20 Of The Sexiest Music Videos Ever Made

Musicians have been making us hot under the collar with racy lyrics since before Elvis and his swinging hips. There have been plenty of songs about everything from steamy beach love affairs to night club hook-ups to get listeners worked up. Musicians have taken that passion on-screen with their risqué music videos. They know what fans and the media want to see and have been pushing the envelope, producing sexier and sexier video debuts.

From Madonna to Britney, these musicians aren’t afraid to be sexual. While they have become somewhat of a marketing tool to sell more music, that doesn’t mean these salacious vids aren’t fun. Who doesn’t love to let loose a bit, after all. That’s why we’ve compiled the top 20 sexiest music videos of all time, including Beyonce’s booty, Usher’s six-pack and Kate Moss’ pole dancing moves. Take in the eye candy while you enjoy the songs!

20 No. 20 – Enrique Iglesias, Sad Eyes

Seems like Enrique wanted to keep this for his eyes only. The upbeat ballad, which is a cover of Bruce Springsteen’s original, was accompanied by a racy video. Directed by David LaChapelle, the video follows Enrique as he fantasizes about a woman he sees in a adult chat-line  advertisement on TV. Upon realizing that she’s simply unattainable, the Latin singer picks up an escort instead.

The first half of the music video features a hunky and shirtless Enrique, which isn’t too risqué. That latter part with the escort, though, was provocative that Enrique and his record company decided not to release it. LaChapelle put it on his website before taking it down at their request, so rare copies of this sexy video are still floating around, including the video above.

19 No. 19 – Robin Thicke Feat. T.I. & Pharrell, Blurred Lines (Censored Version)

58 million views and climbing – that’s how many people have watched Robin Thicke’s Blurred Lines unrated video on Vevo. And while Thicke is pretty hot himself (and is, as he self-describes in the video), we feel pretty confident that viewers may be tuned in for something else. The video we have is the censored version and for obvious reasosn were unable to provide you the unrated version. Within 10 seconds of the unrated video kicking off, a beautiful, topless brunette appears on screen. The video features three natural beauties putting on quite the show au naturel. Besides these three dancing and standing around, there’s not much to the video (and we could’ve done without the goat cameo in our humble opinion), but the catchy tune with some scandalous lyrics fills in anything it might be missing.

In fact, those lyrics got Thicke into some hot water from women’s rights groups who believed the track promoted sexual abuse and was misogynist. Parodies, both positive and negative, have emerged since. A petition even emerged to keep Thicke out of Canada’s Juno Awards; he’s since cancelled but claims it’s just due to “mandatory vocal rest”. Despite that controversy, the song was a summer smash, charting at number one in 14 countries. With sexy ladies dancing in the buff it is no wonder this video makes it on our list.

18 No. 18 – Shakira Feat. Wyclef Jean, Hips Don’t Lie

Shakira’s swinging hips had fans hypnotised in this spicy Latin video. All four outfit changes highlighted the singer’s slim waist and curvaceous hips that were sashaying to the beat. But the most eye-catching look was probably her bare back covered in just gold sequins (worn along with a simple gold skirt), which highlighted her body while she belly danced.  Shakira’s sexy moves were enviable to say the least – people either wanted to imitate her and hook up with her, and we can’t blame them!

Hips Don’t Lie topped the iTunes video chart for a few weeks – fans were captivated by the blonde beauty – making it one 2006’s most-watched videos. The video won an MTV Video Music Award and MTV Latin America Video Music Award, while the single sold over 5 million copies.

17 No. 17 – Lit, Miserable

Back in 2000, this track was one of Billboard's most listened to songs of the year. With clever lyrics alongside a catchy alternative beat, it hardly comes as a surprise. But what potentially aided the band’s successful third single from their platinum record was the sexy yet simple video starring a bikini-clad Pam Anderson. The 33-year-old blonde bombshell poses on a white fur rug while a miniature version of the band performs on different parts of her body. In scenes where she’s standing and sensually dancing in stripper heels, you see just how fit Anderson is. This video shows just how good the Baywatch babe looked in a bathing suit even after she left the show. One by one, the feisty actress eats the band members until they are all devoured. Killer body, indeed!

