15 Times We Shouted For A Character's Death On Screen

You know these moments when a character on the screen is so annoying, so evil and cruel, that you sometimes get the urge to get inside the screen and strangle the rascal? We all have those moments. Scriptwriters and producers of successful shows are so cunning nowadays. The stories they develop to distribute to us are so addictive; they make us dwell between the imagination and reality for days. The never-ending battle between good and evil on screen gets so tense sometimes that we get all emotional and end up cheering for the villain's death like crazy maniacs. In those shows that we follow without blinking, bad guys usually terrorize the good fellas, get away with some gut-wrenching deeds, and throw a wicked smile to the audience while they are doing it.

You feel it? Yup, those are the moments.

Today we list some of the scenes in recent modern television which got us shouting like crazy. The moments when a wicked villain finally meets his end. We'll try to remind you of the golden moments when the justice has been served, with extra violence on top. Those characters deserved what came their way, and many of us couldn't wait for their demise to come. Here are the moments where we all shouted for the character's death on screen:

15 Rust Finally Kills The Yellow King, True Detective

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Do you remember the first season of True Detective? A show that raised the bar in drama/thriller genre making us wait impatiently for the each consecutive episode. And with every episode, ingenious screenwriters revealed a tiny bit of the gruesome story where two main protagonists, Rust Cohle (Matthew McConaughey) and Marty Hunt (Woody Harrelson) trailed the perpetrator who remained at large through the timespan of 17 years.

The notorious psycho who killed a girl in a satanic act turned out to be guilty of dozens, if not hundreds of deaths of women and children all across the state of Louisiana. The creepy maniac stored bones, body parts, and intestines of his victims in his house, deep in the forest. The whole case traumatized the detectives for 17 years because they weren't able to get a clue that would lead them closer to the minotaur-like boogeyman/psychopath killer.

To spice the finale up (and raise the tension through the roof), detectives found the killer in a horror maze of tunnels in the ground, filled with creepy symbolic elements, a load of branches and roots, and a thousand possible hideouts for the villain to attack. In an epic fight, both detectives get stabbed, and Rust shoots the maniac in the head when he's about to pulverize Marty with a spiked hammer. That was close!

14 The Death of Vee, Orange Is The New Black

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A very successful series from Netflix, OitNB portrays the life in women's prison with all of its unpleasantries. The show follows the life of the inmate community and rivalries between the groups and various stories and twists that happen between the protagonists.

The main villain (and the most dominant one in the series so far) in the second season is Yvonne Parker, a rough and cunning woman nicknamed Vee. A strong character, tall and bulky, with big wild hair, Vee is an intimidating person that will do whatever it takes to get what she wants.

This villain is one of those types you'd like to strangle. Praising love and relationship on the outside, but showing wicked personality inside, this character was everything but a friend to anyone inside the Litchfield prison. She wants to control the contraband distribution from Red, (Kate Mulgrew) and she walks over bodies if necessary. Brute force attacks, manipulation, psychological influence of the weak, and a pure evil face made Vee one of the scariest women villains ever. Luckily, she meets her end when she stepped on the road. Moments later, a van hits her, driven by Rosa, a cancer patient/prison fugitive on the run.

13 Dexter Kills Arthur Mitchell, The Trinity Killer, Dexter

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The whole concept of the thriller drama Dexter is based on the main protagonist living a double life; in the first, regular life, he's a forensic technician specializing in blood spatter pattern analysis, and a serial killer of killers in the other. Dexter (played by Michael C. Hall) is a weirdo who can track down serial killers and deal with them in a recognizable way, like a vigilante.

During season 4, we meet Arthur Mitchell; a decent man, father of two and a charity organization head who lives the double life as a serial killer, same as Dexter. During this season, we find out this twisted man kills people in a consecutive pattern of three, thus earning the name Trinity Killer.

