50 Wickedly Funny Photos Featuring Politicians

Their policies and tactics may be laughable at best, but do you really think these politicians are serious all of the time? This list surely provides us with a lot to laugh about:

50 David Cameron

via funnygov.com

Apparently to former British Prime Minister David Cameron, he is taking a cue from Nelly and believes “It’s getting hott in hurrr” and is opening up his shirt.

49 Angela Merkel and President Obama

via youtube.com

President Obama and Angela Merkel are apparently sharing more than state secrets. (It is an insinuation they are having sex with each other).

48 Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner

via funnyordie.com

If there were a Heiseman Trophy pose for dodging a kiss, they would start with this photo of Nancy Pelosi dodging John Boehner as a sample.

47 Donald Trump

via reddit.com

Trump looks like he is going to the bathroom after holding it in on a 12 hour flight.

46 Barack Obama

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The White House doctors have prescribed President Obama a strong dose of “smug” to go nicely with his multivitamin.

45 Nigel Farage

via huffingtonpost.co.uk

British lawmaker Nigel Farage is trying to explain how big the sandwich was that he had for lunch.

44 Chris Christie

via funnygov.com

The NYPD’s baseball team was surprised Governor Chris Christie had a pre-game and a post-game pizza party.

43 Donald Trump

via scoopsnest.com

Donald Trump can easily explain how far he is going to shove his foot up Hillary Clinton’s you-know-what.

42 Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

via huffingtoonpost.com

Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is channeling her college freshman days and is trying to just sleep off the hangover

41 George W. Bush

via commentsmeme.com

The smell of questionable leadership permeates every area of George W.’s body. Even his fingers.

40 Bill Clinton

via freecruisetickets.com

Bill Clinton mastered the duck-lip selfie long before Instagram or Facebook existed.

39 Turkish Lawmakers

via independent.co.uk

At a minimum, these politicians can say that they literally fight for what they believe in.

38 Hillary Clinton

via returnofkings.com

This is an archive photo of Hillary Clinton seconds before the little baby alien popped out of her chest.

37 Hillary Clinton

via stuffdudeslike.com

As hard as Hillary tries, she just can’t quite get that third chin to appear.

36 Turkish Lawmakers - Again

via cbsnews.com

The man on the right is extremely interested in the man on the left’s designer tie. In fact, he wants to rip it right off his neck.

35 Vice President Joe Biden

via huffingtonpost.com

Vice President Joe Biden isn’t sleeping. He is just resting his eyes.

34 Joseph Stalin

via bored.com

Russian dictators are not normally known for their humor and charisma. Joseph Stalin tried to break that perception decades ago by giving the “drinky-drinky” sign to the camera.

33 Al and Tipper Gore

via youtube.com

Former Vice President Al Gore’s best ability was to tune out the millions of eyes watching him in public appearances. But Gore’s worst trait was that he tuned out the millions of eyes watching in public appearances.

32 Barack and Michelle Obama

via funnygov.com

The President is at least making an effort to help his wife maintain some level of modesty in the high winds.

31 British Politician Theresa May 

via funnygov.com

British Politician Theresa May is not only a skilled lawmaker, but she also knows how to dig for gold too.

30 Mitt Romney

vua reddit.com

The scientists who built Mitt Romney mistakenly left on “laugh” switch.

29 President Obama and David Cameron

via businsessinsider.com

Thank goodness the White House had a number of couches that President Obama could sleep on that night.

28 Ed Balls and Yvette Cooper

via huffingtonpost.co.uk

The best part about this photo is that the guy on the left not only doesn’t know how to kiss his wife, lawmaker Yvette Cooper, is that his last name is Balls. Ed Balls. Look it up.

27 George W. Bush

via indy100.indpenedent.co.uk

That turkey served 18 months on the Foreign Relations Committee under Bush and did a surprisingly good job.

26 Bill Clinton and Al Gore

via indy100.independent.co.uk

Transparency in government affairs is excellent. Transparency in running shorts is not excellent.

25 British Lawmaker Ed Miliband

via indy100.independent.co.uk

British lawmaker Ed Miliband specifically told people he did not like surprise birthday parties and absolutely no one listened.

24 British Lawmaker Ed Miliband - Again

via indy100.independent.co.uk

Ed Miliband’s only promise in this debate is that he is going to rip the head off of his opponent.

23 British Lawmakers Andy Burnham and Ed Balls

via independent.co.uk

These politicians should know better. They are well aware that slacks and a tie are inappropriate playground gear.

22 British Lawmaker Ed Salmond

via indy100.independent.co.uk

British lawmaker Ed Salmond was never too popular with the athletic crowd.

21 Angela Merkel and David Cameron

via brunchnews.com

Apparently diplomacy requires its leaders to cause its neighboring countries to burst into tears first.

20 British Lawmaker Michael McManus

via huffingtonpost.com

The lawmaker Michael McManus just got the news that Ffion Hague has a bad case of cooties.

19 Arnold Schwarzenegger and George W. Bush

via nytimes.com

If only Sarah Connor had done her job right the first time, George W. Bush would not have narrowly escaped with this life.

18 George W. Bush

via ibtimes.co.uk

Other than the regular five senses, babies can also sense failure.

17 President Obama and Senator Clinton 

via dailymail.co.uk

President Obama and Senator Clinton look so pissed at each other that they only need a split screen that says “VS.” right between them.

16 Hillary Clinton

via besteverawards.com

As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton was banned from taking selfies. This photo was taken 10 seconds after the ban was lifted.

15 Hillary Clinton

via rtwatchujtumblt.com

Austin Powers was completely unaware that Dr. Evil had a twin sister who plans to take over the world.

14 Indian Lawmakers

via indiatoday.com

These Indian politicians believe in freedom, justice, and right hooks for everyone.

13 John Kerry

via nydailynews.com

Most people pull a rabbit from their hat to impress the crowd. John Kerry pulled a baby from his head. Surprisingly, this still did not win him the Presidency.

12 John McCain

via nydailynews.com

Scientists are still trying to figure out a way to keep John McCain alive without him having to lick the skin of babies.

11 President Obama 

via about.com

President Obama has finally had it with ISIS and is going to take the fight to them the only way he knows how.

10 President Obama 

via besteverawards.com

The man in the front figures that he will keep the headdress along with his dignity unlike the guy standing behind him.

9 President Obama

via bustle.com

Whatever is happening below where the photo was taken must be incredible if the look on Obama’s face is any indication.

8 Donald Trump

via nydailynews.com

That baby has no idea how to Make America Great Again so Donald Trump will have nothing to do with her.

7 Mitt Romney

via foxnews.com

In the 2012 Presidential Election, Romney tried to grab the Beiber crowd, but failed miserably.

6 Queen Elizabeth

via besteverawards.com

Even Queen Elizabeth would rather eat McDonald's than English food.

5 President Obama 

via cbc.ca

99.99% of America’s foreign relations troubles began when Obama was left hanging.

4 Turkish Lawmakers - AGAIN

via independent.co.uk

After Turkey’s morning prayer comes the morning mosh pit.

3 Sarah Palin

via carnival.net

Sarah Palin's botox injection expired at exactly this moment.

2 Barack and Michelle Obama

via funnypoliticalpics.com

That look you get when you beat finally beat the last boss in the video game.

1 Hillary Clinton

Either Hillary is not photogenic or the baby is made of toxic waste. It is probably the first option.

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