16 No. 16 – Sean Paul, She Doesn’t Mind

For those who’ve ever wondered what it’d be like to join the mile-high club, this video offers you a glimpse into just how sizzling it could be. She Doesn’t Mind is filmed in a sweaty and sticky airport while Sean Paul and several smoking women wait to board. These ladies make passing security look sexier than you ever thought it could! The video is sexually charged from flight attendants dancing in thigh-highs, cleavage showing to curvaceous silhouettes swaying behind tinted glass.

On top of the hot video, there’s some equally provocative and sexual song lyrics. The track peaked at number one in 16 countries worldwide.

15 No. 15 – Nelly, Hot in Herre

This steamy tune from 2002 was a mega-hit. Nelly won a Grammy for Hot in Herre, which became a top ten hit in several countries across the globe. The video is even steamier than the song; club-goers peel off layer by sweaty layer of tight clothes, getting down to bikinis and lingerie while they continue to dance. Nelly’s pretty smoking himself in this video as he grinds with his love interest.

The infectious beat from the track and the sexy moves in the video would make anyone want to get up and strip down too! The sprinklers eventually erupt to cool down the club, soaking the little these guys were left wearing. The video features cameos by Cedric the Entertainer and hoops star Camelo Anthony as well.

14 No. 14 – Shakira Feat. Rihanna, Can’t Remember to Forget You

Barbados and Colombia's hottest stars join forces for this sizzling duet. Shakira, who makes our list for a second time, teams up with Rihanna for this saucy track about an addictive love affair. We all know Shakira’s hips don’t lie, but when it comes to getting low, Rihanna’s no slouch. The two engage in a sexy dance-off before showing off their assets in a bed together. From the cigars they smoke to their slight touches to their “naked embrace”, this video is full of sexual innuendos – you can let your imagination run wild!

In the first day alone, the drool-worthy video had 17.1 million views on Shakira’s Vevo/YouTube profile. The song was a hit and her highest-ever debut on the Billboard Hot 100.

13 No. 13 – Bruno Mars, Gorilla

Looks like Bruno Mars took a page out of the book of T-Pain with this one: he’s got it bad for a sexy stripper. The soulful R&B star belts out a lustful ballad about doing it like gorillas, while his lover takes the stage to strip for money. Seems Mars’ girl has all the right moves when it comes to pole dancing and stripping, showing off just how flexible she is. The whole video is incredibly steamy so it seems only fitting that when the song approaches its climax, she sets his guitar on fire and makes it rain inside the club. The fire sprinklers soak the brunette beauty while she continues to dance.

This explicit tune is nothing new for Mars, who has been compared to Prince for his frank and sexual lyrics. Just four days after performing the track at the MTV Video Music Awards, the song sold 18,000 copies.

12 No. 12 – Nicole Scherzinger Feat. T.I., Whatever U Like

From her provocative lyrics to her skimpy outfits, Nicole gets things steamy under the spotlights in this video. A captive Nicole not only moves to the music, but gets wet and dirty too. She shows her strong, sexy side when she slides in next to T.I., dominating him inside a tight space, and at the end, when she whips out some fierce dance moves that would’ve made any pop star or Doll jealous.

Now sneak peeks are common, with Katy Perry doing one for her latest single, Dark Horse. But in 2007, it wasn’t nearly so common. Nicole launched a 36 second clip on Total Request Live and 106 & Park to get audiences hyped about her sexy world premiere. The former Pussycat Doll works the screen with her sultry, burlesque dance moves that emphasize just how flexible the singer really is. Nicole’s performance definitely made this video a must-watch.

11 No. 11– Chris Isaak, Wicked Games

This sexy song started it all for Chris Isaak. It landed in the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100, and helping fuel its success was its music videos. That’s right – there were two. However the more popular of the two, the one that landed on VH1’s Sexiest Video Moments was the version starting Chris and model Helena Christensen.

The two appear topless (though thanks to careful camera editing you can’t see any actual nudity) in this black and white beach video. The two are caressing and kissing as they splash in the water and roll in the sand. There’s a jolt of sexual electricity when Helena begins dancing for Chris, pulling at the little clothes she’s wearing. The passion hits an all time high when they are holding each other shirtless in the sand. For its premiere in ’91, this video combined with Chris's sensual voice definitely pushed the limits.

