21 Easter Eggs You Missed In Batman v Superman

Comic book movies are always filled with Easter eggs, and Batman v Superman is no exception. It’s jam-packed with them. There are references to Batman villains, Superman’s home world, and scenes that are near shot for shot recreations of famous comic book storylines. Other members of the Justice League are teased, and even other blockbuster movies are referenced. Some of them are so obvious that they will stare you right in the face, but others might only be spotted if you have the detective skills of Batman or the super sight and hearing of Superman.

There could be over 100 hidden surprises in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but some might be so obscure that only the filmmakers actually know the references are there. Here’s a look at 21 Easter eggs from Batman v Superman. Did you catch any that aren’t on this list?

21 Cyborg and the Mother Box

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Cyborg is one of the members of the Justice League who is introduced in Batman v Superman. His origin video shows his creation in STAR Labs, and it looks like filmmakers are using his most recent comic book origin as a jumping off point. DC Comics retconned Cyborg’s origin and made him a part of the Justice League in 2011 when it revamped its entire comic book universe.

In Batman v Superman, a Mother Box is used to create Cyborg. The Mother Box is a piece of technology from Apokolips. It’s a supercomputer used by Darkseid and other New Gods. This movie is filled with multiple references to Darkseid – the big bad that will be the main villain of the Justice League movie.

20 Flash and Flashpoint

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In one of the film’s many dream sequences, we see Flash travel back in time and warn Bruce Wayne about a danger that he and the Justice League are about to face. The fact that Flash can time travel in this cinematic universe hints heavily at a possible Flashpoint storyline. Flashpoint was one of the biggest events in DC Comics in the last decade, which told the story of a dystopian alternate timeline that the Flash had to fix.

Flash appearing to Bruce the way he does could also hint at a possible adaptation of the video game Injustice Gods Among Us. In this game a rogue Superman turns bad after Lois Lane is killed. The message that Flash tells Bruce certainly hints at something like this happening. Whatever the exact meaning of this Flash cameo is, we can be sure the Flash and the Speed Force we play heavily in the future of the DC Extended Universe.

19 Man-Bat

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There are numerous references to Batman villains in Batman v Superman, but no major villains actually show up - unless of course you count this scene. When Bruce is visiting the tomb of his parents, he notices dark blood dripping from his father’s coffin.

It turns out he is having yet another nightmare and a terrifying bat like creature breaks through the tomb and attacks Bruce. This huge bat-like monster could be a reference to the Batman villain Man-Bat.

18 Aquaman

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In Batman v Superman we get our first glimpse of Jason Momoa’s Aquaman. He is one of the members of the Justice League that will appear in the Justice League movie. We don’t get to see Aquaman do very much in Batman v Superman other than look out from a very dark cave, briefly look at the camera and then swim away at an incredibly fast speed.

He is the one member of the Justice League introduced in Batman v Superman that we know the least about. He carries his iconic trident and is covered in tribal tattoos.

17 Mark of Zorro

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In the many interpretations of Batman’s origin, The Mark of Zorro is one of the common threads throughout. Many times it’s the movie that Batman and his parents went to see.

In Batman v Superman right before Bruce’s parents are killed you see them walk by a theater, and one of the posters on the marque is for The Mark of Zorro. Zorro also served as inspiration to Bill Finger when he created the look of Batman. This origin scene also feature iconic images like Martha Wayne’s pearls.

16 Arkham Knight

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The Arkham series of video games certainly had an influence on Batman v Superman. The Batmobile in Batman v Superman is very similar to the Arkham Knight Batmobile, and the underwater entrance to the Batcave the Batmobile goes through is almost identical to what is seen in the Arkham Knight video game. Batman’s fighting style, which is a combination of brute strength and stealth, is also heavily inspired by these games.