Even though we all felt joyful every time Dexter found the killer and dealt with him, this one was pretty special - Mitchell (John Lithgow) killed his wife and left Dexter's son Harrison in her blood on the floor, reflecting the childhood trauma that made Dexter a serial killer. Dexter decides he will end this psycho with a blunt, or a sharp end of the hammer. For the joy of millions watching, he chose the sharp side.

12 Commodus Is Killed By Maximus, Gladiator

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There aren't just bad guys from series that make us want to scream to our screens. In Gladiator, Commodus (Joaquin Phoenix) was an arrogant, rude and psychopathic villain, a perfect arch-enemy of the main protagonist, Maximus (Russel Crowe).

An unpredictable man who abused his power often, Commodus was a real example of how not to behave. Always power-hungry and mentally unstable, he frequently had nervous breakdowns. He was a primary candidate for the Emperor's heir, but because of his behaving, his father, Marcus Aurelius denies him the throne, and Commodus killed him for that.

Many couldn't stand this arrogant and weak scoundrel who never got the real taste of battle. Cruel, spoiled and cunning, he stabbed Maximus in the side with a knife before their showdown at the end; a typical move of a coward. When Maximus disarmed him, this coward yells for a sword from the guards around the arena. When he got no response, he tried to kill Maximus with the hidden knife again. But luckily, Maximus kills him.

11 Jax Teller Kills Clay Morrow, Sons of Anarchy

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From a leader to be reckoned with, a true matriarch of power and a father figure, Clay Morrow got to the place of being a lonely and scared grandpa waiting to be executed. The President of the Sons of Anarchy played his cards wrong and led the club in the wrong direction. He was responsible for the death of Jon Teller, Jax Teller's dad, one of the founders of the motorcycle club and his best friend from the old times.

Clay continues his dark path by killing Piney, another founder and elder of the club, and attempting the abduction of Tara, Jax's wife. A ruthless man, violent and cruel, he stayed hidden from the Jax's perspective, but Jax finds out who his President actually is. In the planned action, the club breaks Clay out from the prison and sets the scene to deal with multiple problems. In a powerful reckoning, Jax kills Clay with the shot to the neck. He waited for so long to kill him, and so did we.

10 Dr. Romano Dies, ER


Were you a passionate ER fan back in the '90s? If you were, then you'll remember this guy instantly. Watching Romano criticize everybody and everything, always in a mood for a fight seriously got on everybody's nerves. The producers made this character an arrogant, mean and rude person, often offending women. That's what made him the one character we all hated the most in ER.

This is a guy you wouldn't want to start a fight with. He fired Dr. Benton in an instant, and blacklisted him in medical circles, making his life miserable. Not being able to find another job, Dr. Benton had to beg to be hired back. Guess who is the person he had to beg.

Here's a fun fact; Romano died from a helicopter, his worst enemy since the beginning of season 9 when he lost his arm to the rotor blades. Nobody felt bad for his death except Elizabeth Corday. We might mention that more than some even enjoyed the fact.

9 Calvin Candie Shoot by Dr. Schultz, Django Unchained

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Calvin Candie (Leonardo DiCapriowas one of the main antagonists of the movie and a real representation of the redneck racist hate movement. He was the owner of the fourth largest cotton plantation in Mississippi, which he ironically named "Candyland". A very cruel and sadistic man, Calvin got wealthy from hosting slave Mandingo fights and running a brothel where all kinds of nasty things were happening. He was the slimy type of villain, the one you'd gladly dispose of with a blunt weapon.

He tortured slaves and enjoyed watching them in pain. When a slave refused to fight, he fed the dogs with him. Alive. A slave named Stephen was his only friend and a guy who had an affection to his master (kudos to Samuel L. Jackson for the role). Unfortunately, he didn't die from the blunt weapon, but from a bullet to the chest. Thank you, Dr. Schultz, for disposing of this guy.

