20 Stars Who Went From Not To Hot

We all change, that’s undeniable. We all have those awkward stages in our lives as we grow, from childhood, through puberty and other moments, size changes, handling them as well as we can and adjusting. Some are able to get through it better than others and come out looking great but others can be a bit rougher. It’s more of a deal with celebrities as they have to handle this in the public eye and with a media that can be very unfriendly to those who don’t meet the “idea” of what a star should look like. Many a celebrity has hit hard times with those looks via plastic surgery, weight gain or time to ruin themselves and their legacy.

However, others are the opposite. People who have a rough look to start with but blossom into incredibly hot people. It’s easy to count the “before they were famous” awkward teens who became superstars but there are other stars who started off not looking that great only to transform into some of the hottest people around. Some are obvious like Angelina Jolie and other young beauties who blossomed but others truly surprised you by suddenly kicking from so-so looks to incredibly hot as hell. Here are 20 stars who didn’t exactly have the look of knockouts when they first came to fame only to turn into amazingly hot folks and a reminder you can never truly judge where amazing sexiness is coming from.

20 Katy Perry

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It’s funny to think Perry was once a gospel singer and wanting to work in that type of music when she moved to Los Angeles. Her looks were okay but nothing too special with short blonde hair and a wholesome image to herself. Told changing her look might be good, Perry more than did that, dying her hair black and outfits to show off her body, especially that amazingly bountiful chest. It helped her with her fantastic records, wild concerts and videos, flaunting her sexy body off multiple times and becoming one of the biggest recording stars around. Perry herself laughs at how she was just another face when everyone knows her today by one hot body.

19 Alyson Hannigan

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From the start, Buffy the Vampire Slayer sold that Willow was the least attractive of the girls, always in the shadow of Buffy and Cordelia. As the series went on, Hannigan grew a bit more, her babbling cutting down into some surprisingly sexy stuff. That was proven with her as an evil vampire double of Willow and her relationship with Tara unleashing Hannigan’s hot side. The actress has done more with the American Pie movies and her role in the hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother giving even more steamy times. From the mousy girl to a roaring sexpot, Hannigan has shown you should never ignore the quiet gals.

18 Nick Jonas

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Joining with his brothers to form a band, Nick became popular with their Disney Channel show and movies, a good-looking kid with curly hair and dating both Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez. He’s moved onto better acting gigs like Hawaii Five-O and the comedy Scream Queens and getting a bit better looking. Still, critics and fans alike were stunned when he starred in the TV series Kingdom, totally believable as a hard and ready MMA fighter and handling the dramatic aspects as well. From a Disney goof to a hot actor, he is the best of the bunch in talent.

17 Shailene Woodley

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After a few minor TV roles (the original Kaitlin on The O.C.), Woodley rose to stardom as the lead in the ABC Family series The Secret Life of the American Teenager. It was an open bit on the show that her character wasn’t as hot as the other women, dressed down a lot in large shirts and jeans and selling a pregnancy to boot. Since the show ended, however, Woodley has begun to reveal herself a lot more as a very talented actress and sexy presence. That’s led to fame with the Divergent series and Woodley also showing her body off in the movie White Bird in a Blizzard, breaking out wonderfully as a star and rising sexy presence.

16 Zac Efron

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Even Disney never expected High School Musical to become as huge as it was, a TV movie turning into an event spawning two sequels and making stars of its leads. Efron was Troy, the goofy basketball player and looked good but not true movie star handsome and his early movie roles seemed to not work well for him. However, in Neighbors, Efron suddenly showed up with an incredibly buff build, rocking fans with looking amazing and still great humor and the upcoming sequel looks to continue that. He may still be able to sing but Efron is getting more views for a great look to thrill female fans more.

15 Megan Fox

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14 Scarlett Johansson

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13 Danica McKellar

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Winnie Cooper was the crush of many a teenager viewing The Wonder Years, a classic “girl next door” with dark hair and a pert face and Danica McKellar did a good job selling that. As time has gone on, McKellar has grown into a gorgeous presence with amazing legs and a smile that can dazzle. Even hotter than her magazine spreads is the fact that that McKellar is a genius at math, writing several books that argue “smart is sexy” and she certainly proves that for one amazingly sexy lady.

12 Daniel Radcliffe

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At 11 years old, Radcliffe was given the role of a lifetime as Harry Potter and it’s fun to look back at him, the innocent kid with the soft voice and glasses not making much of an impact outside that role. As the series continued, Radcliffe grew more handsome but still not too notable. However, in breaking away from Potter, the actor has stunned fans by showing a well-built body, including going nude on stage in Equus and daring in other roles. The Boy Who Lived is all grown up and looking great, far more than one would have imagined.

11 Jennifer Hudson

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Cut from American Idol, Hudson had a great singing voice but it was felt her rotund frame would prevent her from really taking off. As it happened, that worked for her role as Effie, the star pushed aside for a hotter friend in Dreamgirls, which won Hudson the Oscar. She had to endure a personal tragedy with the murder of her mother and brother but emerged stronger. Hudson has since dropped 80 pounds to show off a fantastic body on red carpets, balancing movies and music to win more admirers and show no matter her size, that fantastic voice makes her a sexy presence.

