20 Hot Photos That Prove Amy Jo Johnson is the Sexiest Power Ranger Babe

Who remembers Amy Jo Johnson? Face it, she was your absolute favorite Power Ranger. If you say otherwise, then prepare to have your mind changed as you get blown away by our list of 20 hot photos of Amy Jo Johnson that prove she is at the very least, the Sexiest Power Ranger Babe. We don’t even care how many reboots of the Power Rangers there are, Amy Jo will always hold a special place in our hearts.

After playing the pink Power Ranger, Amy Jo went on to star in other awesome TV series, such as Flashpoint, Felicity, and The Division. Basically, she was the babe of the WB channel. Not only did she have the acting chops to help her land great roles on the silver screen, but she is also an incredibly talented gymnast, so she's clearly talented all over! As a result of her many qualities, it is easy to see how she is easily the best pink Power Ranger ever. Amy Jo was definitely the whole package, and that is all the more reason why you need to check out our list.

We have twenty photos here that will show you just how beautiful Amy Jo is. From her sweet and sassy demeanor to some sensual and downright sexy photo shoots, you are going to fall in love with Amy Jo all over again. You’re welcome.

20 This Sporty Ensemble

Via seanakizuki.blogspot.com and templeofamyjo.blogspot.com

So, this girl is athletic and hot? Say it ain’t so! Amy Jo Johnson was photographed at a country club in Las Vegas, and she was looking like a hole-in-one (excuse the pun.) We would volunteer to be her caddy any day. We didn’t even know that she played golf, but she was out there swinging clubs and sinking balls like it was nobody’s business. She looks casual yet sexy in a midriff-baring, cropped polo shirt and cargo pants. To protect her lovely face from the sun, she donned an orange baseball cap from The Gap and some designer shades.

19 This Daring V-Neck Dress

Via ebaumsworld.com

Ooh, la la! Amy Jo Johnson was looking beautiful outside of her Power Rangers uniform. She showed up to a party wearing a navy blue gown that featured a daring, deep V-neckline. It was absolutely gorgeous. She had her hair up in an effortless updo, and her natural-looking makeup made her look like the girl next door, but the enhanced version. We love everything about this photo, from her delightful smile, to her tanned skin, to the little bit of side-boob action we can spot. It is clear that a girl like Amy Jo Johnson can’t hide her hotness from the camera!

18 This Angelic Photo Shoot

Via poptower.com

Wow, just wow. Amy Jo was looking so sweet and delicate in this photo shoot. Everything about it just melds together so well. Her natural beauty truly shows in this photograph, in which the light is hitting her face just right, and we can see the highlights and reflections on her hair. Her soft brown eyes look so angelic and serene, and her pink lip gloss adds a touch of glam and femininity without being over the top. Her one-shoulder top is subtle yet sexy and some tiny silver hoop earrings complete the look. We are in love with this photo!

17 This Vintage Photo Shoot

Via blogspot.com

We are bringing you back to some old-school Amy Jo in this photo. We can clearly tell that this photograph was taken years ago, but there is no denying that she was hot even back then. Not even some old-school fashion sense could hide the hotness in this woman! In the photo, she is rocking perfect, silky-looking hair, a bright and bold pink lipstick, and just the right amount of a smokey eye makeup. Her brown eyes look absolutely striking as she looks up and to the side. We wonder what she was thinking in this photo? Probably that she would forever be remembered as the hottest Power Ranger ever and that I would write about her!

16 At The Charlie’s Angels Premiere

Via shutterstock.com

It may have been the world premiere of Charlie’s Angels, but it looked as though Amy Jo was giving the girls a run for their money! Amy Jo looked like such a cutie in this pink ensemble, complete with a cozy scarf and a necklace that lures our eyes to one of her favorite assets. Her thin-strapped tank top was intricately patterned and featured a wide V-neckline to show off loads of cleavage. We also think it is adorable that she wore pink and she is known as the pink Ranger. It could have been a coincidence, but it's still a sexy look.

