15 Ways That Video Games Can Actually Improve Your Life

Let me guess… you love to play video games, right? If so, congratulations, you’re not alone. In a relatively short time, video games evolved from primitive and program-resembling stuff to the fantastic creations they are now. As a result, now they are popular in almost every region on the planet, and their popularity drastically continues to grow.

While most players range from 18-35 years old, video games are also popular with little kids and 60-year-old uncles, and are played almost equally between males and females. Some people, however, believe that video games are a waste of time and say that they aren’t worth attention. Well, maybe some games are worse than others, but there are also great ones that, in many ways, can help you improve your life.

To learn how games affect people, scientists made lots of long and detailed studies to understand how they change people’s health, communication, mood, learning capabilities, and many other factors. If scientists are right (I hope they are), video games are as beneficial for learning, staying healthy and being happy as doing other popular activities, like reading and jogging.

Without keeping you hungry for answers about how video games actually improve you, I encourage to read about it below.

15. They Inspire You

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As you play games, you probably see many amazing heroes. Their strength, speed, and intelligence as well as character qualities like bravery and determination keep people inspired and believing that they can also be as great as their video game heroes.

To have your own hero or heroes is one of the best things you can have. By knowing what heroes you like, you can learn more about yourself and understand what qualities you should develop to be the best possible version of “you” that you can ever be.

So, if you still don’t know who are your heroes in life, find some of them, realize what their qualities are, find out why you respect them the most and learn how to improve these qualities in yourself to be more like them.

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13 They Improve Teamwork Skills

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Because there are more and more players worldwide, many game developers decided to create online games in which people could play together against computers and other players. Such games are perfect for developing team-working skills.

In every game, things teams do are a bit different, but most often, they need to strategize about many different things. Usually, first things teams do is to decide who will do what. Later, they create tactics on how to win in specific situations that, if a game is hard, most often don’t go completely as planned and require fast decision-making skills while in a game.

Also, to be successful in teamwork, players have to always communicate to make sure other team members know about what’s happening in a match and be prepared to act accordingly. It’s like a real-life war with lots of communication at the same time, only make video games even better at developing team-working skills.

13. They Can Earn You Money

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If you can become advanced at any game or games, you can get lots of money from it, and in some cases, even more than a full-time job! To do so, you need to become an expert in a particular game, know every detail, secret, and techniques no one else knows.

Sounds hard and time-consuming? Maybe, but to become professional at any place, even if it's video games, you need to make it your passion and goal to become the best at it.

Even if you don’t want to be the number 1 player in a game, you can always brainstorm other ideas how to make money from games. A great example is when people add funny game videos on YouTube, or live stream on Twitch. There, people who have many fans, advertise products from which they get lots of money from. Want to try it? Get a lot dedicated fans and start a business from your home.

12 They Show You How Technologies Work

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If you want to become a professional in video games, you’ll need to learn a lot about such things as programs, Add-Ons, the best hardware for gaming, and all other gamer-related stuff. If you learn plenty about such things, you’ll understand a lot more about the modern world.

Many people still know little about these things, so your knowledge will shine when people will start to speak about them. No matter if it's a game’s environment or in a meeting with friends, people will see that you are experienced in this subject. By giving your knowledge away to others, one day you can find yourself in a situation when someone will offer you a job in this area.

11 They Teach You How To Not Sleep

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Sounds fun? It is, and if you enjoy playing video games at night, you've probably seen how fast hours go by without noticing. Is it bad? Not really, especially if you enjoy playing. Then you may ask what about sleep quality?

When you play video games, your body uses fewer calories because you move less than, for example, you would while running. This means that you can play video games for many hours and experience little difficulties in doing so. So, if playing games doesn’t make you tired, then why you should go to sleep? People need sleep to get energy, but if they don’t use it, then why should you sleep?

After all, if you sleep a few days less than regularly, you’ll only find your body working better when it gets less sleep, while other will be tired and asking for sleep.

10 They Boost Your Memory

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Many studies claim that video games are as beneficial to your brain as solving difficult equations, puzzles, and quizzes. One of the great examples is a research from the University of California-Irvine, which discovered that when people played 3-D games, their hippocampus changed.

The hippocampus is a part of your brain, which is responsible for improving complex learning and memory skills. In some participants, an increase was as high as 12%! Moreover, scientists think that if they continued the study for a longer period of time, the results could be even better. Also, it’s suggested that other brain’s centers should also have at least some benefit from video games. Most importantly, don’t forget to use those learning skills in real life.

If you want to increase your learning skills by making it fun, get some fast-action or strategy games because they require you to think a lot and to it quickly.

9 They Increase Your Coordination

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If you’re looking for a way to boost coordination (the organization of different parts of your body to working as one) skills, then video games are ready to help you.

As you play, you need to keep a constant alertness on what’s happening on the screen and, at the same time, click buttons with the arms. This is like to do two different tasks at the same time. Developing coordination skills with games is such a great method that in some places, surgeons are encouraged to play before they start to do their first operations.

For the best results, scientists recommend you to play first-person shooters, as they boost motor skills and help to build fast decision-making abilities. Such skills are especially important for exercising and working a fast-paced style of work.