15 Vicki Vale might be in the movie

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Her role certainly isn’t as prominent as it is in Tim Burton’s Batman from 1989, but Vicki Vale, who is a journalist and oftentimes love interest of Bruce Wayne might actually appear in Batman v Superman.

She is the one who introduces Lex Luthor at his charity ball in Metropolis. It’s the same charity ball where Clark Kent and Bruce Wayne first meet. Her role is very small and she is only referred to as Vicki. If Vicki Vale has an expanded role in a future Batman movie in this universe they might just slide this one under the rug and say it wasn’t actually her.

14 KGBeast

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This c-list Batman villain has a limited role in Batman v Superman. He is the one of the terrorists that Bruce Wayne is tracking so he can get information about Lex Luthor.

However, don’t expect to see KGBeast appear in any future Batman films because in Batman v Superman, Batman makes KGBeast explode into pieces after he points a criminal’s gun at KGBeast’s flamethrower so he can save Martha Kent. The look and dialogue of this scene is also lifted straight from the pages of The Dark Knight Returns.

13 Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor

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Of all the Justice League members introduced in Batman v Superman, the one we learn the most about is Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman. The Princess of Themiscyra was one of the few interesting parts in the film, and what we learn about her is somewhat intriguing.

In the picture that shows her in World War I we see her standing next to a familiar face. To her right was Steve Trevor – Chris Pine plays this love interest of Wonder Woman. Wonder Woman also got to use her golden lasso when she fought against Doomsday. She does not however have an invisible jet. Instead, she flies Turkish Airlines.

12 Kandor

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The miniaturized city of Kandor, which is one of the most famous aspects of the Superman mythos, is referenced in Batman v Superman. General Zod, whose corpse is used by Lex Luthor to create Doomsday, is from Kandor, and the Kryptonian AI mentions that when Lex Luthor infiltrates the ship. Will this Kryptonian city be featured in a future Superman movie? Maybe Brainiac will be the villain? Brainiac of course, shrunk and stole Kandor. Superman rescued the city, and he kept the miniaturized version of the city in his fortress of solitude.

11 Riddler question marks

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Iconic Batman villain Riddler almost appeared in Batman v Superman, but he was cut from the film. We do however get to see glimpses of his presence in the movie. There are Riddler question marks spray painted in the building where Batman and Superman fight.

The closest we get to actually seeing Riddler in the film was Jesse Eisenberg’s campy portrayal of Lex Luthor, which harkened back to the over-the-top cheese fest of Jim Carrey playing Riddler in Batman Forever.

10 Joker killed Robin

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One of the display pieces in the Batcave is Robin’s costume. In Batman v Superman the costume is spray painted with yellow graffiti that reads “the jokes on you.” “Ha Ha Ha” accompanies it. This is obviously hinting at the famous Death in the Family storyline where the Joker killed Robin.

He beat the Jason Todd Robin to death with a crowbar. It is heavily implied that a Robin (we don’t know which one) has been killed in this universe. It doesn’t explain why Batman is killing so much though, and it doesn’t explain why Joker is presumably alive. Hopefully Suicide Squad will answer those questions.

9 It’s not 1938 anymore

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1938 was a big year in comic book history. It’s the year that Action Comics #1 was first released. This milestone comic book marked the first appearance of Superman. The Daily Planet Editor in Chief Perry White references the year 1938 in Batman v Superman.

He tells Clark it’s not 1938 anymore when Clark is pushing him to write a story about Batman’s vigilantism. This could also be a backhanded remark to Superman fans that criticized Man of Steel because Superman killed and was so unlike the classic version of the character.

8 Darkseid’s Omega symbol

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In one of Batman’s dreams dubbed the Knightmare sequence, we see a murderous Batman in the desert facing off against armed mercenaries with Superman logos on their jackets. Batman goes on a homicidal rampage in this scene, and it hints at some terrible destruction that might befall earth.

That destruction is Darkseid, and we see the Omega symbol plastered in the sand as Batman looks over the landscape. Decaying buildings are strewn across the skyline. This is just one of many references to Darkseid and his inevitable appearance in the Justice League movie.

