24 The Series Comeback To Fox

Remember Jack Bauer? Yes, the no nonsense agent from CTU--Central Terrorist Unit who gets the job done by any means necessary, fighting bad guys with no mercy. Well... he’s back! And with a bang. It’s time to reset the clock to start the high packed, critically acclaimed drama all over again.

In an epic reunion of the previous producer, Howard Gordon, and the main character Jack Bauer, Kiefer Sutherland, of the 24 TV series, viewers can now anticipate another season. Although it will be shorter this time round, with only 12 episodes, anxiety is already soaring high. Dubbed 24: Live Another Day, the new series is definitely going to re-ignite the sensations it received from millions of viewers worldwide.

The multiple Emmy Awards winning series re-defined TV through a drama based on real time. The hardworking and dedicated creative team behind it also ensured success. According to Fox News, the 12 episodes will cover the same time frame as the previous series did. Reportedly, some die-hard fans have already started binge watching the last drama so that they can refresh their memories. It's all systems go as they now wait.

Gordon recently admitted at a press conference that he missed Jack Bauer very much. As a matter of fact, it’s not only the producer who misses this revolutionary character, Keifer Sutherland and the audience miss him too. His promise now is a more redefined Jack Bauer that has evolved through time. The same Jack will grace the screens but in a manner that’s equally relevant to the changes that have occurred throughout the world during the past few years.

24 is without doubt a  franchise cherished by the producers of 20th Century Fox, critics and fans. The best part is that the new series will be full of fresh ideas for a continuation of the 8 season run that ended in 2010.



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