10 No. 10 – Beyonce, Drunk in Love

In a twist from her usual choreographed videos (that generally include a dance routine), Queen Bey’s first video from her surprise new self-titled album shows a more sensual and natural side. Wearing little more than a string bikini, Beyonce displays her killer bod (that looks even better than it did prior to giving birth to daughter Blue Ivy in 2012). She moves like the waves, rolling her body in a way that’s sure to hypnotize you. Though the black and white music video isn’t much more than her dancing on the beach and rolling in the sand, the suggestive lyrics and Beyonce’s smoking moves are infectious and keep you wanting more.

Mrs Carter, who sold 1.2 million digital copies of the single in America alone, and hubby Jay Z received positive reviews for their racy duet, with their sexual chemistry very evident on screen in the video. We love this sexy follow-up to Crazy in Love!

9 No. 9 – Madonna, Justify My Love

It was the ninth time she came in at the top spot on the Billboard Hot 100 and critically, commentators were suggesting it was her best song yet. The collaboration with Lenny Kravitz and another writer produced the sexually charged, spoken word song, Justify My Love. But despite being so popular, the video was too hot to handle. MTV outright banned it with Canada’s Much Music following suit, leading to it becoming a bestselling VHS video single in 1990.

Nightline played it for America to see, following it up with an interview; Madonna said she didn’t find any problem with its sexual content. The black and white video contained sexual images too explicit for networks to air (and definitely NSFW),  including S&M and voyeurism. Madonna got down and dirty with a man and woman wearing only some lacy lingerie, as well, surrounded by religious iconography. As late as 2007, some parts of North America still listed the video as banned from air during daytime hours.

8 No. 8 – t.A.T.u, All the Things She said

Lena Katina and Julia Volkova, better known as the pop duo t.A.T.u, stirred up audiences with their illicit school girl romance in their 2002 video All the Things She Said. The two, drenched by the rain, stand in their wet uniforms behind a chain-link fence while disapproving adults watch the girls battle with their forbidden love.  It doesn’t take long for things to get really heated, with the two fervently kissing, not to mention the camera sneaking a peak up their plaid skirts.

The feedback for their one-hit wonder was a mixed bag. Some found it inappropriate as the girls were just 17 at the time the video was released. In fact, it was considered so risqué that it was banned in several countries. Others found it merged the right amount of sex appeal, catchy beats and forward-thinking lyrics. They were applauded for their open sexuality, only for fans to find out a year later that the girls weren’t lesbians at all – they were marketed to act like lesbians. But in their defense, they felt they were championing for homosexuals rather than exploiting the situation. After the truth got out, many felt their video was a little less sexy, simply by being less authentic. But if you ask us, it sure looked pretty passionate.

Their five minutes of fame resulted in nearly 5 million copies sold of this single.

7 No. 7 – Britney Spears, I’ma Slave 4 U

Still a virgin at the time (her virginity being a hot-button topic), Britney Spears released her most scandalous video to date. In racy belly-baring looks with panties worn on top of her pants, the pop princess got down and dirty, shocking fans and critics. The video featured Spears and her dancers grinding and gyrating to sexy dance moves in a sweltering apartment; a choreographed scene shows Britney and a group of her dancers breathing heavily together in to the beat of the music. It was that particular scene, for its sexual innuendo, that really got people riled up.

At just 19, Britney was shedding her good girl image, and while the music video was definitely sexy, many critics felt the raspy and breathy singing didn’t suit her. I’ma Slave 4 U, written and produced by Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo of The Neptunes, didn’t sell as well as her previous music, with this being the first lead off an album that didn’t land on Billboard's Hot 100 top 10.

The song was a hit with celeb Nicole Richie who shared a video of herself dancing to the song. Britney recently called the House of Harlow designer on stage for her Vegas show to show off her moves.