7 Star Wars and the Wizard of OZ

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Zack Snyder references more than just DC comics in Batman v Superman. Other films are referenced including Star Wars and The Wizard of Oz. The Star Wars nod is interesting because J.J. Abrams and Snyder were sending each other Star Wars and Batman mash up pictures on Twitter back in 2014.

Perry White mentions that Clark must have clicked his heels and went back to Kansas, and the inmate number of Lex Luthor (16-TK-421) is the same as the Stormtrooper ID number that Luke Skywalker impersonates in Star Wars: A New Hope.

6 Parademons

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In the Knightmare sequence in Batman v Superman, Batman is attacked by a hoard of flying creatures. These creatures are Darkseid’s minions known as parademons. They are aliens from Apokolips that Darkseid uses to help him conquer worlds. Will the Justice League be able to stop the relentless waves of these creatures they may face in the Justice League movie? Legendary comic artist and writer Jack Kirby created the parademons. The look they have in the film resembles their New 52 design.

5 Jimmy Olsen is in the movie

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He is never mentioned by name, but Superman’s pal Jimmy Olsen appears at the beginning of Batman v Superman. In the film, he is not a junior photographer for The Daily Planet.

Instead, he is an undercover CIA operative who meets an untimely demise. So it looks like we won’t be seeing this iconic Superman character in any future Superman movies that are a part of the DC Extended Universe. Seems like a waste of a perfectly good character.

4 Jack Nicholson

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The Joker doesn’t show up in Batman v Superman, but there are many references to Batman’s most famous nemesis. Not only do we see the influences and results of the evil deeds committed by Jared Leto’s joker, but an actor who played the Joker on the big screen previously is mentioned.

The port that Batman comes out of in his Batmobile before he kills a boatload of Lex’s goons is called Nicholson (as in Jack Nicholson) terminal. It’s possible the film crews chose this location in Detroit as a nod to the Joker from Tim Burton’s Batman.

3 Superman goes nuclear

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Batman v Superman took plenty of visual cues from Frank Miller’s famous graphic novel The Dark Knight Returns, but the inspiration wasn’t solely limited to how Batman looked. Superman in Batman v Superman was also heavily influenced by The Dark Knight Returns. When Superman and Batman actually fight the shot of Superman quickly grabbing a canister of kryptonite Batman shot at him is eerily similar to the scene where Superman grabs Green Arrow’s kryptonite laced arrow in the comic.

There is also a shot where Superman and Doomsday are hit by a nuclear missile in the movie. Superman’s flesh starts to melt away and he becomes extremely gaunt. This look is close to the way Superman looks in the comic when he is redirecting a Soviet ICBM and it explodes.

2 Batman from The Dark Knight Returns

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The suit Batman wears to fight Superman is very much like the one he wears in The Dark Knight Returns. The scene where he saves Martha is similar to the comic where he saves a child who has been kidnapped by a mutant gang member. Even the line he utters: “I believe you” is exactly the same as it is in the comic. The opening scene where he is chased by two cops is also right out of the comic. Batman uses a sniper rifle to shoot explosives, but in the comic it’s a grappling gun that looks like a sniper rifle.

In Batman v Superman Bruce is a heavy drinker and borderline alcoholic just as he is at the beginning of The Dark Knight Returns. The similarities end there though, because in The Dark Knight Returns Batman doesn’t blatantly kill like in Batman v Superman. He uses rubber bullets rather than making criminals explode.

1 The Death of Superman

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The Death of Superman is one of the many comic book storylines that is crammed into Batman v Superman. In the comic, Doomsday kills Superman, and the same thing happens in the movie.

Superman’s coffin is also reminiscent of one of the costumes Superman wore after he came back from the dead. The reborn superman of the 90's had a black suit with a silver S insignia on the chest.

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