15 When She Was Photographed in Bed

Via jurko.net

Unfortunately she was wearing clothes in this photo shoot, but the whole ambiance is very sexy indeed. Plus, we have to hand it to Amy Jo for being a classy girl, even when in the bedroom! She was still oozing sexiness, and she looked like a vixen in this shot. She is reclining on a bed and has her legs pulled up to her chest. She is wearing a little black dress and looking up at the camera with a coy look in her eyes. We believe that Tyra Banks would say that Amy Jo is “smizing” in this picture! The actress’ red heels are lovely and add a lot to her overall look. Love!

14 This Simple Head-on Picture

Via ilarge.lisimg.com

This photograph is simple and refined, yet gorgeous. Our favorite part of this picture may be Amy Jo’s haircut. The choppy layers in her medium-length, chestnut brown hair are lovely. Plus, she has got this cheeky subtle smile that just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Seriously, it is a shame that she is covered up in that Power Ranger suit, because this girl is hot! We can’t help but notice that Amy Jo has an exceptional rack, and even an understated gray shirt can’t take away from that. With all due respect, Amy Jo, you have some serious sex appeal.

13 Rocking the Tights

Via blogspot.com

Aw, how sweet! Amy Jo is a master at embodying both the sweet fragility of a woman and the dynamic femininity of an independent lass. In this photo, she is perched on a stone railing and has a genuine-looking smile on her face. By the way, great teeth, sparkling and straight. She is wearing a printed thin-strapped dress and some sheer black tights. She paired that look with some classic Mary Jane-style shoes, and the whole ensemble looks really fun. In this photo, we just see a fun-loving Amy Jo. Even with the drab surroundings, it is clear that Amy Jo will always radiate beauty.

12 Showing Off Her Scars

Via blogspot.com

Here is a sweet picture of Amy Jo from back in the day. Nothing says girl-next-door like a pair of hip-hugger jeans and a simple tank top. Not a fancy outfit, yet she looks fabulous in them. Is it just us, or does Amy Jo’s skin just sparkle and glow in photos? Maybe it is expert lighting, but she always seems to look tan and toned. Another thing we noticed is that in this picture, we can see a pretty decent scar on Amy Jo’s left elbow. Did she get that while filming as a Power Ranger? We hope she was okay! There is nothing wrong with rocking the battle scars!

11 Multitalented Maven

Via blogspot.com

Amy Jo Johnson was a sight to see (and hear!) in this photo, where she donned her iconic pink Power Ranger suit and hit the streets while playing an acoustic guitar. It may seem a bit strange, but we absolutely love this. It turns out that Amy Jo is multitalented, rocking out both in front of a camera and a microphone. There is no doubt that the public was eating this up…how awesome would it be to just stroll along in your city and come across Power Ranger actress Amy Jo, wearing her costume and strumming on a guitar? Talk about one heck of a life moment.

10 She Can Rock the Grunge Look

Via maximumwallhd.com

When we hear the word “grunge,” our minds immediately go to Nirvana and a dirty-looking Kurt Cobain. Don’t get us wrong; Nirvana was flippin’ awesome, but when we say that Amy Jo rocked the grunge look, we mean that she got in touch with her edgier side. This photo features Amy Jo in a belly-baring white tank top and some very 90s-looking pants. She is lounging back on a black leather sofa and is holding the neck of her guitar between her thighs. Everything about this is just so nonchalant yet alluring. This was definitely a departure from her normal pictures, but we love it.

9 This Endearing Throwback Picture

Via news.tokunation.com

My, my, my, if it isn’t the fashion faux pas trends from the 1990s. And may we just say that Amy Jo is totally owning it. In this photo, we can see that Amy is going with the layered look: a crop-top tank, an unbuttoned floral blouse, and a thick zip-up sweatshirt with fur lining on the cuffs. Oh, and she is even wearing a choker necklace, how old-school is that? Amy Jo most certainly had a body to show off, but she did it in a cute and innocent way. She was wearing those crop tops before they became famous by Taylor Swift!

8 Black and White Beauty

Via pantyhoz.net

In this classic black and white photo, Amy Jo is looking all grown up and very elegant. She has got her signature shoulder-length hair, side-swept bangs, and those big brown eyes. Her lips are plump and kissable and her makeup is flawless. Amy Jo was photographed while she was looking up and to the side, giving us an air of mystery. What is no mystery, is that the actress is one our favorite Power Ranger ever. We loved watching her kick butt in her pink costume, but we also adored her in her more natural state of beauty. She is clearly amazing through and through!

