15 Totally Irritating Celebrity Couples

Sometimes celebrities can be irritating. This is a simple fact of life. Some of them of course are celebrities because they are irritating; people like any of the Kardashian's or Paris Hilton come to mind. Others are irritating in a more subtle way. It's like you don't know why this person bothers you so much, they just do. Every time you see a photo of them you get irritated.

This, of course, is even worse when it comes to celebrity couples. There is nothing worse than seeing two celebrities that you can not stand smiling, holding hands, and acting all happy and in love. You might think to yourself "Oh he is just jealous" of course, but no, I wish it were that simple. The fact is these couples are just not interesting. It is just like that obnoxious couple on Facebook always tagging themselves whenever they go out to eat.  We don't need to know what they did on their date last night, how much they love each other, where they had lunch, or where they are vacationing. Honestly, we just don't care about your relationship at all.

What follows are the very most irritating celebrity couples. Some are on this list because they are total idiots, others are on this list because we are all just so tired of hearing about them. Here are 15 totally irritating celebrity couples. But whatever you do just don't tell them we did this article- they might want to pose for it.

15 Emily Blunt and John Krasinski

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14 Ben Stiller and Christine Taylor

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These two have been together since 1999 and got married in 2000. We almost feel badly about this one. Almost, but not quite. At first this whole thing seemed awesome. Ben Stiller was, and is, truly smart and funny, while Christine is a total knockout. What is not to love? But as the years have gone on seeing these two smiling together has gotten old. To make it worse, they are both  vegans. Gross.

13 Kat Dennings and Josh Groban

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Just yuck all around. Kat is an actress who practices transcendental meditation, was home schooled, and doesn't like to be around people who drink. Josh Groban is a ridiculously popular singer who spends a lot of time and money giving to charity.  He has recorded a Christmas album. Okay, I have to stop, I just threw up a little in my mouth. These two are irritating as individuals, but together they are just horrific. Make them go away, or at least break up. They have been hanging out since 2014.

12 Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick

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These two have been together since 1997 and are pretty adorable together. Let's face it, Sarah is cool, and it is hard to not like her, and Matthew was in Ferris Bueller's Day Off so he gets a free pass for that. All would be great except that Broderick killed two people in a head-on crash in 1987 while he was driving in the wrong lane. He claims he does not remember what happened, and was facing 5 years in prison, but got off with a small fine. So yeah, let's just say that whole "killed two people and got away with it" makes he and Sarah look a bit less cute together.

11 Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler

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These two have been together since 2011. We all know Vanessa used to go out with mega stud Zac Efron back in the day, and yes, it is true that she has been hanging out with Austin for a while now. Still, let's face it, all of us know this is not going to last, and that is what makes the whole thing so cringeworthy. Seeing photos of Austin with her on the beach is somewhat reminiscent of seeing a death row prisoner get his last meal.

10 Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves

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We all know who Matthew is of course - he is one of the most famous actors in the world. Camila is a former model, and is his wife. They have been together since 2008. While they have been together a long time, there is something about a dude who seems to be as smug as McConaughey hanging out with some faceless chick as hot as Camila that just seems fake, and lame. While they are probably truly in love, the skeptic in me keeps thinking trophy wife. Either way, we don't need to see this. Truly.

9 Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis

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These two have been together since 2013. All right, Jason is okay, he seems it anyway, but Olivia is just way too smug. She got her stage name from the ultra-hip author Oscar Wilde and she got married to her first husband when she was 19 (on a school bus). She officially started dating Jason two months after her divorce, which is always suspicious. She was voted the "sexiest vegetarian celebrity" by PETA. I could go on, but I am getting more grossed out by the second. Good luck, Jason.

8 Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel

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All right you two, we get it. You both are so enormously famous, talented, gorgeous and rich that no one else would be able to get either one of you other than someone equally famous, talented, gorgeous and rich. The thing is though, we all need a big favor if you don't mind: could you guys go do all of that in private someplace else?  We just don't care a whole lot. They got together in 2007 and were married in 2012.

7 Nicole Richie and Joel Madden

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6 Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart

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This one is relatively self-explanatory. Jennifer is a huge star who is on her way down, and while she still looks good, her 46-year-old butt is not what it used to be. Casper is 29 and is an actor. His biggest role to date is pretending he is really into Jennifer Lopez. These two break up all the time, and the whole thing is kind of embarrassing to watch. We all know how this story is going to end. They have been together, kind of, since 2012.

5 Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively

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These two have been hanging out since 2010. At least that is the official date, it may have been earlier as Scarlett Johannson seems to think that Ryan and Blake were sleeping together when she was still going out with Ryan. I have to admit that Ryan Reynolds is a likable actor, but he does the smug thing a little too well, even off camera. That and the fact that these two may have started off as cheaters makes me wish that they would just go away.

4 Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard

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Once again we have a situation where as individuals we have two cool people, who seem super irritating as a couple. Why do so many of these couples think we care so much about them and how cute they are? If you have not just eaten a big breakfast and feel that you won't get sick to your stomach just check out this horrible video in which they both dance around and play air guitar on sticks, because you know, they are so adorable. It really is horrible. They have been together since 2007.

3 Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen

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2 Demi Lovato and Wilmer Valderrama 

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These two have been together since 2010. Demi is an enormous star, Wilmer is the guy that played Fez on That 70's Show around 300 years ago and has done nothing since then. Demi loves telling everyone as much as she can how much she loves Wilmer, while Wilmer loves going out with a chick that is super rich and hot. This is obviously a match made in heaven and will continue until Demi finally wakes up from whatever spell she is under.

1 Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

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This one almost seems like a joke. If there was some sort of contest where you would win a million dollars if you could come up with the most insane, deluded and irritating celebrity couple in the world, pretty much everyone would pick Kim and Kanye. The only thing that is interesting at all about these two is wondering when they will break up, because let's face it, these two are not growing old together. They have been kicking it together, in a very irritating way, since 2012.

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