15 Interesting Facts You Didn't Know About Ruby Rose

Are you ready to learn more about Ruby Rose, the famed Orange is the New Black actress? Did you know that she is famous for many other endeavors as well? Ruby Rose has a huge resume, and we don’t think that it is going to slow down anytime soon. Her professional career began when she was just 16 years old, and she has spanned the globe to become an international icon and sex symbol. She is also a source of inspiration and motivation to people of all ages and backgrounds, especially when she came out that she identifies as a gender-fluid person. This means that she feels most comfortable when she can transition between male and female as she pleases (and it also explains her sexy androgynous look.)

Ruby Rose never ceases to amaze us, and everyone always pricks up their ears when they hear her name in the news outlets or in casual conversation. So how about we explore some more details about this acclaimed actress? From her struggles through depression and bipolar disorder, to her rise to fame and her breakout into the American pop culture scene, you will quickly see why Ruby Rose is one of the most inspirational and talked-about celebrities of our time. Be sure to read through all of our items on this list and you will want to look up even more information about Ruby Rose. Don’t be afraid to join the bandwagon, because people all over the world are developing crushes on this celeb!

15 She Comes From A Cool Family

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And guess what? Her parents really did name of Ruby Rose; it isn’t a moniker that she took when she joined the acting scene. Her full name is Ruby Rose Langenheim, and her mother was an artist and single mother who was just 20 years old when she gave birth to Ruby. Throughout her youth, Ruby was exposed to art and the world, as she and her mother traveled all around her native Australia. Ruby is also the goddaughter of a famous boxer, Lionel Rose, who was one of the first successful boxers who was Indigenous Australian. Ruby’s great grandfather was Alec Campbell, who was the last surviving soldier of a well-known Australian battle: The Battle of Gallipoli. Obviously, Ruby Rose comes from an awesome family, and that probably instilled in her the confidence and winning personality that she has today.

14 She’s A Major Animal Lover

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Ruby Rose is not only a serious pet owner, but she is like a fur mama to her little fur babies. Ruby’s pets include Cricket the Cat and a couple dogs (her Instagram includes photos of her cuddling up to her pups and kitty). One of her dogs she refers to as her “luck dragon,” while the other is a “bat-dog.” Ruby Rose is also a firm supporter of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals,) and has participated in their “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign. Other animal welfare pursuits for Ruby Rose include posing for photo shoots and traveling across the world to promote the cause. Last year, Ruby Rose made headlines when she posted photos of herself snuggling in bed topless with her animals. Apparently Ruby’s former fiancee Phoebe Dahl wasn’t crazy about animals in the bed. Was that a reason for their split?

13 She Wrote Her Own Short Film

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Not only is Ruby Rose an iconic actress, but she is a producer and writer as well. Two years ago, she wrote, produced, and starred in a short film called Break Free, which was about gender and sexuality. In the production, Ruby Rose explores the concepts of femaleness and maleness, transitioning between the two genders to represent her identity as a genderfluid person. The short film ended up going viral on the Internet, which is awesome considering that Ruby Rose couldn’t find anyone who was willing to help her produce or film it. So she took it upon herself to practice her skills and gain some exposure. It worked, big time! Oh, and besides all of that, Ruby Rose has also worked as a DJ, model, and television personality, even winning awards for her work. Seriously, is there anything that this celebrity can’t do?

12 Her Net Worth Is $2 Million

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Yes, Ruby Rose has become a household name and one of the most sought-after celebrities in Hollywood. Men adore her, women love her, and she is a source of hope and light to others who are struggling with their identity, mental illness, or bullying. Ruby Rose is only 31 years old, but her net worth has skyrocketed to $2 million, thanks to all of the amazing endeavors she has explored throughout the years. She has done modeling work, she has been a guest judge, co-host, producer, and writer, she is a killer DJ, she designed her own clothing line and contributed to other fashion labels, she is a spokeswoman for several iconic beauty and makeup lines, she released a music video (“Guilty Pleasure,”) and she debuted on American television to critical acclaim. All of this adds up to make her one of the hottest and most inspirational actresses of our time.