10 Anna Paquin

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It’s simply amazing to see how Paquin has grown. She was only 11 when she shocked the world by winning the Oscar for her role in The Piano. She seemed destined for “cute kid” roles for a bit before taking time off for school and when she was cast as Rogue in the X-Men movies, fans were down as the role is meant to be a sexpot and Paquin didn’t cut it. However, the actress proved her doubters wrong with her role as Sookie in the HBO hit True Blood, showing off a very stunning side amid the wild goings-on. It helped that at least a few times a season, Paquin would strip down to show off an incredible body with full chest and mixing it all together to prove herself a true hot presence.

9 Neil Patrick Harris

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Doogie Howser, M.D. was a goofy show even for the 1980s, the idea of a kid genius turned doctor but folks enjoyed Harris as the fun kid with curly hair growing up. Harris appeared a bit under the radar but in 2005, he suddenly emerged as a guy willing to poke fun at himself in the Harold & Kumar movies, the suave ladies’ man Barney on How I Met Your Mother and the go-to host for award shows. Openly gay, Harris is still quite the looker for ladies with his great body and presence winning you over to show real expertise in one of the more beloved stars of today.

8 Michelle Trachtenberg

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In her breakout role in Harriet the Spy, Trachtenberg had a cute nose and cheeks but a classic awkward little kid. She carried that to her role as Dawn on Buffy the Vampire Slayer, still rather attractive but mostly her charm carrying her along. Trachtenberg made a big move to growing up in the wild comedy Eurotrip that showed off a rocking bikini bod. She later played the conniving Georgina Sparks on Gossip Girl and several magazine layouts with a fantastic pair of legs and smoking eyes. Truly, the dawn of a hot lady who grew much better than folks thought.

7 Emma Watson

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Few current stars have gone from “awkward kid” to “goddess” like Watson. As Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter movies, she began as a know-it-all with frizzy hair, cute but not that major. As the movies continued, Watson grew more and more, becoming more beautiful with each entry and backing it up with some nice spunk to the part. Since the series ended, Watson has been busy with college but nothing, not even cutting her hair, has stopped her from growing into an utterly gorgeous woman with a smile that dazzles and a body that gets better and better. Seeing Watson grow into this hottie has truly been magical.

6 Amy Acker

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Acker’s breakout role as Fred on Angel was meant to have her as a mess, stuck in another dimension in rags, raggedy hair and glasses. She kept it up for a bit and even when she tried to glam up, she was on the thin side and a beanpole frame. Thus, viewers were stunned when Fred transformed into Illyra, a powerful being and the leather suit enhanced a fantastic form. Since then, Acker has moved to roles in shows like Alias, Dollhouse and more. She currently plays the nutty Root on Person of Interest, utterly sexy as she fires off guns and hitting on Sarah Shahi’s Shaw for an amazing chemistry and Acker proving that it’s sometimes the “smart gals” who can become the surprising knockouts.

5 Khloe Kardashian

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In a monologue on Saturday Night Live, Amy Schumer noted how Khloe “was one of us” until she basically “lost a Kendall in weight." Like the rest of her family, Khloe is a reality TV star but seemed to lack the same beauty of sisters Kim and Kendall. But after some weight loss (and, to be honest, plastic surgery), Khloe has turned into as much a knockout as her sisters, rocking it on the red carpet and in bikinis, using social media well and landing NBA star Lamar Odom. It took a bit but she joined her sisters in some seriously hot times.

4 Josh Peck

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In an interview to promote their new ABC sitcom Grandfathered, John Stamos appeared stunned to realize co-star Josh Peck was the same guy from Drake & Josh. The popular Nick series had Peck as the fat goofball pulled into whacky misadventures, funny but nowhere near what you’d call attractive. However, Peck went on a massive weight loss that’s turned him into a pretty handsome guy and popular with female viewers, one of the most dramatic “teen star” transformations you can imagine.

3 Miley Cyrus

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A decade ago, Hannah Montana premiered and became a bigger smash than anyone could imagine, pushing star Miley Cyrus to mega-fame. For the show’s run, Cyrus sold Miley being a normal girl switching to a blonde-haired singer, a bit gangly at times with rough hair and showing off some shoulder in a Vanity Fair piece created an uproar because of how young she was. Today, of course, that’s tame as Cyrus has transformed into a lady who loves to flaunt her nubile body with tattoos and piercings, often nude in magazines and wild concerts. A truly amazing transformation from “girl next door” to “bad-ass babe” that astounds.

2 Chris Pratt

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It’s funny to remember how folks were convinced Guardians of the Galaxy was going to be a flop and that was partly due to its leading man. Pratt had a long comedic resume, including playing Andy on Parks and Recreation, the classic case of a plump goofball stuck in supporting roles. So it was stunning to see him getting buff for his role as Star-Lord and showing a great body to make the movie a hit. Pratt is now a major star with Jurassic World, a Guardians sequel coming and proving you can go from comic support to leading man with the right mix of talent and makeover.

1 Kate Winslet

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She had beauty to be sure but Winslet’s first films showed a woman who was, to be blunt, a bit on the chubby side. She was amazingly talented, of course but it wasn’t until Titanic that Winslet suddenly showcased an amazing sexual presence and almost unearthly beauty to match her acting power. She's continued that since, showing no shame in doffing it all multiple times on screen, an Oscar among her numerous awards and one of the finest actresses of her time. Winslet is up front on when magazines photoshop her to look thinner and proud of her body which she should be as she ranks as one of the hottest women alive.

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