8 They Reduce Your Stress And Depression

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Feel sad or annoyed? Then grab a plasma rocket launcher and have fun by protecting the Earth against alien invasions. There are a lot of studies done that discovered a connection between playing games and decreased levels of stress and depression, one of the mostly spread diseases in the western world.

The reason behind it is that games require you to concentrate on what’s happening at the moment of playing, not what have happened in real life before. For instance, enjoying Angry Birds is an easy and relaxing exercise for almost every personality type.

As video games are able to distract you from what bad happened in real life, you forget bad things or, after remembering, care about them less.

Also, by distracting your mind from problems, people tend to come again to the same problems with new great solutions on how to solve these problems. These solutions come from unconsciousness.

7 They Sharpen Your Decision Making Skills

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Even while playing “run and shoot” style games, you improve decision-making skills. When you play, you constantly need to make decisions on what you should do next to survive another attack - hide, find the best defense position, or attack with a hope to win.

Sometimes, while playing video games, you’ll need to make even more difficult decisions that will determine the whole content of games. Also, they challenge your beliefs and on what is right and what is wrong, and only give you enough freedom to decide what is the best choice. Great examples are Witcher, Dragon Age, Fallout, and many other popular series.

By playing such games, you’ll be able to learn more about yourself. If something similar were to happen in the future, you’ll be able to choose and act faster than those who don’t play video games. Sounds useful, right? Then enjoy playing decision-making games.

6 They Can Improve Your Vision

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Not all, but some games are helpful to restore brilliant vision. The best ones seem to be those that are fast-paced, with lots of movement, and requiring decision making - like first-person shooters, real-time strategy, and intense MMO (massive multiplayer online) games. The reason why they improve vision is because they require people to always look to different corners of a screen.

Moving your eyes from one place to another is a good exercise for the eye muscles and a great way to decrease tension experience when looking for too long to close-by objects.

Simply put, some video games work like a healthy training routine for your eyes. For instance, many yogis do eyes exercises daily to make sure they eyes stay healthy in older age. But, well, doing exercises for many people isn’t as fun as playing games, which may yield the same results as exercises.

5 Some Video Games Can Get You Moving

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Today, many people are experiencing obesity, so video games creators are releasing more and more video games that require people to move. It helps many folks to lose unnecessary weight, become healthier and enjoy a beautiful figure. Furthermore, one research discovered that when people play movement-requiring games, they tend to do more sport in real life to further sharpen their skills.

Also, the same study said that people became more interested in trying the same sports in reality, and even encouraged other people to join. This means that by playing video games, we can get healthier and become real life athletes at the same time.

Moreover, there is a high probability that in the future we will see advanced virtual sports. For example, such games like Dota 2 and Counter Strike don’t require players to move a lot (only fingers and eyes) but in the future, we could see games requiring not only experience in a specific game but also great physical shape to win.

4 They Help To Strengthen Connections

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As our world becomes more and more digital, sometimes it may seem difficult to find connections in the real life. This leads to some people becoming lonely, especially those who live in remote areas and don’t have people to speak with. There is where games come to help us. To strengthen connections and create big communities, now game developers are creating games in which people could play together, chat, join groups, meet old and find new ones.

Of course, video games aren’t sophisticated enough to completely replace real life connections but rather a way to strengthen what you have in reality. Additionally, one study found that people who struggle to find friends in real life, express themselves and become happier from video games.

As participants played video games, they became more communicative, found friends and became happier than before. This means that an old superstition that people who play video games become lonely is false. The most important thing is care about real life connections as well.

3 They Boost Creativity And Imagination

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Some think that video games don’t develop creativity and imagination. Well, it depends on what you think imagination is. For example, many famous people like Pablo Picasso and J. Morrow admit that they were using ideas of other great people, who had created amazing things before.

I’m not talking about short-term trends, but about things that people always cared for and needed in order to live a happy life. Such things are joy, love, appreciation, and an ability to improve further. Without adding these qualities in your work, no imagination or creativity can help make your work amazing.

So, if you want to get great ideas on how to show your imagination and creativity skills, play fantasy video games. I recommend you to try World of Warcraft, Final Fantasy, Elder Scrolls, and Aion games that are total fantasy bombs.

2 They Inspire An Interest In History And Culture

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Playing games, especially those that are about the past or by some way show players different cultures, encourages people to learn more about the world. Great examples are Age of Empire, Assassin’s Creed, Total War, and other well-known series.

After playing such games, people become more or less interested in what happened in a particular time in history and want to learn more about the cultures, their architecture, philosophy, and beliefs.

By combining what you learn from games and other sources of information, you can make yourself smart on any subject.

Furthermore, researchers proved that if kids play video games related to the real world, they tend to use learned skills a lot better than those kids who learn only from books. So, if you want your kids to learn more about the world and satisfy their curiosity, make sure they have some games.

1 They Make You Happy

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The most important thing in the world is to enjoy what you do. No matter what others say about your hobbies or particular games you play. Do what you love, and you’ll be much happier than those who do what they say they “need" to do.

After all, nowadays many passionate players become e-sports professionals and build an enjoying and profitable career from their passion for playing video games. For instance, League of Legends, Dota 2, and StarCraft II are just a few games in which people can make lots of real money. But it requires lots of practice, skills, and determination to succeed, as does every other career in the world if you want to become successful. Those who succeed become famous all around the world and sometimes get enough money to start their own small business.

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