8 Amon Goeth Hanged, Schindler's List

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For #8 on our list, we have an all-time classic monster; a man who did some gut-wrenching atrocities without any indifference. He killed numerous prisoners in Poland during 1943 & 1944, while he was at the head of the concentration camp in Krakow. Amon Goeth (Ralph Fiennes) basically emptied the whole Jewish ghetto in Krakow, killing hundreds of innocent people. This character was so sick and twisted that he had absolutely no remorse for the human life. He killed people for almost any minor reason or no reason at all. Mass shootings and hangings in the public and insane laughter of this man sent chills down the spine of anyone around him. Here's an interesting fact - this character is based on a real person.

He was so evil that even the Nazis charged him with failing to adhere to the rules of prisoner treatment. The Nazis themselves, who were psychopaths, that's right. That's how intense this guy was. He ends in the asylum in 1945 but hasn't stayed there for a long time. Americans arrived and extradited him to Poland, where he was prosecuted and hanged. Such a feeling of content when you see a man dying from hanging.

7 Paul Sheldon Kills Annie Wilkes, Misery

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Nothing more scary than a lunatic fan.

Anne (Kathy Bates, won an Oscar for this role) is a severely mentally damaged nurse and the biggest nightmare of Paul Sheldon (James Caan), the main character in the 1990 psychological thriller adaptation of Stephen King's novel, Misery. We know that King is a horror master, and this piece confirms his status. Anne rescues Paul from the wreckage of his car and takes him to her house in the wilderness. The writer awakens to realize his both legs are broken, and his shoulder is dislocated. It turns out that Anne is his "#1 fan" and a devoted reader of his books. She seems pretty attracted to the romance novels he wrote, and as a reward, he gives her the manuscript for the new book he worked on.

Here's where we slowly realize this woman is delusional, multi-person oriented, and deeply depressed individual. From extreme rage to tears, Anne is capable of hurting Paul badly just to force him to do what she wants - make a new book where Misery, the main character of Paul's novels won't die. She breaks his ankles with a sledgehammer to prevent him from escaping, drugs him, and even shoots the sheriff who came to the house looking for Paul. In the dramatic ending, Paul manages to kill the lunatic woman by hitting her in the head with an iron. Tense, and stressful, bloody scene, ending her sick and twisted intentions.

6 T-1000 Finally Meets Its End, Terminator 2

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Now here's a face we all remember. The scenario which haunted many in nightmares evolved, making us tense and waking up at night. The guy is chasing to kill you, and he doesn't stop, no matter how hard you hit him. Sara, John and T800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger) all shot a million rounds in this guy, yet he kept chasing them like it was nothing. There was something creepy in this guy's face expression that disturbed everybody. Well played, Robert Patrick!

Among many others, the car chase scene was pretty intense. The gang shoots with all guns they have to get rid of him, but without any success. The car finally starts picking up the speed, but that is not a problem for this guy. He runs as fast as the car! After a lot of tense battles and chasing, T800 manages to push him into the melting pit, where he finally won't recuperate. Many of us shouted like crazy when he finally meet his end in this all-time classic.

5 Darth Vader Pushes Emperor Palpatine (Darth Sidious) Over The Edge To His Death, Star Wars

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Emperor Palpatine or Darth Sidious was the central villain of the whole Star Wars saga. This villain was the type that pulled all the strings from the shadows, toying with character's lives. While he appeared in the public, Sidious was the unassuming Senator Palpatine of Naboo. He used this position to shape galactic events to his scheme. During the multiple streams of events in the storyline, Anakin Skywalker appeared, and Darth Sidious recognized him as The Chosen One. He corrupted him and turned him into his new apprentice, Darth Vader.

Vader was among the most powerful Sith commanders, and with him on his side, Darth Sidious was unstoppable; until the young Luke Skywalker refused the Dark Side. Sidious asks Vader to kill Luke without remorse for Luke being Vader's son. In a dramatic finale, Darth Vader redeems himself by pushing the dark lord Sidious into his death, while losing his life as well, to save Luke. A bit of good at the end.

