy the viewer of the movie. Any movie that features Will Smith is always a box office hit. He is featured in many movies such as Pursuit of Happiness, Focus, Concussion, the Men In Black series, and many more. In Suicide Squad, he plays the role of Deadshot. Floyd Lawton is characterized by his incredible abilities with all guns, making him a deadly killer from 4,000 meters out. Before his incarceration, Deadshot lived his life as an assassin for hire and was only able to be captured by Batman because of his daughter's hate for his "work." Smith plays Deadshot perfectly from his cocky arrogance to his transition to a world-saving hero. Even though Suicide Squad got many negative reviews, one thing's for sure: Will Smith as Deadshot is a perfect match that will highlight many future DC films!

12 It Sets Up For Future Movies

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One aspect of the Marvel cinematic universe that has fans hooked is that all the movies are connected in some way. With Suicide Squad, the DC film franchise has created the opportunity to expand on the characters and ideas in the film and possibly create movies based off them. This would allow DC to keep churning out new films and give the fans what they want. With all the new and exciting characters that are within Suicide Squad, some of them are definitely guaranteed to be watched by many. In my opinion, a movie on Deadshot or Harley Quinn would definitely top the box office on their releases because their stories to me are incredible. With Marvel, they have The Avengers. By doing so, they were able to recreate movies on specific characters like Captain America or Iron Man.

11 Introduces New Characters

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Suicide Squad introduced many new characters to the scene. Of course, for the people that follow the comic books and what not, they are not so new. Personally, I have never seen Deadshot or Killer Croc or even Boomerang. They were very interesting characters that fit the roles very well and it all seemed to work out. DC Comics has done very well to bring this movie to the big screen. It has absolutely given DC Comics more wiggle room to bring out more movies with their name on it. There has always been a rivalry between DC and Marvel. With these new characters, they can bring brand new movies to the screen about their personal lives and create a series.

10 New Era For DC Comics

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When you hear DC Comics, you think Batman or Superman. Or even both, Batman vs. Superman. Batman has had a long-lasting impact on the movie scene. The Dark Knight and its sequel have been recognized as  brilliant movies and on IMDB, they are in the top movies of all time. Superman, on the other hand (although they haven't had much success with his movies), is very famous. It is always a dream to be like Superman and fly wherever you want. Now that Suicide Squad is out, it gives DC Comics a chance to represent different superhero/villains in their movies. After years of watching Batman and Superman, we now get to see Harley Quinn and Headshot become something in their own spotlight.

9 Deadshot Is A Badass

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DC Comics has brought on some great characters to the scene. My favorites definitely had to be Harley Quinn and Deadshot. I thought that Deadshot was a complete badass. Will Smith played the role very well and it also just worked for him. He is, after all, a great actor. He had a great story line. It was amazing to see how he listened to his daughter just as he was about to shoot Batman. That takes some serious balls and also shows how much he cared for his daughter. Just like he cared for his son, he showed the same compassion for his daughter. Apart from that, he seriously did not miss a single shot. He is the definition of a hitman.

8 A New Joker

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The Joker is seen as one of the great comic book villains of all time. We all know him as the opposite of Batman and his enemy. He sees murder and killing as a hobby. His mind is completely messed up in all sorts of ways and it must be hard playing that role. Heath Ledger did one hell of a good job. He even  locked himself in a room before the movie to know what it feels like and he did very well playing as the Joker. Unfortunately, he lost his life after the movie premiered because he couldn't cope with himself. Now, in the Suicide Squad, Jared Leto plays the Joker. Of course, this Joker is completely different but Leto did very well to play the part. He was more of a modern Joker, very different to the one that Ledger had played.

7 Ending Is Unsatisfying

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I loved how these villains were close to normal like all humans but had a specialty that they had created themselves. Some, of course, got unlucky or lucky, depending on how you look at it. The ending was very crazy to me. The Enchantress showed a lot of power. There was a lot of ruckus and it seemed unnecessary, and could have ended in a better way. It was also very upsetting to see that Diablo died after so little action he had all through out the film. Personally, I liked his character and the role that he played. He literally had the fire to protect his "family," or his Suicide Squad.

6 "He Can Climb Anything"

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I loved how all of the characters had a special attribute that they carried with them. Deadshot had his insane accuracy, Diablo had his fire powers and Boomerang was just a dope robber. But some characters, especially Slipknot, to me, is useless. He barely had any lines and was not helpful to the team at all. He tried to escape the mission too soon and that made him a pointless character that nobody will really ever remember. The whole idea of the mission was to do what was told. If you escape, you die. That's exactly what happened to this fellow.

5 Diablo Dies

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In every movie, there are fatalities. The death of Diablo was an upsetting one. Diablo, to me, seemed to be a very significant character in the Suicide Squad because of the power that he has. He can set anything on fire, wherever he wants, whenever he wants. In my opinion, he had the power and ability to do the most damage out of all of the members of the squad and it was a shame to see that he didn't get nearly as much screen time as he had deserved. Towards the end of the movie, things got very heated between the Enchantress and the squad and unfortunately, Diablo gave his own life for the team and died.

4 Doesn't Make Up For Batman vs. Superman

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I think it is safe to say that Batman and Superman are two of the more famous superheroes that we love to see on the big screen. Batman alone was one of the best series the box office has ever seen. Superman was not as successful but his character is very popular itself. Imagining them in the same movie would be seen as a wonderful idea, well, it was't. I thought that Batman vs. Superman was not as good as it should have been. It had many flaws and DC could've done better. The idea of Suicide Squad was huge and many viewers were looking forward to it. However, just like Batman vs. Superman, it didn't leave the viewers satisfied.

3 Is Rick Flag Really That Important?

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Rick Flag was the man in charge under Amanda Waller. He is a Special Forces operative and is considered to be the best in the business. His girlfriend is June Moone, the body possessed by the Enchantress. The way I see it is that the whole purpose of the Suicide Squad is to just follow Rick Flag or they die. Personally, I thought this idea was a little stupid and was expecting the Suicide Squad to form on their own. I didn't see why Rick Flag didn't just form his own team and find people just as experienced as he is to fight off his own girlfriend.

2 Boomerang? Where Are You?

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Task Force X, or Suicide Squad as we call it, consists of multiple squad members fighting together to save the world from the famous Enchantress. They all have their special abilities, of course. Boomerang, however, got me wondering, "bro, you had like no scene time." Seriously, to me, he seemed very unimportant to the group and was always complaining. Literally, every time he talked, he complained about how he deserved to be out of jail and that he didn't have to do anything that they told him. Well, Boomerang, suck it up because if you run, you die. He looked like a pretty cool guy and I wished he had more of an impact on the team and the movie as a whole. I mean, clearly he has got some skills with that boomerang, but just wished he put it in to good use. If that boomerang was as accurate as Deadshot, the job would've been easier.

1 Where Is Griggs?

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A part of this movie made me absolutely love it. And that was the beginning. I loved how they developed the characters and explained each and every single one without any confusion. They all had something in common, mostly villainous personalities. However, there was a character that caught my eye and that was officer Griggs. Like all movies that involve prisons, he is that officer that messes with his prisoners, whether it is beating them or just taunting them. None of the members liked him and found him very repulsive. He was basically asking to die. Anyway, after he was brought in to the Joker, he kind of just disappeared. We don't know any of his whereabouts and we have no idea what the Joker did to him.

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