11 She Was Abused As A Child

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Ruby Rose is now the celebrity epitome of confidence and individuality. Yet she has a dark past that she is no longer afraid to be open about. Her youth was riddled with schoolyard bullying, depression and anxiety over her sexuality and gender identity, and even a suicide attempt when she was just 12 years old (and opened up about being a lesbian.) Another drastic turn of events occurred when Ruby was sexually abused by her own godfather, and the incident definitely helped in the development of those suicidal thoughts and feelings of shame. What followed was a lot of therapy, rehabilitation, and a diagnosis that the actress was bipolar. Now she is a firm supporter of her organization Headspace, where she can be open and honest about her struggles and help young people who are going through the same thing. She has truly made something wonderful out of so much hurt.

10 She’s The Face Of A Makeup Campaign

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Ruby Rose isn’t a CoverGirl, but she is the face of Maybelline cosmetics in Australia. In fact, Ruby has achieved such recognition for her awesome makeup photo shoots that she has appeared in several acclaimed publications, include Vogue, Marie Claire, and Nylon. This past spring, Ruby Rose became the face of another famous brand: Urban Decay Cosmetics. She has also contributed to other beauty and fashion lines in the past, so you could probably say that she’s better than a CoverGirl! Ruby Rose has been part of Faircloth Lane (an ethical clothing line,) JVC, JAG, and Georg Jensen, and her incredible tattoos have landed her in New York’s Inked Magazine. Speaking of which, Maybelline Australia released a line of “tattoo” makeup inspired and modeled by Ruby Rose so that consumers can replicate the iconic look of this Aussie beauty. We’re sure we’ll see even more campaigns from her in the coming years.

9 She Stands For Doing Her Own Thing

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It is no secret that Ruby Rose is an individual who values the uniqueness that each person has. She is not willing to let other people or society determine how she should dress, act, or love. In fact, Ruby Rose has done plenty of her own things (as well as collaborating with designers, makeup artists, and other professionals.) For instance, Ruby released her own clothing line called Milk and Honey, which was well-received by the public in 2010. Ruby also created her very own YouTube channel in 2010, which garnered over 460,00 subscribers. Also, to drive home her passion for helping in the anti-bullying crusade, Ruby Rose started her own organization called Headspace, which was recognized by the Australian government in 2006. Headspace is targeted to youth who are struggling with mental illnesses such as anxiety, depression, and struggles with identity and gender. It provides counseling centers and support hotlines.

8 Boxing Runs In Her Blood

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Ruby Rose is the goddaughter of Lionel Rose, who was a famous Indigenous Australian boxer back in the day. It looks as though Ruby Rose caught the fighting fever, and she showed off those skills when she competed in a boxing match in 2012. Before you think that she is going to become a professional boxer, we should tell you that this was a boxing match for charity. Ruby was fighting in support of her youth mental health organization Headspace. The actress trained for only three months and fought against Yi Sia, a lightweight fighter with two years of experience. In three rounds of fighting, Ruby Rose came out on top! In fact, she won in a 60 to 44 victory. Of course, it was all for a good cause so it wouldn’t have mattered either way, but this just further proves the point that Ruby Rose is a wunderkind.

7 She Struggled With Alcohol Addiction

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Ruby Rose once struggled with overconsumption and excessive dependence on alcohol, but she did turn things around. The huge catalyst for making the change was when she had an embarrassing incident with singer Katy Perry. Ruby Rose ended up throwing up on the celeb, leaving her mortified and in realization that she needed to make a serious change. So she did, and she even wrote a personal piece for an Australian news site in which she wrote out her experience before and after breaking the habit. In her essay, she wrote that drinking was getting expensive for her, plus she often lost or misplaced her belongings (and for a time she lost of dignity, as she sometimes showed up wasted to dangerous parties.) Ruby Rose also encouraged readers to break the habit themselves, citing that excessive drinking can be bad for your health and your relationships. Take a cue from Ruby!

6 She Started Modelling At Age 16

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Ruby Rose has entered her 30s now, but she began her career as a model in Australia when she was just 16 years old. In 2002, she competed in the Girlfriend model search. She was the second-place winner, which gave her a lot of fame and modeling gigs. She was also a guest judge on Australia’s Next Top Model. At the time, Ruby Rose had a much more feminine look, which she gradually let go of in favor of a more androgynous appearance. Even though Ruby does more acting and designing than modeling these days, she is still a talent, and she often fills her Instagram account with beautiful and well-crafted photographs that show off her expert modeling skills. She has even posed with such pivotal supermodels like Elle MacPherson! Moreover, Ruby Rose has appeared in numerous publications, sometimes gracing the cover. For example, she has appeared in Maxim, Vogue Australia, and InStyle.