4 Tony Soprano Strangles Ralph Cifaretto, The Sopranos

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Mobsters can be tough, violent and cruel. Still, Ralph Cifaretto (Joe Pantoliano) went a bit too much. He was not a typical villain that you'd want dead, but a member of the crew who would make you feel disgusted. His bursts of rage and violence came out from his deep affection to the cocaine. He was loud, obnoxious and impatient. As a member of the Soprano family, he was the biggest earner and the savviest criminal, yet, he was careless and ruthless. He was hooked on the 2000' blockbuster Gladiator and kept citing quotes from the movie.

Ralph was corrupted, wicked and twisted, and his earning skills got him thinking he's unbeatable. He was living like a king and behaved like nobody could touch him. He started a fight with Tracee, a stripper from the mafia club pregnant with his child at the time, and he beat her to death. He was into S&M sexual activities and a masochist. After several troubles that he caused, it was done when he set the stables with Tony Soprano's favorite horse Pie-O-My inside. Tony and Ralph confront in a fierce fight, resulting in the death of Ralph. He strangled him while we watched and cheered.

3 Joffrey Baratheon Dies From Poison, Game of Thrones

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With our list getting close to the end, we reach Joffrey Baratheon, the spoiled, sadistic and rude brat who happened to be a king of Seven Kingdoms. What a horrible scenario for everybody else - to have a torture-loving, irresponsible and incompetent king who enjoyed inflicting pain on others. This irritating boy killed several characters of the series with enjoyment, and tortured and mocked everyone around him. He had a sick and perverted mind (his uncle was his father, after all), and an army of knights to protect him at all times.

This brat never did anything good in King's Landing, and many have suffered in his presence. He was particularly interested and entertained in afflicting pain to Sansa Stark (Sophie Turner), one of the main protagonists of the show, and few remaining characters from the fan-favorite house Stark. He beheaded Eddard Stark (Sean Bean) in front of his daughters and a whole city, causing huge reaction of the fans. This evil character met his end in the fourth season by poison. Many cheered his death, many wanted him dead sooner. Many wanted him killed by more brutal ways.

2 The Governor Is Beat And Shot To Death, The Walking Dead

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Have you jumped on The Walking Dead wagon? The survival horror drama is making ripples and waves on the entire globe. The continuous battle for survival in the new world filled with horrifying zombies is enriched with dozens of side stories for every character. Like in every popular series out there, villains are a big part of the show. And with the Governor, AMC definitely raised the bar.

There has been no character in TWD so far that was so hated by the audience like the Governor. This guy redesigned the meaning of the word "villain". He was a ruthless killer, manipulative psychopath, and a fearless alpha-male who never cared for anyone surrounding him. He messed up the plans of Rick & the Gang so often that people were making hate videos and posting them to YouTube every day. At the showdown, he entered their camp with a tank and a crew armed to the teeth and beheaded one of the most beloved characters of the entire series, Hershel Greene. When he did that gruesome act of violence and "sending a message," the things went south. It turned out to be his last frightful deed. Thank you guys, for killing this monster. Thank you.

1 Ramsay Bolton Gets Dismembered By His Hounds, Game of Thrones

Here we have the freshest scene that turned the audience into the crazy pack of bloodthirsty lunatics. But for this case, we can definitely say that the justice has been served. The global phenomenon Game of Thrones is unstoppable. We're most certain that you're familiar with the scene from the screenshot above. The chances are that you've shouted like maniac witnessing this one, but it's ok; GoT gets people to do that from time to time.

Ramsay Bolton (Iwan Rheon) was a psychopath and evil in its purest form. He hated everything and everybody and didn't hesitate to demonstrate his inner being on many occasions. Killing numerous people without blinking, torturing Theon Greyjoy for months and subduing him to be his slave were some of this character's actions. He enjoyed terrorizing and torturing his wife Sansa, killing his father and his newborn step brother by unleashing dogs to dismember him and his mother together. If there were a rating system of the "most evil and crooked villains of all time", Ramsay would definitely rank really, really high. In the end, he gets dismembered by his own dogs, from head to toe, and millions of fans celebrate vigorously.

Have you shouted witnessing these deaths? Which one is your favorite?

Sources: audienceseverywhere.net, imdb.com, watchmojo.com

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