7 Easy Breezy

Via pinimg.com

In this easy breezy photo shoot, Amy Jo is back in her thin-strapped paisley dress. We saw this outfit in one of our other photos, and in this picture she is standing up, leaning on the stone railing, and gazing into the camera. We honestly think that Amy Jo looks a lot like Natalie Portman in this photo. She has got the tanned skin, the easy-going smile and the delicate look in her eyes. Her hair is a bit shorter in the photo, and she is rocking some lovely highlights. By this point we are convinced that Amy Jo could wear a potato sack and shave her head and we would still consider her gorgeous.

6 City Babe

Via celebs101.com

Amy Jo Johnson + a city street + “mom jeans” = pure wonder. Seriously though, if anyone was able to pull off the bizarre fashion trends of decades past, it was Amy Jo. Not only did she steal the hearts of kids while whipping baddie butt on the Power Rangers TV show, but she was also one of the hottest actresses out there. She was comfortable in her iconic pink suit or in a flowing ball gown. Or, as this photo proves, in a basic tank top and jeans. Amy Jo’s versatility and fragile beauty will forever hold a place in our hearts.

5 This Steamy Photo Shoot

Via celebs101.com

In this picture, we see Amy Jo wearing her hair a bit longer, and her neckline a bit lower! This black and white photo is definitely a departure from her other looks. In the picture, we see a very sensual and sexy Amy Jo, lounging on the floor and leaning over a bit. Let’s just say that this is the type of picture that would be worthy of a wallpaper. Everything about this is a turn-on, from her skimpy lingerie slip to her bare-faced makeup to her pouty lips. This photo shoot proved once and for all that Amy Jo Johnson is the only girl we want to be our pink Power Ranger.

4 Channeling Selena?

Via digitaljournal.com

You can call us crazy, but Amy Jo definitely looks like Tex-Mex superstar Selena in this photo. And that is a good thing indeed! Needless to say, Amy Jo still looks like her own woman in this picture. We see her in all her tanned and toned glory, with bare shoulders that perfectly catch the rays of sunshine. She has a half-up, half-down hairstyle, a bold lip, and smoldering eyes. Her crisp, white, sleeveless button-down adds an air of grace and elegance to the entire look. We just love seeing Amy Jo show off her radiance in such as effortless way.

3 Tight and Toned

Via blogspot.com

Well, hello there, Amy Jo. We absolutely adore this photo. It shows the actress looking fierce in her sweet and sassy way. Amy Jo is an absolute sweetheart, so when we see this picture, we feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Yet, there is also a classic sexiness to the actress, and her cropped tank top helps her to remind us that she is one hot babe. Being a Power Ranger, Amy Jo has to be in tip-top shape, so her abs are tight and toned. And check out her arms! It seems unfair for a girl to be both delicate and strong as heck.

2 Braless and Brave 

Via twitter.com

If you were waiting for a super-sexy photo of Amy Jo, then your requests have been answered. Here we see the actress going down a much more adult-oriented path. In the photo, she is leaning back against a brick wall and showing off those to-die-for abs and her toned thighs. She is also donning an unbuttoned white shirt, which gives us quite a peek at her torso. Hello, side boob. Her tiny short-shorts just add to this sexy photo shoot. This is definitely not a side that Amy Jo would show as a Power Ranger, but let’s be honest. We love it.

1 Western Wonder

Via fanpop.com

Last but not least, we have Amy Jo posing as a rough-and-tough cowgirl. Well, not exactly, but the cowgirl hat and the western-looking background definitely lend an air of toughness. Anyway, we already knew that Amy Jo was one hot babe. And that she could release a big can of whoop-ass. In this photo, she is gazing into the horizon, showing off her squinty eyes, and looking like the perfect mix of vulnerable and fierce. Seriously, where did Amy Jo go? Can she come back into our lives? Like, now?! Whether she is a cowgirl, a Power Ranger, or just the girl-next-door, we want it!

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