5 Orange is the New Black Was Her American TV Debut

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Ruby Rose was cast as the character Stella Carlin in Orange is the New Black. She joined the TV series in 2015 as OITNB was entering its third season. Ruby’s character Stella is supposed to be a very good-looking prisoner who enters the jail and infuses some sarcastic humor to the environment. Ruby Rose’s performance at Stella was quickly lauded as being fantastic, and she became a favorite character among many viewers. Stella becomes the love interest of Piper Chapman, and she is also contracted to work in the lingerie factory at the prison. Stella was thrown into jail for drug trafficking charges, and while in the prison, she develops a reputation for being outspoken and an occasional thief. For season four of OINTB, Stella appeared only once, leaving fans disheartened to see less of Ruby Rose. Has she left the show for good, or is she taking a hiatus?

4 She Dealt With A Lot Of Bullying

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One of the charitable causes that Ruby Rose adamantly stands for is promoting tolerance and discouraging bullying. She has helped with several anti-bullying campaigns and the actress actually has her own personal experiences with the cause. When Ruby Rose was younger, she was bullied a lot in school. Both girls and boys would throw punches at her and call her hurtful names. In one particularly violent incident, a girl at school picked up a metal chair and hit Ruby in the back of the head with it. The actress ended up in the hospital because of it! Ruby came out stronger in the end, and now she wants to help others who are experiencing what she dealt with in her younger years. In 2009, Ruby Rose gave an “f*** you” acceptance speech at the ASTRA Awards, in which she called out those bullies from her school days. “Where are you now?” she asked.

3 She Has Been Engaged Three Times

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Here is a fun fact: Ruby Rose was engaged to one of the designers that she collaborated with in the past. Phoebe Dahl and Ruby Rose were partners together on the Faircloth Lane clothing line, which features street fashion made with ethical materials in a humane manner. Phoebe and Ruby began working together in 2014, around the same time that she announced her engagement to the fashion designer. If the last name Dahl sounds familiar, that is because Phoebe is the granddaughter of famed children’s book author Roald Dahl (and she is also the cousin of model Sophie Dahl.) Prior to that, Ruby was engaged to Catherine McNeil, an Aussie supermodel. Her first engagement was to another model, Lyndsey Anne McMillan. While none of these engagements resulted in marriage, we do hope that Ruby Rose will find “The One” soon enough. For now she seems content focusing on her acting career.

2 She Came Out When She Was 12

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Ruby Rose is one of the most prolific proponents of LGBTQ rights, both in Australia and abroad. When she joined the cast of Orange is the New Black, she became a celebrity that people everywhere were talking about (and they still are.) Ruby Rose is sexy, honest, and totally comfortable with who she is. It’s so refreshing to see a genderfluid public figure who is helping to change the attitudes and mindset around gender and sexuality. Ruby Rose also spoke out about her experiences with her identity, saying that when she was younger she felt much less secure about it, but ever since she was 12 years old, she knew that this was who she was meant to be. She didn’t back down or give into gender norms imposed by society, and as she got older, she became a beacon of hope to many. She feels extremely blessed to be in an industry that is more accepting of gender fluidity.

1 She Used To Work For MTV Australia

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In 2007, Ruby Rose was a television personality for MTV Australia, in which she would attend red carpet events and rub elbows with some of the hottest celebrities in the music scene. The Aussie even earned herself an ASTRA Award in 2009 in the category of “Favorite Female Personality.” The ASTRA Awards are reserved specifically for those who work in the subscription-based television industry (which would include MTV.) Winning such an award means that Ruby Rose exhibited such professionalism, entertainment, and wealth of industry knowledge that she was a fan favorite in Australia. The star was also a force in The 7pm Project, an Australian talk show, in which she was one of the co-hosts. Needless to say, she was rocking it in the Australian television circuit, so it was no wonder that the producers of Orange is the New Black decided to recruit her for the ever-popular TV series.

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