6 No. 6 – Christina Aguilera Feat. Redman, Dirrty

Since her career began, Christina Aguilera was itching to shed her “bubblegum” look. Inadvertently following in Britney Spears’ footsteps, Christina refashioned herself as Xtina, playing up a vampy, bad girl image. Dirrty, which was nominated for a Grammy, highlighted the pop star’s impeccable vocals, but received some harsh criticism. Critics felt it wasn’t representative of the rest of her album and merely a copycat of Britney’s transition a year prior. There’s no doubt, though, that Xtina got down and dirty in this video, unleashing a much sexier side than fans had previously seen. From the her suggestive dance moves in the sweaty and grimy underground club to her tiny red panties marked with an X, the singer certainly knew how to keep your attention.

While Christina has toned down her image over the years, she still knows how to let loose. She recently applauded the wild Miley Cyrus, who donned her trademark Dirrty leather chaps, on her Bangerz tour.

5 No. 5 – N*E*R*D Feat. Vita & Lee Harvey, Lapdance (Censored)

Blink and you’ll miss it – and trust us, you don’t want to miss anything. The camera continuously pans to the right while a spotlight gives you a glimpse into the sexual energy of the party. Hot girls are grinding and dancing in the background wearing not much more than booty shorts, minis, tube tops and heels - and that's just the censored version. The NSFW video features plenty of topless girls suggestively touching and kissing each other. If you want to catch every touch and grab, censored or not, then you’ll want to keep your eyes glued to the video. This provocative track was used on several shows and films including One Tree Hill.

4 No. 4 – The White Stripes, I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself

3 No. 3 – Usher, Trading Places

Usher’s ready to lay back and enjoy the ride. Released in 2008 before his days on The Voice, Trading Places was the hunky singer’s way to encourage female sexual dominance. And the video shows just that; from the couch to the bed to the stairs, Usher’s on-screen lover releases her inner vixen. The brunette beauty wears lingerie for most of the video while getting sensual and steamy with Usher. The camera turns 180 degrees to emphasize their new suggestive position.

It wouldn’t be an Usher video if he didn’t show off some of his sexy dance moves either.

For any of you dreaming of trading places with Usher, he’s been working on a lingerie line for a while now, with some of the intimates featured in the video. Now you know what he likes – you’re welcome.

2 No. 2 – Beyonce, Partition

Grabbing the second spot on this list is this recent erotic number by Beyonce. The x-rated track appears on her self-titled visual album, which exploded on iTunes becoming the fastest selling record in their history. The singer is clearly rediscovering a sexier side with this song and video since giving birth to Blue Ivy in 2012.

This song is so risqué that Bey was apparently embarrassed to play it for her mom, Tina. “I’m just talking sh*t,” explained the 32-year-old. “She’s going to be very mad at me.” Beyonce free-styled the lyrics in the recording studio, which include “Driver, roll up the partition please, I don’t want you seeing ‘Yonce on her knees.” The initial background music was Justin Timberlake banging on buckets to accompany her.

The highly explicit nature of the song was mirrored in the equally naughty video that features Beyonce in several outfits that are so skimpy, they are one dance move away from a wardrobe malfunction. From a close-up of her behind in a jewel string bikini to barely-there lingerie under a long trench coat, Beyonce was definitely showing off her curves. When the album initially debuted with the song and video, there was a backlash from fans, and especially parents, who were surprised by Beyonce’s new musical direction calling it “pornographic”.

1 No. 1 – Eric Prydz, Call on Me

Grabbing the number one spot is the super sexy video that people still can't shake off.  It’s hard to look away from this one. Call On Me is a three minute video (that feels even faster thanks to its electric beat) featuring an aerobics dance class unlike anything you’ve seen before. The room’s filled with ladies in tiny, stretchy clothes and just one guy working out using very suggestive aerobic moves. From bare butts in spandex thongs to thigh-high leggings, this video takes a simple concept and capitalizes on just how sexy a dance workout can be. The guy (the one and only) who’s eye-flirting with the instructor the whole time ends up getting very friendly with her by the end – and we can’t say we aren’t jealous! These ladies are hot!

The dance tune is by Swedish DJ and producer, Eric Prydz. On top of this eye-popping video, the song itself was a hit: it was the fourth biggest single sold in the UK in 2004.

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